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Soloist costume - P 1403

USD 548 411 - for adults
USD 512 384 - for children
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Details: ballet dress, arm ruffles.

It is a professional stage costume, which consists of a velvet bodice with decorative lacing in front and a fluffy skirt. The upper layer is made of white silk.
The costume is decorated with satin thin braid on the edge of the skirt and ruffles on the sides at the waist level.
There are patterns in the shape of small flowers on the ruffles of the skirt.
The arm ruffles on the elastic band are made of white silk.

The costume perfectly suits for the Vain Precaution ballet, but can be also used in other ballet variations in accordance with the customers wish.

The terms of producing of the items (since the day of receiving the money on our account):
1. Ready-made kinds of production (leotards, tights, skirts) from several days to 3 weeks, depending on the volume of order.
2. Stage costumes during 4-6 weeks.
3. Special orders during 4-6 weeks.
4. The claims are considered during 2 weeks since day of receiving the order by customer.
5. We guarantee express delivery on the indicated address.
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