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Rehearsal tutu - T 0014A

USD 211 127 - for adults
USD 190 114 - for children
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A professional rehearsal ballet costume.
The bodice with elastic straps can be made of dense fabric. This item is made of two parts that are fastened together by elastic straps at the waist level. The lower part of the basque is made of supplex and fastened to the tutu. The upper part overlaps the lower one, allowing adjustment of the bodice length depending on ballerina’s height and giving it better flexibility.
The tutu consists of 5 layers (without basque) forming lowered edges.
-The first layer is made of rigid tulle;
-The resting 4 layers are made of soft tulle;
-One hoopskirt is fastened to the third layer;
-The tutu is fastened by a set of four hooks and loops in the back;
-The length of the tutu is 30 cm.
- white