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Stage costume - F 0024(1374)

USD 635 413 - for adults (M Adult)
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M Adult

  • Bust: 82-86 cm. (measurement #1)
  • Waist: 64-68 cm. (measurement #2)
  • Hips: 82-86 cm. (measurement #3)
  • Hips 2: 92-96 cm. (measurement #4)
  • Height of the individual: 164-168 cm. (measurement #20)
  • Basque: 8 cm. (measurement #25)
  • Tutu length: 38 cm. (measurement #26)

Details: costume.

It is a professional stage costume, which is made on the basis of the professional basic tutu #T0001 (see chapter "Basic tutus").
The bodice is made of the semi-stretched fabric of gentle tints.
There are two rows of hooks for the comfortable adjustment at the chest level.
The kapron sleeves are sewn to the bodice.
The costume is decorated with applications, sequins, crystals and bugles.

This costumes design is universal and suits for many ballet variations.

To check if the costume fits you, please send us the following measurements:
circumference at breast level; ircumference at waist level; ircumference at hip level; height; girth.

The terms of producing of the items (since the day of receiving the money on our account):
1. Ready-made kinds of production (leotards, tights, skirts) from several days to 3 weeks, depending on the volume of order.
2. Stage costumes during 4-6 weeks.
3. Special orders during 4-6 weeks.
4. The claims are considered during 2 weeks since day of receiving the order by customer.
5. We guarantee express delivery on the indicated address.
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