Clients review

Good evening dear Nadia, I picked up the costume and the sweets. Cori has tried it and it is beautiful, it fits perfectly and is very happy ... Congratulations from the heart !!! We are extremely excited about the costume for Carmen !!! Once again congratulations to the entire professional team that surprises us every time. Dearfully, Ioana and Corina (02/18/20) -------------------------------------

(Ioana and Corina - Romania)

These costumes are beautiful, very bright, and wonderfully accompany the movements in their variation. Thanks a lot, these costumes are really beautiful – Amelie Marina Kenel – director and choreograph of the Young ballet from the northern Vosges of Promodanse Association (02/18/20) --------------------------------------

(Marina -France)

Good morning, Your beautiful costume arrived perfectly on time yesterday and we are thrilled! It is absolutely gorgeous and when Mateo tries it on today, we will send you photos. Your work is a masterpiece!!! Thank you from the heart! Sincerely, Josée & Mateo (02/13/20) -------------------------

(Josée & Mateo)

The costume is very good. Both Ariana and the choreographer are delighted. Thank you very much for these wonderful costumes ... I hope we will win many prizes in them ... Loredana (02/10/20) -----------------------------

(Loredana –Romania)

Hi Nadia! I have the tutu… it is beautiful! We are so happy it arrived. Thank you so much! Charlene (02/09/20) -----------------------

(Charlene- USA)

Here they are!! Thank you so much!! :-)) Very professional, very responsive to emails. Very nice process all along. And we are very happy with the results, the costumes are stunning! Thank you so much, Jean-Hugues- Paris Ballet and Dance and Paris Ballet Conservatory in Jupiter Florida. USA. (02/09/20) -----------------------

(Jean - Hugues Feray- USA)

It looks great! We love it! Thank you! Juliana-, ballet teacher from Dance Works Studio (02/07/20) ------------------------------

(Juliana - USA)

Thank you Benefis for the costume. Her costume one of the best at the competition 🏼 Bianca (01/31/20) -------------------------------------

(Bianca- USA)

Hi Irina, Yes we got the parcel and the costume is lovely! We are really happy with it and the fabric is of good quality. Thank you so much for all of your hard work- we love it! Barbara (01/31/20) --------------------------

(Barbara -USA)

Hi Irina, We received both costumes. The fabric is good. Both costumes fit well in hips and waist, and the length is good. The color of the fabric in the Peasant costume is very pretty. It fits really well, and my daughter really likes it. Overall, both costumes are very pretty, good quality, and my daughter likes them a lot. Thank you, Kim- (01/30/20) -----------------------------

(Kim - USA)

Hi, Irina The dress fits and is very beautiful. My daughter loves it. The material and sewing quality are very good. I am so glad I found a company from internet:) Thank you! Piia (01/29/20) ------------------------------

(Piia -Estonia)

Hello, I am sorry that I forgot to write you. The parcel arrived and the dress is beautiful and fits well .. Thanks a lot and warm regards, Chiara (01/29/20) ---------------------------------

(Chiara –Austria)

I just wanted to let you know that I received my tutu And I already tried it on, could not await it And it is absolutely stunning gorgeous thank you so much The tutu is gorgeous and it is only half the price of what grishko tutus cost. And is yours is even better manufactured than theirs Victoria (01/25/20) -------------------------------


The romantic tutu fits perfectly!.. We love both tutus and everyone has commented how beautiful they are. Thank you for all your help. I will try to get some photos to send soon. Thanks again! Keri- (01/24/20) ------------------------------------------

(Keri –USA)

It fit really well, thank you so much! Joseph (1/20/20) --------------------------------------

(Joseph- USA)

Hi Nadia It looks great! She likes a lot! Thank you a lot! Ruben (1/19/20) --------------------------------------

(Ruben- Spain)

The costumes are gorgeous! I like them very much! Diana (1/18/20) -----------------------------------------------

(Diana – Romania)

Thank you for the beautiful costume and the timely delivery! Thank you for making beautiful costume for my beautiful dancer! Faith (01/01/20) ---------------------------------------

(Faith –USA)

Hello, I received dresses and tunic’s today as promised. They look beautiful as usual! Thank you for your Professionalism I look forward to continued business and I will send pictures of them in use. Eddy Bray Artistic Director MainStage Academy of Dance | School of Classical Ballet (04/12/19) -----------------------------------------------

(Eddy Bray- USA)

Yes, it’s here and it’s beautiful! Thanks so much! I will definitely order from you again. Dena Morley Beyond the Barre, LLC Artistic Director (03/12/19) ------------------------------------

(Dena- USA)

hello. we have received the tu tu. thank you for taking good care and see you next time. Dian Van de Ven director of Bedazzled by Dian ( 01/12/19) -----------------------------------------

(Dian – Netherlands)

The tutu is very beautiful Silvia (27/11/19) ---------------------------------------

(Silvia Sebastiani- Switzerland)

Hi , received and it looks beautiful. This dancer was not at the studio last night to try it on but I will get it on her as soon as we can. Thanks for the follow up! Brittany Ryan (26/11/19) ----------------------------------------------

(Brittany – USA)

A nice tutu. Thank you! Alice Mak-(26/11/19) --------------------------------------------

(Alice –Hong Kong)

They’re beautiful!! Thank you so much! I’ll take pics of the students when they get to the studio. Jasmine Nikitenko Artistic Director The Academy of Russian Ballet (22/11/19) -------------------------------------

(Jasmine –USA)

…it just arrived! Thank you! It is a lovely costume! Thank you! Jody Schissler, Artistic Director of Sky Ballet Center LLC (21/11/19) --------------------------------------

(Jody -USA)

Thank you so much this is my second order from your company and I am very impressed with your customer relations. At that time it was a beautiful pancake tutu peach coloured which we still use to this day! We are not disappointed in any way with your service, thank you. Regards Kerry Steel (20/11/19) ----------------------------------------

(Kerry -USA)

Good afternoon Benefis team! Thank you for the timely delivered order ! Tomorrow all rehearsals will be held and we will certainly send you a photo .. With thanks, Alissa Kossov Alissa Kossov -artisctic director of School of Classical Ballet Verona (15/11/19) -----------------------------------------

(Alissa Kossov- USA)

Here are some photos of Mya and my students in their costumes Benefis Best regards Marina Kennel-Toumi - Director of the Young Ballet of the Northern Vosges Association Promodance (08/10/2019) -----------------------------------------------

(Marina- France)

Thank you from all my heart!!! With love! Corina (05/11/19) ------------------------------------------

(Corina Lupescu - Romania)

Hello team, We received the package today! Everything is gorgeous! I will be able to try them on the girls tonight and take photos. I will try the soloist on Thursday. Thank you again for getting them to us so quickly! Joan Long-Technical Director NOBA (05/11/19) -----------------------------------------

(Joan Long -USA)

Hello See below the beautiful photos of your gorgeous costumes… Thank you again for your great work. ABA students love wearing them and keep winning awards with them. Best Jacqueline Akhmedova -Director of Akhmedova Ballet Academy (05/11/19) --------------------------------------------

(Jacqueline Akhmedova -USA)

Thank you Tatyana Terentyeva! We love the costumes of Benefis Ballet Costumes Company! Jaqueline Akhmedova- director of Akhmedova Ballet Academy (04/11/19) -------------------------------------------

(Jacqueline Akhmedova -USA)

We got the parcel. Thank you. Magali Berael (03/11/19) ------------------------------------


Hello We have received the rat king costume and are very pleased. We will be featuring it in our Nutcracker this year as The Rat Queen and she will be on pointe. A few years ago we ordered your Hussar costume and use it for our battle scene. I have attached pictures . Thank you Gina Ritchie American Ballet Studio-USA (03/11/19) ----------------------------------------

(Gina -USA)

My daughter is very happy that she has a ballet costume!!! Thanks a lot! Mariana Caluta- Romania (11/1/19) ---------------------------------------

(Mariana - Romania)

Costume Is gorgeous!! Wonderful! I thank you from the bottom of my heart Fodor Denisa - Director of the Ballet and Dance School Denisse (01/11/19) -----------------------------------

(Denisa - Romania)

Wonderful!!! Mia is so happy!!!! Thank you. Simone Schwerin- director Ballettschule Bielefeld (24/10/19) ------------------------------------------------

(Simone- Germany)

Thank you very much, we received the costume 💖. Dress fit👌 Thanks again 💖 Nata- (24/10/19) -------------------------------------------------

(Nata - USA)

Hello! I received the tutu skirt, it is beautiful and light. My daughter is very excited ... Thank you very much for everything. We keep in touch and in case I need more, I will call you. Have a beautiful day! Dana (23/10/19) ---------------------------------


Hello Benefis I have received the dress and it is just perfect. You are our favorite ballet dress shop. See you next time We wish you all the best Cristina (19/10/19) -------------------------------------------

( Cristina –Switzerland)

Good morning, the tutu has arrived well on friday, thank you very much. It is beautiful. I will send you photos after the photoshoot. Thank you Aniko Berta Kis (14/10/19) ------------------------------------

(Aniko -Hungary)

We have them thank you!!! Lyndsay (14/10/19) ------------------------------------------

(Lyndsay –U.K)

I have just received the tutu and it is beautiful :) Thank you for the lovely service you have provided and for calming my nerves when I was so nervous it would not be delivered in time. I cannot wait to show my daughter when she gets home from school today. Have a great day, After 6 hours… My daughter squealed in happiness when she saw the tutu and said it was absolutely beautiful and better than she imagined it would be. When she tried the tutu on she did not want to take it off. I am more than happy to send pictures after her performance and write a review :) I will be in touch in a couple of weeks. Thanks again, Tracey (09/10/19) -----------------------------------------

(Tracey -New Zeeland)

Fits perfectly thank you! Hillary Sias (04/10/19) ---------------------------------

(Hillary -USA)

I just want to let you know that we received the dress. Thank you so much! We are so exited!!! Have a good day. Bye bye Nadine- Mckechnie School of Dance (04/10/19) ------------------------------------

(Nadine –UK)

Hi, I received the costumes today. They look great!!! Our seamstress will be in tomorrow to start fitting them. Thank you so much for the gifts! Lots of love to all who worked on this project! Kristina Kambalov Executive Director FIRST STATE BALLET THEATRE (30/09/19) ------------------------------------

(Kristina -USA)

Hi I just received yesterday, and I waited everyone to open it today. Red talisman and coral chiton is perfect fit, but peach chiton is a little bigger Thank you for your great job. I am really appreciated. Hoping you will have good promotion again next year. Thank you Hannah (27/09/19) ---------------------------------------------


I have got them! Thank you for the costumes Aleksandra – Mayo Store (26/09/19) -----------------------------------------

(Aleksandra –Turkey)

Hi there, Thank you for sending my parcel on time. The costume really nice and good. Especially, Jiwoo and Jiwoo mom really happy with. I will send you our picture with costume. I will order new students costume on November. Thank you again Big hug, Victoria- Victoria ballet &beyond (26/09/19) ----------------------------------------

(Victoria -USA)

We are very very grateful. The costume is very light, comfortable and pretty !! … We send all the best to you and your company ! You are great All the best for all team Aleksandra (19/09/19) ---------------------------------

(Aleksandra -Poland)

We receive the order it is beautiful … Kelly (17/09/19) ----------------------------

(Kelly -USA)

Hello, We have received our order. We are delighted :-) I think that the reaction of the teacher will be the same :-D I liked it very much. The daughter spun in a dress all evening :-) …is perfect. The tutu is also super. Once again I want to say a big THANK YOU for the whole team, wish you all the best :-) And until next meetings :-) respectfully Brigita (11/09/19) -----------------------------------------------------

(Brigita -Lithuania)

Now I received the tutu. It is amazing I did not get to try it but as soon as I have the opportunity I will give you feedback. Thank you nice Nora- (07/09/19) -------------------------------------------------------


Thank you for these beautiful costumes for Swan Lake Ballet. Here are some pictures from the performance. Arlene Smith- director of Dancers Studio (04/09/19) ------------------------------------------------------------

(Arlene -USA)

Good afternoon. I have already received the tutu. Is very pretty! (28/08/19) -----------------------------------------

(Maria Angelo- Spain)

Hello. Yes, thank you, costume is perfect! I will be ordering so more items. Rich (23/08/19) ----------------------------------------------------

(Rich –USA)

Hello ! Thank you for the costumes . They are wonderful! Here is a picture! Vistoria (19/08/19) ----------------------------------

(Victoria –USA)

Hello Nadia! The costume is just amazing. …I will write soon for you a beautiful review. Thank you once more for everything!! Alessia (23/07/19) --------------------------------------------

(Alessia- Italy)

Hello! I received the order. The costume is beautiful! Thank you very much. Nikola (23/07/19) ---------------------

(Nikola- UK)

Hello Dear Benefis Team, the package arrived well. The quality and fit of the costumes are very good. Thanks to the Benefis team, you made me overjoyed with the beautiful tutus. I will recommend you, and I am sure to order something again soon. King regrads,Peter (20/07/19) ---------------------------

(Peter- Germany)

Hello! I just received the costumes and I am in awe of your work! They look fantastic!!! A huge thank you to flawless process of work on all levels. I am very satisfied and will order again next season! Best wishes, Esther – Ballettratten- Austria (14/06/2019 ) ------------------------------

(Esther – Austria)

’ Yes we received the leotards and so very pleased Here is some of the work I will post some more on social media and be sure to tag you in anything. Thanks . The National Ballet Studio (10/06/2019) -------------------------------

(Libby - Dubai)

Thank you! (09/06/19) ---------------------------

(Armelle –France)

Thanks a lot !!! 🙈 The costumes taken from here are gorgeous, are carefully crafted and always prove professional! I hope you keep it this way and give us the same quality as many years! Thanks !!!! (07/06/19) -----------------------------------

(Loredana Petcu -Romania)

Hello, I receive my costume. It is realy wonderfull!! My teacher like it very much. I hope I will dance as good as your work. Thank you so much. Best regards. Cynthia TARTARY (07/06/19) --------------------------------

( Cynthia -France)

Thank you Nadia (05/06/19) -----------------------------

( Alison –UK)

I tried it yesterday and it is perfect! I absolutely love it! I will made a photo for you soon! Thank you a lot (03/06/2019) ----------------------------


Only got to try it on her last night. It’s absolutely stunning …. (03/06/19) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

(Kirstie -UK)

Tried tunics on dancers today... Dylan’s is a little snug... (01/06/19) -------------------------------------------------------------


Nadia, I received the costumes today! They are beautiful! … Thanks, Alexa. Alius Dance School and EBAS Center Jax (23/05/19) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Thank. All perfectly! Here are our winners !!! Diana – The Pensilvania Ballet Conservatory (24/05/19) --------------------------------------------------------

(Diane - USA)

Hi Olga, Thank you for the very nice costume!!! He looks forward to being able to dance in this costume. I will send you a photo of what is coming later. Have a wonderful day.Satori (21/05/19) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Olga, hello. I hasten to inform you that the package has been delivered. Suits are gorgeous! Very beautiful color of golden dryads. Special thanks for the soloists. Perfectly matched fabrics, great decoration. I really like oblong rhinestones. Such expensive, elegant pebbles. Tomorrow rehearsal, we will measure. The rehearsal tutu is very subtle, unobtrusive white. All the best. I will send photos. Yanina Mihalyuk. (05/05/19) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

(Yanina Mikhailuk - USA)

Hi, Thank you very much. Everything is great! Ling (17/05/19) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Hello Nadia All is fine. Next weekend is dancing show. Sunny summer for you Nadia. greetings Olli (17/05/19) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

(Olli -Finland)

thank you (17/05/19) -----------------------------------------

(Jessika- USA)

Nadia! Everything is fine. The colors are very beautiful. Everyone is very happy! Thank! Osana (14/05/19) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Hello Nadia, I have received the costume today, delivery was very quick. The tutu is beautiful and it fits my daughter perfectly, she loves it. Thank you so much, we will definitely make another purchase in the future. Have a good day. Kei (13/05/19) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

(Kei Tung Yeung -USA)

Hello, Just to let you know that the dress looks very nice and fits perfectly to Anna. Regards Silvia (11/05/19) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

(Silvia - Switzerland)

Dear Kate and all Benefis team, The costumes are so beautiful!!! Thank you very much! They are exactly what we expected! Excellent work! My best regards, Eirini (10 /05/19) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

(Eirini -Greece)

Thank you! (01/05/19) ------------------------------------------

(Pennsylvania Ballet Conservatory)

Hello, … we have received the parcel at the end of last week. The tutus and tunics are BEAUTIFUL! Kind Regards, Anna Bloomfield - DUBBO BALLET STUDIO (02/05/2019) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

(Anna Bloomfield -Australia )

My sons costume is just perfect!!! Thank you so much !!! He won 6yrs Classical Solo. (02/05/19) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

(Melanie Connors -Australia)

Dear Sir, Madam Thank you …we received the parcel package.The first try on was good, Regards, Cheyu HUNG (15/04/2019) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

(Cheyu Hung - Taiwan)

These are great costumes! Last night I had rehearsals at Opera and I showed them to everyone. All parents are very excited! Thank you for your professionalism! Keep it like this! (13/04/19) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

(Loredana – Romania)

Thank you! (12/04/19) ------------------------------------------


Renáta- Slovenia Hello, I would like to thank you for your professional work and perfect delivery. Costume is beatiful and fit good. … we are very very satisfiet. I am looking forward to our next cooperation. Wish us luck on the competition next week. Thank you very much. Best regards. Poláková Renáta (12/04/19) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

(Renáta - Slovenia)

… Thank you very much! Package received The tutus are beautiful and very well made. The girls tried on, measurements came up. ... Respectfully, Svetlana (08/04/19) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

(Svetlana-Estonia )

Thank you for your cooperation, seriousness and professionalism! Regards Irina Manole (05/04/19) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

(Irina -Germany)

Wow what fabulous service thank you Just picked the parcel up it is gorgeous x Thank you to Nadia and team x (04/04/19) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

(Sonia -UK)

Hello. Lee was extremely thrilled. Fits like a glove. Thank you. Thank you ( 02/04/19) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

(Michael and Lee -USA)

Good evening! I got the costume! The costume is great! Thank you! (01/04/19) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

(Vasile -Romania)

I got the dress and I love it! I cannot wait for you to make all of her Clara costumes (28/03/19) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


We have just received the parcel from the travelling office. The costumes look so nice! , Thanks again for making them so quickly!!! My best wishes to all of you, Eirini (22/03/19) -------------------------------------------------------------------

(Eirini-Greece )

Hello, The girls are delighted, they are simply stunning! Could not wait to try them on. Thank you ! (20/03/19) ------------------------------------------------------

(Chris –Australia)

: We received the jacket a moment ago…….. It looks beautiful and I know the boy will be super excited to have it for his variation. Thanks so much for your work and attention to details of its creation.Hope to work with you again in the future.Many thanks,Kim (12/03/19) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Thanks a lot. The costume liked everyone (11/03/19) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

(Cristian-Romania )

Thank you Team! (11/03/19) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

(Fran - USA)

Hi Olga, Just to let you know I have received the costume Yesterday and I am so pleased with it because it is absolutely perfect. You have done such a wonderful job and have given such a great service I want to thank you once again for such a wonderful costume and shall definitely like to have you make any future costumes. Kind regards (07/03/19) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

(Gail- UK)

Hello, Benefit Company! Hello, Tatyana Terentyeva! We would like to thank you once again for making such a beautiful costume for “Dance with Bells” from the “Bakhchisarai Fountain” for my daughter Ilina Eder from Austria, who presented this dance at the February EBGP 2019 competition in Vienna, where she became a finalist after passing 2 tour. The suit just suit perfect on Ilina! She was good at creating an image for Pushkin s poem. Thanks you ! You always approach our orders with a big heart! Your products inspire our Ilina to recreate a fairy tale on the stage. (05/03/19) -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

(Olesya Eder - Austria)

This amazing costume with beautiful decoration which was made by our company Benefis Ballet costume Company, decorated the performance of this talented young ballerina of Melbourne Academy of the Art, that was one of the 20 finalist in section B10-11 y.o 💖💖💖🎉🎉🎉🎉😍😍 (04/03/19) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

(Benefis Ballet Costume Company)

Good morning! Suits received. Very beautiful. Margo s ballet costumes fit perfectly .... Natasha s costume also fits well. (01/03/19) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Hi! The parcel arrived thank you!(01/03/19) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

(Denize –Germany )

Margarita-USA Thank you guys so much for the costumes for Moldavian dance! The dancers are pleased. They said that you work great! All fits perfect! And what a beauty !!! This is just the highest class! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! (26/02/19 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

(Margarita-USA )

I am the wardrobe manager for a small, regional ballet company ... Benefis consistently provides an excellent product!(25/02/19) ------------------------------------------------------------------------

(Joanne M.)

The tutu arrived!! It is lovely and fits perfectly, Thank you for all your help along the way! (18/01/19) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --

(Kate- USA)

thank you so much for considering! Yes, the costumes arrived well and look very good. Sincerely Peter R. (19/02/19) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

(Peter R.- Austria)

I have received the parcel with the Tutu T0005 RED I have ordered. It is beautiful, and it fits nicely. I am going to work on embellishments and hopefully we are ready to go for YAGP in NYC Semifinal this coming Friday! (19/02/19) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

(Mi Jung –USA)

We received it yesterday and it is MAGNIFICENT!!! Thank you so much! Our daughter LOVES IT (12/02/19) --------------------------------------------------------------------------


Dear Tatiana, We highly appreciate your kindness and sincerity shown in the correspondence, including the generous offers in discount together with the free present. Over 10 years in the past, our dance performance has been a great success which wouldn’t be possible without the tremendous support from your company on our ballet costumes. Again, thank you so much and we are looking forward to a better cooperation next time! With Best Regards, (9/02/19) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------


I received the package yesterday. The Satanella costume is beautiful and the veil works perfectly. Thank you!(6/02/19) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

( Chelsea-USA)

Thank you so much! We have received the tutu and Elena is trying it in now, it fits perfectly and is beautiful!! We are so pleased to have it!! Please thank your tailors for their hard work!! (31/01/19) -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


It’s beautiful thank you so much.(23/01/19) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

(Sonia- UK)

Hello, The dress is very beautiful. The tutu bag is fantastic and the shawl very pretty. Thank you very much. (17/01/19) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

(Melissa- Germany)

We received Olivia’s tutu and it is beautiful! It fits her perfectly! Thank you! (6/02/19) -------------------------------------------------------------------------

( Charlene- USA)

Hello!! Costume is here!!! Thank you soooooo much! It is gorgeous!! You make my day!! (14/02/19) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

(Borislava- Bosnia and Herzegovina)

The costume is superb and the color is very beautiful. Best quality every time you make a suit! We thank you a lot! (2/2/19)

(Vasile -Romania)

Hello ! The jester costumes turned out wonderful and were breathtaking onstage! Here are some photos of Kelsey and Alexandra in them. Thank you again for such great artistry and service! We would love to order from you in the future! (08/01/19)

(Shanna –USA)

Hi - I want to thank you for helping us through the process of ordering my daughter’s first tutu. The costume is beautiful and fits well. We truly appreciate your patience in answering all of my questions. (22/01/19)

(Stefanie USA)

The costume arrived all right. (19/02/19)

(Alessandra- Italy)

Hi! I received the correct costume.It is perfect (16/02/19)


Here is a picture of the costume you made for my daughter. (14/02/19)

(Mariann Kosar and Kateri )

I wanted to share this photo with you of my daughter, Lilli, in her tutu. She debuted her variation this weekend at YAGP in Chicago. She will wear it for 4 more performances this season. It’s beautiful and she had many compliments. Thank you for your amazing work of art. (04/02/19)

(Tifany Beeler)

Great, thank you so much! She loves it! (01/02/19)

(Jana Owen)

Hello, Friends at Benefis!Our apologies for taking so long to send pictures. We are thrilled with this gorgeous tutu… the details are simply beautiful – from the sparkling iridescent blue sequins to the shimmery silver thread in the bodice. Thank you for creating this flattering and unique costume for Darby – and for your excellent customer service and fast shipping! Warm regards,Lu & Darby Bauer Orange County, California (22/12/18)

(Lu & Darby)

The tutu is perfect and fits beautifully! (17/12/18)

(Laura Ostrow )

I will send some pictures today Loved the costume Thanks so much, Rosanna (12/12/18)

(Rosanna Lyons)

Hello, we did receive the tutu & it is beautiful. It will be a few weeks before it is in use, and I will forward a photo at that point. Thank you for a beautiful product & very helpful customer service. Thank you, Jan Herbert (12/12/18)

(Jan Herbert)

Hi, Benefis! I received the tutu, La Bayadere F 0041, it fits PERFECTLY, and there were absolutely no issues with the tutu! (12/12/18)

(Libby Parkins)

Thank you very much for crafting all of the costumes, they are beautiful. Please see some photos below. (04/12/18)

(Chelsea Nasby)

Hello, We received the costume but have not yet received the headpiece. The costume is beautiful! Thanks so much for your hard work!!


Good evening, the dress came and is very, very beautiful. A professional tutu. I hope to get used to dancing in it, being at the first contest with such a costume. Thank you for your effort and hope to collaborate on other occasions. All the best, Oana Podasca (28/11/18)

(Oana Podasca)

Hello Olga, We’ve received the tutu. It fits wonderfully and the color is beautiful, thank you so much. Maggie

(Maggie Huang)

Hello! I am so happy to report we received your beautiful costume yesterday afternoon. We are so excited!!! It is beautiful!!! We love the fabrics and the trim you added!! It fits perfectly Thank you very, very much! We are very pleased. Julia has been very happy with all of your costumes, but feels this may be her favorite. Thank you, thank you! We are grateful and happy customers! Best regards, Caroline (17/11/18)

(Caroline Shugart)

I received beautiful dark purple tutu this morning. I’m very happy to meet this tutu. I can’t wait to put on my daughter Rimi…. Thank you very much for your wonderful job. (30/10/18)

(Mariko Mizuoka )

Received the package today and the costumes are beautiful. My daughter tried on the dress and it fit beautifully. (23/10/18)

(Denise Evans)

I received it yesterday and it is PERFECT!! He loves it… Thank you. (30/09/18)

(Nancy Glerup)

Hi, I got my package today. Everything looks fine now. Thanks, Bonnie (11/09/18)

(Bonnie )

Here’s my baby, thank you so so so much!! (29/01/18)

(Marissa Ortega)


This is great. Thanks so much. Received the costume. Thank you very much.

(Galina Ratsenberg)

Hallo Tatjana, thank you for your interest. If you go to youtube " Elektra Moos Medora Variation Barcelona YAGP" you will see the video with the costume. Thank you for the nice costume. Best wises from Bavaria Karolin

(Karolin Muchenthaler)

Thank you for the fast shipping and awesome customer service. The tutu is perfect. It’s beautiful and fits my daughter perfectly. Thank You! April

(April Royster)

After the first Giselle peasant pas performance at YAGP in Atlanta. So gorgeous!

(Carolyn Chang)

Thank you. You truly do beautiful work. You should be proud! YAGP competition, Seattle Washington, USA. Thank you for the beautiful costume!!

(Michele Connel)

(Brian Korgel)

Hi Benefis! I love costumes!! They are so beautiful!! We will definitely be ordering from you again!

(Jenna Smith)


The costume is beautiful and the quality is amazing! The skirt has so many more layers than I expected. Absolutely stunning and my daughter is beyond thrilled to wear it for her solo this season. Thank you so much for the reassurances during the waiting time and thank you for making such a beautiful costume. Candy

(Candy Mendyk)

Hello from California! We received the tutu! It is magnificent! It is everything we hoped for and fits lovely! Thank you so very much!!

(Elizabeth Huebner)

Hello Benefis! We ordered a costume of personal design in peach color, it is amazing! We really like your work. Thank you.

(Sala Lee)

Ballet tutu T0001 Hello Andrew, the Tutu was PERFECT!! Pristine,I would definitely order again. The quality, sizeing, color, everything was Beautiful. Thank You Very Much.

(Sahara Acosta)

Thank you for the costume!

(Simone Schwerin)

Bonjour, Le premier concours vient de finir, Lisa et Eliot ont remporté un 1er Prix, et sont sélectionnés pour le concours national de la CND France à Dijon en mai, ils participeront aussi au concours de l’Odyssée de la danse à Lyon en avril . les photos viennent seulement d’arriver sur le site de notre photographe Sud-Reportage, dès que je les aurais je vous en enverrai une. Bien à vous

(Armelle GABRIEL)

(Mircea Budur)

Thank you. We are enjoying the two tutus that we purchased so far. The white we decorated ourselves but the tutu itself is fabulous.

(Alxandra Ostrov)

Hi, i received P0512B tutu on 27th. Thank you soooo much,such a super fast and beautiful work.

(Osaki Eriko)

Costumes have arrived! I am very happy with everything overall, and everyone here I have shown them to has been very impressed. They are beautiful. I will send more detailed feedback and pictures after I am able to fit my male dancers in them during the next week. Thank you Benefis! 20.02.16

(Ashleigh Whitworth)

I did receive the parcel on time… The costume is wonderful as expected! Thank you for your talents.. I look forward to doing continued business together.

(Eddy Bray, U.S.A)

Hello Christian, The tutus came today and they are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! Thank you so much, your work is amazing!!!! I have ordered several tutus over the years from different places and these are by far the best quality and SO well made! I can't thank you enough, I truly appreciate it! Have a great day.

( Angela – Texas, United States)


My beautiful Benefis, Our impressions are priceless. It was like .... "Mom get back the phone ...... and then scream, real scream..... wonderful." Frame for the photo is also a wonderful thank for you gift, loved. So that my children’s moments of happiness means twice as much. Thank you thank you thank you very much. P.S. All were delighted both children and teachers. Even I got a compliment "you're not normal ..... :)" Thanks again and I wish you good luck in life and work. 19.03.2013

(Aida, Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Hi Elena! I have got the costume (P0506A) today. It is beautiful and perfectly fit for my daughter! She loves it. I will send you a photo later. Thank you so much.

(Mie Takahashi, New Zeland)

Dear Benefis! I received the costume (P0408) yesterday and it is beautiful, wonderful!!! We have done a great work really!!! My daughter is very happy and the body is perfect for her! 15.03.2013

(Cristina Barbolini, Italy)

Liebe Benefis! Die Kostume sind punktlich angekommen, sind wunderschon und passen perfekt wie immer. Danke fur alles und schone Grusse aus Osterreich. 15.03.13

(Sabine Hubner, Austria)

The costume (P0302C) I got for my daughter is great, she is very happy and she got a high score for the costume by jujes in her competition. 06.03.13

(Alexander Pritsky, USA)

I received the head piece (S0017A). It is extraordinary! I am so thankful to you and your company. I look forward to the white head piece (S0017C) when you receive white feathers. It really completes the costume! 05.03.13

(Gerri Sperling, USA)

The tutu (T0009+T0002) is beautiful and fits perfectly. Thank you! 05.03.13

(Vanessa Shortbull, USA)

The wonderful dress arrived yesterday to us. Great thanks to your seamstress. The dress is a dream and we are very grateful to you all. 04.03.13

(Simone Schwerin, Germany)

"Received the 2 jackets today (P 0405 and P 0406), thank you very much , they look lovely! The boy will try them on tomorrow." 25.02.2013

(P.Mallek, England)

I love the costumes! I just tried on all 3 costumes and they are magnificent!!! I am so happy with them. 23.02.13

(Gerri Sperling, USA)

"The costume arrived. It is super. It is really beautiful; I don’t have words to describe it!!! I adore it!!! I would like to thank you for your help, you have really good seamstresses!!! Thank you!! I am glad that everything is fine!! Everything is excellent!!" 20.02.2013

(Tereza Ciubotaru, Romania)

Dear Tatiana and the rest of Benefis Ballet Costumes Company, We just received the most beautiful costume we have ever seen!!! Lovely fabrics and materials and it fits my daughter perfectly. You are true magicians! Your service is excellent and please do not change anything. We will order from you again and tell all our ballet friends about you. Thank you again and please make sure you forward our gratitude to the whole team. 20.02.2013

(Marie and Kristin Nilseng, Norway)

I received my daughter's costume F0042. It is beautiful! Thank you for the hard work put in to making it! 16.02.2013

(Ann Murphy, USA)

"The costume arrived and it is beautiful. Thank you very much." 12.02.2013

(Elke Hesel-Williams, Canada)

We received the tutu last Wednesday. The tutu is prefect as always and just what we wanted. Thank your seamstresses for their excellent work again. 12.02.2013

(Michelle Anderson, Australia)

"I recived the Peasant costume P 0506. everything is perfect, the costume is lovely!!! Thank you very much!" 10.02.2013

(Alba Puigdomenech, Spain)

Thank you for the work on the tutus and your patience with me regarding measurements. We received the tutus on Monday 28th, just in time for a special coaching session on Tuesday 29th, so that was great. The girls were very excited for their tutus and they all love them. Sarma was very pleased with the design, fit, and construction of the costumes. 04.02.2013

(Ashley Duree, USA)

Costumes arrived this morning and are beautiful:) Due to the prompt arrival of the costumes the dancers were able to perform in Them at a gala dinner this evening to open our opera festival. This was a bonus at it provided excellent publicity for our performances this weekend. Thank you! 31.01.2013

(Catherine Smirles, Norway)

We received the Giselle costume P0501A yesterday. It is beautiful and the tutu is not as fluffy like we asked for. My wife, daughter and I are very satisfied with the finished work. Thanks again and I will send a photo of her wearing it when I get a chance. Happy new year! 05.01.13

(Michael Hong, Canada)

Merry Christmas Benefis, The beautiful costume did arrive on Christmas Eve. It is beautiful and a great fit too! We are all very happy to have it and thank you so much for your help. Have a beautiful Christmas and New Year! Thanks!

(Laura Coombs)

We received the Tutu's! They are so beautiful!! Thank you so much. We look forward to ordering again next year. 02.11.12

(Laura and Sophie Naud)

I got your tutu yesterday!!! It was soooooooooooooo nice!!! I love it !!!! I did rehearsal today with this tutu.01,11,2012 everyone in my company said this tutu is soooo beautiful. Thank you very much. I'm looking forward to seeing you again!!! thank you , again 01,11,2012

(Shoko Yamada)

We received the tutu yesterday. It's very beautifull. We will be able to show it at the International Ballet Competition which will take place from friday to sunday.30.10.2012 Thank you very much.

(Anne-Claude T