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Thoughout all the activity Benefis Ballet Costumes Company holds charity and sponsotship compaigne. We support orphans and provide support for dance competitions and festivals. Every year Benefis Ballet Costumes Company takes part In Caravana de Craciun Compaigne. Every year this event is held before Christmas. People and organizations from all Moldova gather in the central square of the capital and bring clothes, toys, equiplment and many other things, and send all this to children's homes and schools.
The last few years, our company takes part in dance competitions and festivals providing our products as gifts for the winners. Last summer we took part in CarrenoDanceFestival in United States. In 2011, the company provided a ballet costume as a prize for the winner of the contest Concorso Milano Dance Competition in Italy. The last event was held in May 2013 and took place in a boarding school in the village of Bulboaca in Moldova. Our company gave to the children costumes, company products, soft toys, clothes, stationery and many other things. The school management ad children were pleased to accepted the gifts and welcomed our representatives with great pleasure.