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Clients review

Good evening dear Nadia, I picked up the costume and the sweets. Cori has tried it and it is beautiful, it fits perfectly and is very happy ... Congratulations from the heart !!! We are extremely excited about the costume for Carmen !!! Once again congratulations to the entire professional team that surprises us every time. Dearfully, Ioana and Corina (02/18/20) -------------------------------------

(Ioana and Corina - Romania)

These costumes are beautiful, very bright, and wonderfully accompany the movements in their variation. Thanks a lot, these costumes are really beautiful Amelie Marina Kenel director and choreograph of the Young ballet from the northern Vosges of Promodanse Association (02/18/20) --------------------------------------

(Marina -France)

Good morning, Your beautiful costume arrived perfectly on time yesterday and we are thrilled! It is absolutely gorgeous and when Mateo tries it on today, we will send you photos. Your work is a masterpiece!!! Thank you from the heart! Sincerely, Josée & Mateo (02/13/20) -------------------------

(Josée & Mateo)

The costume is very good. Both Ariana and the choreographer are delighted. Thank you very much for these wonderful costumes ... I hope we will win many prizes in them ... Loredana (02/10/20) -----------------------------

(Loredana Romania)

Hi Nadia! I have the tutu it is beautiful! We are so happy it arrived. Thank you so much! Charlene (02/09/20) -----------------------

(Charlene- USA)

Here they are!! Thank you so much!! :-)) Very professional, very responsive to emails. Very nice process all along. And we are very happy with the results, the costumes are stunning! Thank you so much, Jean-Hugues- Paris Ballet and Dance and Paris Ballet Conservatory in Jupiter Florida. USA. (02/09/20) -----------------------

(Jean - Hugues Feray- USA)

It looks great! We love it! Thank you! Juliana-, ballet teacher from Dance Works Studio (02/07/20) ------------------------------

(Juliana - USA)

Thank you Benefis for the costume. Her costume one of the best at the competition 🏼 Bianca (01/31/20) -------------------------------------

(Bianca- USA)

Hi Irina, Yes we got the parcel and the costume is lovely! We are really happy with it and the fabric is of good quality. Thank you so much for all of your hard work- we love it! Barbara (01/31/20) --------------------------

(Barbara -USA)

Hi Irina, We received both costumes. The fabric is good. Both costumes fit well in hips and waist, and the length is good. The color of the fabric in the Peasant costume is very pretty. It fits really well, and my daughter really likes it. Overall, both costumes are very pretty, good quality, and my daughter likes them a lot. Thank you, Kim- (01/30/20) -----------------------------

(Kim - USA)

Hi, Irina The dress fits and is very beautiful. My daughter loves it. The material and sewing quality are very good. I am so glad I found a company from internet:) Thank you! Piia (01/29/20) ------------------------------

(Piia -Estonia)

Hello, I am sorry that I forgot to write you. The parcel arrived and the dress is beautiful and fits well .. Thanks a lot and warm regards, Chiara (01/29/20) ---------------------------------

(Chiara Austria)

I just wanted to let you know that I received my tutu And I already tried it on, could not await it And it is absolutely stunning gorgeous thank you so much The tutu is gorgeous and it is only half the price of what grishko tutus cost. And is yours is even better manufactured than theirs Victoria (01/25/20) -------------------------------


The romantic tutu fits perfectly!.. We love both tutus and everyone has commented how beautiful they are. Thank you for all your help. I will try to get some photos to send soon. Thanks again! Keri- (01/24/20) ------------------------------------------

(Keri USA)

It fit really well, thank you so much! Joseph (1/20/20) --------------------------------------

(Joseph- USA)

Hi Nadia It looks great! She likes a lot! Thank you a lot! Ruben (1/19/20) --------------------------------------

(Ruben- Spain)

The costumes are gorgeous! I like them very much! Diana (1/18/20) -----------------------------------------------

(Diana Romania)

Thank you for the beautiful costume and the timely delivery! Thank you for making beautiful costume for my beautiful dancer! Faith (01/01/20) ---------------------------------------

(Faith USA)

Hello, I received dresses and tunics today as promised. They look beautiful as usual! Thank you for your Professionalism I look forward to continued business and I will send pictures of them in use. Eddy Bray Artistic Director MainStage Academy of Dance | School of Classical Ballet (04/12/19) -----------------------------------------------

(Eddy Bray- USA)

Yes, its here and its beautiful! Thanks so much! I will definitely order from you again. Dena Morley Beyond the Barre, LLC Artistic Director (03/12/19) ------------------------------------

(Dena- USA)

hello. we have received the tu tu. thank you for taking good care and see you next time. Dian Van de Ven director of Bedazzled by Dian ( 01/12/19) -----------------------------------------

(Dian Netherlands)

The tutu is very beautiful Silvia (27/11/19) ---------------------------------------

(Silvia Sebastiani- Switzerland)

Hi , received and it looks beautiful. This dancer was not at the studio last night to try it on but I will get it on her as soon as we can. Thanks for the follow up! Brittany Ryan (26/11/19) ----------------------------------------------

(Brittany USA)

A nice tutu. Thank you! Alice Mak-(26/11/19) --------------------------------------------

(Alice Hong Kong)

Theyre beautiful!! Thank you so much! Ill take pics of the students when they get to the studio. Jasmine Nikitenko Artistic Director The Academy of Russian Ballet (22/11/19) -------------------------------------

(Jasmine USA)

it just arrived! Thank you! It is a lovely costume! Thank you! Jody Schissler, Artistic Director of Sky Ballet Center LLC (21/11/19) --------------------------------------

(Jody -USA)

Thank you so much this is my second order from your company and I am very impressed with your customer relations. At that time it was a beautiful pancake tutu peach coloured which we still use to this day! We are not disappointed in any way with your service, thank you. Regards Kerry Steel (20/11/19) ----------------------------------------

(Kerry -USA)

Good afternoon Benefis team! Thank you for the timely delivered order ! Tomorrow all rehearsals will be held and we will certainly send you a photo .. With thanks, Alissa Kossov Alissa Kossov -artisctic director of School of Classical Ballet Verona (15/11/19) -----------------------------------------

(Alissa Kossov- USA)

Here are some photos of Mya and my students in their costumes Benefis Best regards Marina Kennel-Toumi - Director of the Young Ballet of the Northern Vosges Association Promodance (08/10/2019) -----------------------------------------------

(Marina- France)

Thank you from all my heart!!! With love! Corina (05/11/19) ------------------------------------------

(Corina Lupescu - Romania)

Hello team, We received the package today! Everything is gorgeous! I will be able to try them on the girls tonight and take photos. I will try the soloist on Thursday. Thank you again for getting them to us so quickly! Joan Long-Technical Director NOBA (05/11/19) -----------------------------------------

(Joan Long -USA)

Hello See below the beautiful photos of your gorgeous costumes Thank you again for your great work. ABA students love wearing them and keep winning awards with them. Best Jacqueline Akhmedova -Director of Akhmedova Ballet Academy (05/11/19) --------------------------------------------

(Jacqueline Akhmedova -USA)

Thank you Tatyana Terentyeva! We love the costumes of Benefis Ballet Costumes Company! Jaqueline Akhmedova- director of Akhmedova Ballet Academy (04/11/19) -------------------------------------------

(Jacqueline Akhmedova -USA)

We got the parcel. Thank you. Magali Berael (03/11/19) ------------------------------------


Hello We have received the rat king costume and are very pleased. We will be featuring it in our Nutcracker this year as The Rat Queen and she will be on pointe. A few years ago we ordered your Hussar costume and use it for our battle scene. I have attached pictures . Thank you Gina Ritchie American Ballet Studio-USA (03/11/19) ----------------------------------------

(Gina -USA)

My daughter is very happy that she has a ballet costume!!! Thanks a lot! Mariana Caluta- Romania (11/1/19) ---------------------------------------

(Mariana - Romania)

Costume Is gorgeous!! Wonderful! I thank you from the bottom of my heart Fodor Denisa - Director of the Ballet and Dance School Denisse (01/11/19) -----------------------------------

(Denisa - Romania)

Wonderful!!! Mia is so happy!!!! Thank you. Simone Schwerin- director Ballettschule Bielefeld (24/10/19) ------------------------------------------------

(Simone- Germany)

Thank you very much, we received the costume 💖. Dress fit👌 Thanks again 💖 Nata- (24/10/19) -------------------------------------------------

(Nata - USA)

Hello! I received the tutu skirt, it is beautiful and light. My daughter is very excited ... Thank you very much for everything. We keep in touch and in case I need more, I will call you. Have a beautiful day! Dana (23/10/19) ---------------------------------


Hello Benefis I have received the dress and it is just perfect. You are our favorite ballet dress shop. See you next time We wish you all the best Cristina (19/10/19) -------------------------------------------

( Cristina Switzerland)

Good morning, the tutu has arrived well on friday, thank you very much. It is beautiful. I will send you photos after the photoshoot. Thank you Aniko Berta Kis (14/10/19) ------------------------------------

(Aniko -Hungary)

We have them thank you!!! Lyndsay (14/10/19) ------------------------------------------

(Lyndsay U.K)

I have just received the tutu and it is beautiful :) Thank you for the lovely service you have provided and for calming my nerves when I was so nervous it would not be delivered in time. I cannot wait to show my daughter when she gets home from school today. Have a great day, After 6 hours My daughter squealed in happiness when she saw the tutu and said it was absolutely beautiful and better than she imagined it would be. When she tried the tutu on she did not want to take it off. I am more than happy to send pictures after her performance and write a review :) I will be in touch in a couple of weeks. Thanks again, Tracey (09/10/19) -----------------------------------------

(Tracey -New Zeeland)

Fits perfectly thank you! Hillary Sias (04/10/19) ---------------------------------

(Hillary -USA)

I just want to let you know that we received the dress. Thank you so much! We are so exited!!! Have a good day. Bye bye Nadine- Mckechnie School of Dance (04/10/19) ------------------------------------

(Nadine UK)

Hi, I received the costumes today. They look great!!! Our seamstress will be in tomorrow to start fitting them. Thank you so much for the gifts! Lots of love to all who worked on this project! Kristina Kambalov Executive Director FIRST STATE BALLET THEATRE (30/09/19) ------------------------------------

(Kristina -USA)

Hi I just received yesterday, and I waited everyone to open it today. Red talisman and coral chiton is perfect fit, but peach chiton is a little bigger Thank you for your great job. I am really appreciated. Hoping you will have good promotion again next year. Thank you Hannah (27/09/19) ---------------------------------------------


I have got them! Thank you for the costumes Aleksandra Mayo Store (26/09/19) -----------------------------------------

(Aleksandra Turkey)

Hi there, Thank you for sending my parcel on time. The costume really nice and good. Especially, Jiwoo and Jiwoo mom really happy with. I will send you our picture with costume. I will order new students costume on November. Thank you again Big hug, Victoria- Victoria ballet &beyond (26/09/19) ----------------------------------------

(Victoria -USA)

We are very very grateful. The costume is very light, comfortable and pretty !! We send all the best to you and your company ! You are great All the best for all team Aleksandra (19/09/19) ---------------------------------

(Aleksandra -Poland)

We receive the order it is beautiful Kelly (17/09/19) ----------------------------

(Kelly -USA)

Hello, We have received our order. We are delighted :-) I think that the reaction of the teacher will be the same :-D I liked it very much. The daughter spun in a dress all evening :-) is perfect. The tutu is also super. Once again I want to say a big THANK YOU for the whole team, wish you all the best :-) And until next meetings :-) respectfully Brigita (11/09/19) -----------------------------------------------------

(Brigita -Lithuania)

Now I received the tutu. It is amazing I did not get to try it but as soon as I have the opportunity I will give you feedback. Thank you nice Nora- (07/09/19) -------------------------------------------------------


Thank you for these beautiful costumes for Swan Lake Ballet. Here are some pictures from the performance. Arlene Smith- director of Dancers Studio (04/09/19) ------------------------------------------------------------

(Arlene -USA)

Good afternoon. I have already received the tutu. Is very pretty! (28/08/19) -----------------------------------------

(Maria Angelo- Spain)

Hello. Yes, thank you, costume is perfect! I will be ordering so more items. Rich (23/08/19) ----------------------------------------------------

(Rich USA)

Hello ! Thank you for the costumes . They are wonderful! Here is a picture! Vistoria (19/08/19) ----------------------------------

(Victoria USA)

Hello Nadia! The costume is just amazing. I will write soon for you a beautiful review. Thank you once more for everything!! Alessia (23/07/19) --------------------------------------------

(Alessia- Italy)

Hello! I received the order. The costume is beautiful! Thank you very much. Nikola (23/07/19) ---------------------

(Nikola- UK)

Hello Dear Benefis Team, the package arrived well. The quality and fit of the costumes are very good. Thanks to the Benefis team, you made me overjoyed with the beautiful tutus. I will recommend you, and I am sure to order something again soon. King regrads,Peter (20/07/19) ---------------------------

(Peter- Germany)

Hello! I just received the costumes and I am in awe of your work! They look fantastic!!! A huge thank you to flawless process of work on all levels. I am very satisfied and will order again next season! Best wishes, Esther Ballettratten- Austria (14/06/2019 ) ------------------------------

(Esther Austria)

Yes we received the leotards and so very pleased Here is some of the work I will post some more on social media and be sure to tag you in anything. Thanks . The National Ballet Studio (10/06/2019) -------------------------------

(Libby - Dubai)

Thank you! (09/06/19) ---------------------------

(Armelle France)

Thanks a lot !!! 🙈 The costumes taken from here are gorgeous, are carefully crafted and always prove professional! I hope you keep it this way and give us the same quality as many years! Thanks !!!! (07/06/19) -----------------------------------

(Loredana Petcu -Romania)

Hello, I receive my costume. It is realy wonderfull!! My teacher like it very much. I hope I will dance as good as your work. Thank you so much. Best regards. Cynthia TARTARY (07/06/19) --------------------------------

( Cynthia -France)

Thank you Nadia (05/06/19) -----------------------------

( Alison UK)

I tried it yesterday and it is perfect! I absolutely love it! I will made a photo for you soon! Thank you a lot (03/06/2019) ----------------------------


Only got to try it on her last night. Its absolutely stunning . (03/06/19) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

(Kirstie -UK)

Tried tunics on dancers today... Dylans is a little snug... (01/06/19) -------------------------------------------------------------


Nadia, I received the costumes today! They are beautiful! Thanks, Alexa. Alius Dance School and EBAS Center Jax (23/05/19) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Thank. All perfectly! Here are our winners !!! Diana The Pensilvania Ballet Conservatory (24/05/19) --------------------------------------------------------

(Diane - USA)

Hi Olga, Thank you for the very nice costume!!! He looks forward to being able to dance in this costume. I will send you a photo of what is coming later. Have a wonderful day.Satori (21/05/19) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Olga, hello. I hasten to inform you that the package has been delivered. Suits are gorgeous! Very beautiful color of golden dryads. Special thanks for the soloists. Perfectly matched fabrics, great decoration. I really like oblong rhinestones. Such expensive, elegant pebbles. Tomorrow rehearsal, we will measure. The rehearsal tutu is very subtle, unobtrusive white. All the best. I will send photos. Yanina Mihalyuk. (05/05/19) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

(Yanina Mikhailuk - USA)

Hi, Thank you very much. Everything is great! Ling (17/05/19) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Hello Nadia All is fine. Next weekend is dancing show. Sunny summer for you Nadia. greetings Olli (17/05/19) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

(Olli -Finland)

thank you (17/05/19) -----------------------------------------

(Jessika- USA)

Nadia! Everything is fine. The colors are very beautiful. Everyone is very happy! Thank! Osana (14/05/19) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Hello Nadia, I have received the costume today, delivery was very quick. The tutu is beautiful and it fits my daughter perfectly, she loves it. Thank you so much, we will definitely make another purchase in the future. Have a good day. Kei (13/05/19) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

(Kei Tung Yeung -USA)

Hello, Just to let you know that the dress looks very nice and fits perfectly to Anna. Regards Silvia (11/05/19) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

(Silvia - Switzerland)

Dear Kate and all Benefis team, The costumes are so beautiful!!! Thank you very much! They are exactly what we expected! Excellent work! My best regards, Eirini (10 /05/19) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

(Eirini -Greece)

Thank you! (01/05/19) ------------------------------------------

(Pennsylvania Ballet Conservatory)

Hello, we have received the parcel at the end of last week. The tutus and tunics are BEAUTIFUL! Kind Regards, Anna Bloomfield - DUBBO BALLET STUDIO (02/05/2019) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

(Anna Bloomfield -Australia )

My sons costume is just perfect!!! Thank you so much !!! He won 6yrs Classical Solo. (02/05/19) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

(Melanie Connors -Australia)

Dear Sir, Madam Thank you we received the parcel package.The first try on was good, Regards, Cheyu HUNG (15/04/2019) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

(Cheyu Hung - Taiwan)

These are great costumes! Last night I had rehearsals at Opera and I showed them to everyone. All parents are very excited! Thank you for your professionalism! Keep it like this! (13/04/19) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

(Loredana Romania)

Thank you! (12/04/19) ------------------------------------------


Renáta- Slovenia Hello, I would like to thank you for your professional work and perfect delivery. Costume is beatiful and fit good. we are very very satisfiet. I am looking forward to our next cooperation. Wish us luck on the competition next week. Thank you very much. Best regards. Poláková Renáta (12/04/19) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

(Renáta - Slovenia)

Thank you very much! Package received The tutus are beautiful and very well made. The girls tried on, measurements came up. ... Respectfully, Svetlana (08/04/19) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

(Svetlana-Estonia )

Thank you for your cooperation, seriousness and professionalism! Regards Irina Manole (05/04/19) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

(Irina -Germany)

Wow what fabulous service thank you Just picked the parcel up it is gorgeous x Thank you to Nadia and team x (04/04/19) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

(Sonia -UK)

Hello. Lee was extremely thrilled. Fits like a glove. Thank you. Thank you ( 02/04/19) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

(Michael and Lee -USA)

Good evening! I got the costume! The costume is great! Thank you! (01/04/19) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

(Vasile -Romania)

I got the dress and I love it! I cannot wait for you to make all of her Clara costumes (28/03/19) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


We have just received the parcel from the travelling office. The costumes look so nice! , Thanks again for making them so quickly!!! My best wishes to all of you, Eirini (22/03/19) -------------------------------------------------------------------

(Eirini-Greece )

Hello, The girls are delighted, they are simply stunning! Could not wait to try them on. Thank you ! (20/03/19) ------------------------------------------------------

(Chris Australia)

: We received the jacket a moment ago.. It looks beautiful and I know the boy will be super excited to have it for his variation. Thanks so much for your work and attention to details of its creation.Hope to work with you again in the future.Many thanks,Kim (12/03/19) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Thanks a lot. The costume liked everyone (11/03/19) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

(Cristian-Romania )

Thank you Team! (11/03/19) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

(Fran - USA)

Hi Olga, Just to let you know I have received the costume Yesterday and I am so pleased with it because it is absolutely perfect. You have done such a wonderful job and have given such a great service I want to thank you once again for such a wonderful costume and shall definitely like to have you make any future costumes. Kind regards (07/03/19) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

(Gail- UK)

Hello, Benefit Company! Hello, Tatyana Terentyeva! We would like to thank you once again for making such a beautiful costume for Dance with Bells from the Bakhchisarai Fountain for my daughter Ilina Eder from Austria, who presented this dance at the February EBGP 2019 competition in Vienna, where she became a finalist after passing 2 tour. The suit just suit perfect on Ilina! She was good at creating an image for Pushkin s poem. Thanks you ! You always approach our orders with a big heart! Your products inspire our Ilina to recreate a fairy tale on the stage. (05/03/19) -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

(Olesya Eder - Austria)

This amazing costume with beautiful decoration which was made by our company Benefis Ballet costume Company, decorated the performance of this talented young ballerina of Melbourne Academy of the Art, that was one of the 20 finalist in section B10-11 y.o 💖💖💖🎉🎉🎉🎉😍😍 (04/03/19) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

(Benefis Ballet Costume Company)

Good morning! Suits received. Very beautiful. Margo s ballet costumes fit perfectly .... Natasha s costume also fits well. (01/03/19) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Hi! The parcel arrived thank you!(01/03/19) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

(Denize Germany )

Margarita-USA Thank you guys so much for the costumes for Moldavian dance! The dancers are pleased. They said that you work great! All fits perfect! And what a beauty !!! This is just the highest class! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! (26/02/19 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

(Margarita-USA )

I am the wardrobe manager for a small, regional ballet company ... Benefis consistently provides an excellent product!(25/02/19) ------------------------------------------------------------------------

(Joanne M.)

The tutu arrived!! It is lovely and fits perfectly, Thank you for all your help along the way! (18/01/19) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --

(Kate- USA)

thank you so much for considering! Yes, the costumes arrived well and look very good. Sincerely Peter R. (19/02/19) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

(Peter R.- Austria)

I have received the parcel with the Tutu T0005 RED I have ordered. It is beautiful, and it fits nicely. I am going to work on embellishments and hopefully we are ready to go for YAGP in NYC Semifinal this coming Friday! (19/02/19) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

(Mi Jung USA)

We received it yesterday and it is MAGNIFICENT!!! Thank you so much! Our daughter LOVES IT (12/02/19) --------------------------------------------------------------------------


Dear Tatiana, We highly appreciate your kindness and sincerity shown in the correspondence, including the generous offers in discount together with the free present. Over 10 years in the past, our dance performance has been a great success which wouldnt be possible without the tremendous support from your company on our ballet costumes. Again, thank you so much and we are looking forward to a better cooperation next time! With Best Regards, (9/02/19) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------


I received the package yesterday. The Satanella costume is beautiful and the veil works perfectly. Thank you!(6/02/19) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

( Chelsea-USA)

Thank you so much! We have received the tutu and Elena is trying it in now, it fits perfectly and is beautiful!! We are so pleased to have it!! Please thank your tailors for their hard work!! (31/01/19) -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Its beautiful thank you so much.(23/01/19) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

(Sonia- UK)

Hello, The dress is very beautiful. The tutu bag is fantastic and the shawl very pretty. Thank you very much. (17/01/19) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

(Melissa- Germany)

We received Olivias tutu and it is beautiful! It fits her perfectly! Thank you! (6/02/19) -------------------------------------------------------------------------

( Charlene- USA)

Hello!! Costume is here!!! Thank you soooooo much! It is gorgeous!! You make my day!! (14/02/19) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

(Borislava- Bosnia and Herzegovina)

The costume is superb and the color is very beautiful. Best quality every time you make a suit! We thank you a lot! (2/2/19)

(Vasile -Romania)

Hello ! The jester costumes turned out wonderful and were breathtaking onstage! Here are some photos of Kelsey and Alexandra in them. Thank you again for such great artistry and service! We would love to order from you in the future! (08/01/19)

(Shanna USA)

Hi - I want to thank you for helping us through the process of ordering my daughters first tutu. The costume is beautiful and fits well. We truly appreciate your patience in answering all of my questions. (22/01/19)

(Stefanie USA)

The costume arrived all right. (19/02/19)

(Alessandra- Italy)

Hi! I received the correct costume.It is perfect (16/02/19)


Here is a picture of the costume you made for my daughter. (14/02/19)

(Mariann Kosar and Kateri )

I wanted to share this photo with you of my daughter, Lilli, in her tutu. She debuted her variation this weekend at YAGP in Chicago. She will wear it for 4 more performances this season. Its beautiful and she had many compliments. Thank you for your amazing work of art. (04/02/19)

(Tifany Beeler)

Great, thank you so much! She loves it! (01/02/19)

(Jana Owen)

Hello, Friends at Benefis!Our apologies for taking so long to send pictures. We are thrilled with this gorgeous tutu the details are simply beautiful from the sparkling iridescent blue sequins to the shimmery silver thread in the bodice. Thank you for creating this flattering and unique costume for Darby and for your excellent customer service and fast shipping! Warm regards,Lu & Darby Bauer Orange County, California (22/12/18)

(Lu & Darby)

The tutu is perfect and fits beautifully! (17/12/18)

(Laura Ostrow )

I will send some pictures today Loved the costume Thanks so much, Rosanna (12/12/18)

(Rosanna Lyons)

Hello, we did receive the tutu & it is beautiful. It will be a few weeks before it is in use, and I will forward a photo at that point. Thank you for a beautiful product & very helpful customer service. Thank you, Jan Herbert (12/12/18)

(Jan Herbert)

Hi, Benefis! I received the tutu, La Bayadere F 0041, it fits PERFECTLY, and there were absolutely no issues with the tutu! (12/12/18)

(Libby Parkins)

Thank you very much for crafting all of the costumes, they are beautiful. Please see some photos below. (04/12/18)

(Chelsea Nasby)

Hello, We received the costume but have not yet received the headpiece. The costume is beautiful! Thanks so much for your hard work!!


Good evening, the dress came and is very, very beautiful. A professional tutu. I hope to get used to dancing in it, being at the first contest with such a costume. Thank you for your effort and hope to collaborate on other occasions. All the best, Oana Podasca (28/11/18)

(Oana Podasca)

Hello Olga, Weve received the tutu. It fits wonderfully and the color is beautiful, thank you so much. Maggie

(Maggie Huang)

Hello! I am so happy to report we received your beautiful costume yesterday afternoon. We are so excited!!! It is beautiful!!! We love the fabrics and the trim you added!! It fits perfectly Thank you very, very much! We are very pleased. Julia has been very happy with all of your costumes, but feels this may be her favorite. Thank you, thank you! We are grateful and happy customers! Best regards, Caroline (17/11/18)

(Caroline Shugart)

I received beautiful dark purple tutu this morning. Im very happy to meet this tutu. I cant wait to put on my daughter Rimi. Thank you very much for your wonderful job. (30/10/18)

(Mariko Mizuoka )

Received the package today and the costumes are beautiful. My daughter tried on the dress and it fit beautifully. (23/10/18)

(Denise Evans)

I received it yesterday and it is PERFECT!! He loves it Thank you. (30/09/18)

(Nancy Glerup)

Hi, I got my package today. Everything looks fine now. Thanks, Bonnie (11/09/18)

(Bonnie )

Heres my baby, thank you so so so much!! (29/01/18)

(Marissa Ortega)


This is great. Thanks so much. Received the costume. Thank you very much.

(Galina Ratsenberg)

Hallo Tatjana, thank you for your interest. If you go to youtube " Elektra Moos Medora Variation Barcelona YAGP" you will see the video with the costume. Thank you for the nice costume. Best wises from Bavaria Karolin

(Karolin Muchenthaler)

Thank you for the fast shipping and awesome customer service. The tutu is perfect. Its beautiful and fits my daughter perfectly. Thank You! April

(April Royster)

After the first Giselle peasant pas performance at YAGP in Atlanta. So gorgeous!

(Carolyn Chang)

Thank you. You truly do beautiful work. You should be proud! YAGP competition, Seattle Washington, USA. Thank you for the beautiful costume!!

(Michele Connel)

(Brian Korgel)

Hi Benefis! I love costumes!! They are so beautiful!! We will definitely be ordering from you again!

(Jenna Smith)


The costume is beautiful and the quality is amazing! The skirt has so many more layers than I expected. Absolutely stunning and my daughter is beyond thrilled to wear it for her solo this season. Thank you so much for the reassurances during the waiting time and thank you for making such a beautiful costume. Candy

(Candy Mendyk)

Hello from California! We received the tutu! It is magnificent! It is everything we hoped for and fits lovely! Thank you so very much!!

(Elizabeth Huebner)

Hello Benefis! We ordered a costume of personal design in peach color, it is amazing! We really like your work. Thank you.

(Sala Lee)

Ballet tutu T0001 Hello Andrew, the Tutu was PERFECT!! Pristine,I would definitely order again. The quality, sizeing, color, everything was Beautiful. Thank You Very Much.

(Sahara Acosta)

Thank you for the costume!

(Simone Schwerin)

Bonjour, Le premier concours vient de finir, Lisa et Eliot ont remporté un 1er Prix, et sont sélectionnés pour le concours national de la CND France à Dijon en mai, ils participeront aussi au concours de lOdyssée de la danse à Lyon en avril . les photos viennent seulement darriver sur le site de notre photographe Sud-Reportage, dès que je les aurais je vous en enverrai une. Bien à vous

(Armelle GABRIEL)

(Mircea Budur)

Thank you. We are enjoying the two tutus that we purchased so far. The white we decorated ourselves but the tutu itself is fabulous.

(Alxandra Ostrov)

Hi, i received P0512B tutu on 27th. Thank you soooo much,such a super fast and beautiful work.

(Osaki Eriko)

Costumes have arrived! I am very happy with everything overall, and everyone here I have shown them to has been very impressed. They are beautiful. I will send more detailed feedback and pictures after I am able to fit my male dancers in them during the next week. Thank you Benefis! 20.02.16

(Ashleigh Whitworth)

I did receive the parcel on time The costume is wonderful as expected! Thank you for your talents.. I look forward to doing continued business together.

(Eddy Bray, U.S.A)

Hello Christian, The tutus came today and they are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! Thank you so much, your work is amazing!!!! I have ordered several tutus over the years from different places and these are by far the best quality and SO well made! I can't thank you enough, I truly appreciate it! Have a great day.

( Angela Texas, United States)


My beautiful Benefis, Our impressions are priceless. It was like .... "Mom get back the phone ...... and then scream, real scream..... wonderful." Frame for the photo is also a wonderful thank for you gift, loved. So that my childrens moments of happiness means twice as much. Thank you thank you thank you very much. P.S. All were delighted both children and teachers. Even I got a compliment "you're not normal ..... :)" Thanks again and I wish you good luck in life and work. 19.03.2013

(Aida, Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Hi Elena! I have got the costume (P0506A) today. It is beautiful and perfectly fit for my daughter! She loves it. I will send you a photo later. Thank you so much.

(Mie Takahashi, New Zeland)

Dear Benefis! I received the costume (P0408) yesterday and it is beautiful, wonderful!!! We have done a great work really!!! My daughter is very happy and the body is perfect for her! 15.03.2013

(Cristina Barbolini, Italy)

Liebe Benefis! Die Kostume sind punktlich angekommen, sind wunderschon und passen perfekt wie immer. Danke fur alles und schone Grusse aus Osterreich. 15.03.13

(Sabine Hubner, Austria)

The costume (P0302C) I got for my daughter is great, she is very happy and she got a high score for the costume by jujes in her competition. 06.03.13

(Alexander Pritsky, USA)

I received the head piece (S0017A). It is extraordinary! I am so thankful to you and your company. I look forward to the white head piece (S0017C) when you receive white feathers. It really completes the costume! 05.03.13

(Gerri Sperling, USA)

The tutu (T0009+T0002) is beautiful and fits perfectly. Thank you! 05.03.13

(Vanessa Shortbull, USA)

The wonderful dress arrived yesterday to us. Great thanks to your seamstress. The dress is a dream and we are very grateful to you all. 04.03.13

(Simone Schwerin, Germany)

"Received the 2 jackets today (P 0405 and P 0406), thank you very much , they look lovely! The boy will try them on tomorrow." 25.02.2013

(P.Mallek, England)

I love the costumes! I just tried on all 3 costumes and they are magnificent!!! I am so happy with them. 23.02.13

(Gerri Sperling, USA)

"The costume arrived. It is super. It is really beautiful; I dont have words to describe it!!! I adore it!!! I would like to thank you for your help, you have really good seamstresses!!! Thank you!! I am glad that everything is fine!! Everything is excellent!!" 20.02.2013

(Tereza Ciubotaru, Romania)

Dear Tatiana and the rest of Benefis Ballet Costumes Company, We just received the most beautiful costume we have ever seen!!! Lovely fabrics and materials and it fits my daughter perfectly. You are true magicians! Your service is excellent and please do not change anything. We will order from you again and tell all our ballet friends about you. Thank you again and please make sure you forward our gratitude to the whole team. 20.02.2013

(Marie and Kristin Nilseng, Norway)

I received my daughter's costume F0042. It is beautiful! Thank you for the hard work put in to making it! 16.02.2013

(Ann Murphy, USA)

"The costume arrived and it is beautiful. Thank you very much." 12.02.2013

(Elke Hesel-Williams, Canada)

We received the tutu last Wednesday. The tutu is prefect as always and just what we wanted. Thank your seamstresses for their excellent work again. 12.02.2013

(Michelle Anderson, Australia)

"I recived the Peasant costume P 0506. everything is perfect, the costume is lovely!!! Thank you very much!" 10.02.2013

(Alba Puigdomenech, Spain)

Thank you for the work on the tutus and your patience with me regarding measurements. We received the tutus on Monday 28th, just in time for a special coaching session on Tuesday 29th, so that was great. The girls were very excited for their tutus and they all love them. Sarma was very pleased with the design, fit, and construction of the costumes. 04.02.2013

(Ashley Duree, USA)

Costumes arrived this morning and are beautiful:) Due to the prompt arrival of the costumes the dancers were able to perform in Them at a gala dinner this evening to open our opera festival. This was a bonus at it provided excellent publicity for our performances this weekend. Thank you! 31.01.2013

(Catherine Smirles, Norway)

We received the Giselle costume P0501A yesterday. It is beautiful and the tutu is not as fluffy like we asked for. My wife, daughter and I are very satisfied with the finished work. Thanks again and I will send a photo of her wearing it when I get a chance. Happy new year! 05.01.13

(Michael Hong, Canada)

Merry Christmas Benefis, The beautiful costume did arrive on Christmas Eve. It is beautiful and a great fit too! We are all very happy to have it and thank you so much for your help. Have a beautiful Christmas and New Year! Thanks!

(Laura Coombs)

We received the Tutu's! They are so beautiful!! Thank you so much. We look forward to ordering again next year. 02.11.12

(Laura and Sophie Naud)

I got your tutu yesterday!!! It was soooooooooooooo nice!!! I love it !!!! I did rehearsal today with this tutu.01,11,2012 everyone in my company said this tutu is soooo beautiful. Thank you very much. I'm looking forward to seeing you again!!! thank you , again 01,11,2012

(Shoko Yamada)

We received the tutu yesterday. It's very beautifull. We will be able to show it at the International Ballet Competition which will take place from friday to sunday.30.10.2012 Thank you very much.

(Anne-Claude Texier)

Thank you! We received our order today and the costumes are absolutely beautiful! We will be using them at an upcoming event and hope to get a positive reaction. 30,10,2012

(Colleen McGlade)

thank you, thank you, thank you, my daughter crying with joy for her to wear these wonderful costumes and a dream begins. you helped me so much and I thank you 'cause I'm alone and do everything to see my daughter become a ballet dancer. again thanks to you and your staff. 25.10.12

(Lidya Riccio)

I wanted to let you know that we received both tutus yesterday and they are absolutely fabulous!!! Thank you for all your help. I can't wait to see them on stage! 18,10,2012

(Marthavan McKeon)

I must let you know that the parcel arrived yesterday and our ballet director is thrilled with the tutu. He said it was absolutely exquisite! I thank you again for all of your help and effort to assure it arrived on time for our performance in a few days! 04,10,2012

(Barbara Sgouros)

Thank you for such a wonderful service! The costume looks great and I am very happy! I will definitely order costumes from Benefis 18.07.12

(Grace Lee Grant)

I did received my order so quickly that I even not expected yet, and I was in holidays at this moment. But the shiper called me and I managed to got it. I was a little bit afraid by packaging and by the fact that tutu staid quite a long time inside, but actually the tutu is really gorgeous and so the bodice ! So beautifull and fits perfectly. Thank you so much for the care. I showed it to my friend at ballet lesson, and they're all jealous! I will highly recommand your product. 06.10.12

(Berengere Colas)

We are very glad about the tutu you made. The tutus fit very well on our young girls.

(Arabelle Poels)

I received my order. Thank you and all the artists who took part in the work on my order. Costumes are awesome! The quality and beauty of the costume is excelent! My daughter is happy! It suits her perfectly! Her tiara looks great on her face! Once again, many thanks to you! In the future, we will definitely work with you. We have many plans for the next show! 13,09,2012

( )

We received the costumes and everything is OK. Thank you so much for shipping and for the excellent work!12.09.2012

(Daniel Chimpean)

Thank you so much... I received the tutu today... it is truly spectacular and we both love it... amazing quality and beauty... thank you so much for the dedication and love you put into each creation!!Tia, September 19, 2012

(Tia Brown)

Good luck at the exhibition. Your main competitor, Grishko charge substantially more than you do and their quality is no higher. Also their delivery system can take several weeks compared to your 48 hours! Rob, September 19, 2012

(Rob Thomasson , United Kingdom )

Happy to report the beautiful tutus have arrived safely into our hands. They are truly magnificent. Claudia was so excited she tried them on instantly and Im thrilled to say the blue tutu fits perfectly. The lilac tutu looks gorgeous and it is almost perfect it is just a little too big around the bodice. Claudia doesnt mind in the least she is simply so thrilled with them both. Once again, thank you very much for the wonderful service you have given us. I know the tutus will be a talking point at our local eisteddfod which is in the last week of September. We will proudly tell everyone about you and your team Yana and we are also travelling to Brisbane for a competition and no doubt the tutus will raise some eyebrows there too. We will be sure to take some photos when Claudia is performing and send them through to you. Thanks so very much once again. Sonya August 21st, 2012

(Sonya and Claudia Leslie )

We are now in rehearsals again after the summer and we are very satisfied with the tutu. I will see if I can send you a photo from the performance after the premiere. We open at the 25th August. I will tell my friends abut you, and probably order more from you in the future :-) Sincerely, GEIR August 15th, 2012

(Geir Robsrud )

Hi, the tutu has arrived in great condition, it is wonderful. Thank you so much- will send photos soon. Eileen 01.08.2012

(Eileen Kelliher)

My little black swan won "Ballet Talent Show" contest from June 30! We all were very happy, and we want to thank you for being a part of this success. Without your advices and a high level of professionalism, it wont have be such a success! Even a talented ballerina couldnt do nothing without her perfect costume, from technical and artistic point of view. Thank you once more! We cant wait for a new class to begin, and new successes in ballet. For sure we will ask for new wonderful costumes. Best regards, Ines 4.07.12

(Ines Sandhof)

Tutu is beautiful, I will send you photo as soon as I am able. Thank you very very much Sandra 3.07.12

(Sandra Williams)

Hello, I just wanted to let you know I received the tutu for my daughter late yesterday. It is exquisite and beautiful, it fitted her perfectly!!! Thank you very much, I will recommend you to all my friends and will definitely get my next tutu from your company. Thank you once again.

(Jennifer Mann)

The Tutu has arrived safely and it is beautiful! Alysha was very excited and loves it. It fits perfectly on the body but has a lot of room in the bust area which is what I expected and is good for her development. I will also forward photos after the performance. 28.05.12 Thank you for all your assistance.

(Deanne Duncan)

Hello, I have received the two costumes and thank you. It was very quick at this time. I await the return of my daughters to try them. Have a nice weekend cordially Armelle GABRIEL 25.05.12

(Armelle GABRIEL)

Thank you for your message, I am always happy to hear about you. I will send you a picture from Esmeralda, she won the Grand Prix at the American Dance Competition. She will use the Don Quixote tutu in May 31st at the world Ballet Competition. 22.05.12

(Gypsy Hall )

We love the high quality of your work. Our daughter competed at YAGP in March and got high complements on her costumes. 22.05.12

(Susan E. Schwarzweller)

My daughter wore her beautiful light pink tutu at the YAGP semi-finals in Torrington, CT. She finished in the top 12 for her age group (pre-competitive) but did not go on to the finals in New York. Thank you so much for producing her beautiful tutu. 18.05.12

(Christine Johnson-Staub)

I can confirm that I have received the claret tutu today and it is beautiful I am really pleased with it. My daughter has not tried it on yet as she is at school today but I am sure that it will fit perfectly. Once again thank you. Linda 18.05.12

(Linda Smith)

I hope you are having a great day. Today Britney wore her costume for rehearsal and her teacher loved it. The teacher and I decided to leave the vest open and not clip it in the middle. It has been wonderful chatting with you and I cannot thank you enough for your assistance and kindness. Please thank your beautiful seamstresses as they have done an amazing job. Their work is a credit to them. I look forward to doing business with you again in the future. I will send a photo of Britney when she is ready for her Eisteddfod performance. Take care and I look forward to being in touch with you again soon. Kind Regards Anne Worbey 9.05.12

(Anne Worbey)

Our lovely costume has arrived. I cannot thank you enough for the beautiful workmanship. It is so very well made. It is hard to believe it was in your hands now mine across the other side of the world. Truly amazing. Britney is thrilled. I have attached photos for you. They are only quick shots to show you Britney in the costume. I will send much better photos in the future when Britney performs the dance. 8.05.12

(Anne Worbey)

I just wantednto let you know I LOVED my costumes, they are so beautiful, and also I wanted to congratulate you for your great job making them. Thanks a lot!! I will be referring you to my friends!! 21.04.12

(Grace Partida)

Thank you very much for the costumes. I reserved them. They are very nice and fits well on us! Thank you again, 12.04.12

(Machi Muto)

Here are some photos of Heather wearing her Benefis Tutu at the YAGP in San Francisco last month. She performed very well and enjoyed the competition very much. Her high scores and potential earned her an invitation to attend the YAGP Gala in New York. Many thanks again to you and your staff for making such a stunning tutu for Heather - she looks beautiful in it and says it makes her feel like a princess. She will be wearing it a few more times this year for upcoming competitions. Best wishes from Vancouver, Canada! rix-2012/YAGP-2012-San-Francisco-CA/San-Francisco-2012-Junior/Heather-Je fferys.html 11.04.12

(Denise & Heather Jefferys )

Hello, just letting u know that the tutu's have arrived... absolutely stunning!! Kim

(Kim Buckley)

Thank you so very much for the beautiful work on this piece - it is magnificent and fits the dancer like a second skin. I've attached a photo for you to enjoy. Have a wonderful season

(Aletha Bodine)

just today, they handed me the costume. Tutu is a very nice, it like a lot to me and to my student. The measure is correct. The tutu fits perfectly with my student. I thank you for the excellent work the seamstresses, for the patience you had with me. I will send you a photo soon. Happy to have worked with you, I assure you other orders. With best regards, Matilde Marciano

(Matilde Marciano)

We received the parcel in good condition. Thank you for your professionalism and quality of your products. cordially Isabelle Proudhon

(Isabelle Proudhon)

Tutus are very beautiful and lovely and fit well on the girls, although not all tutus we saw. Tutus are very lovely and beautiful!

(Svetlana Streicher)

Thank you!! We have the tutu safe and sound. It is absolutely beautiful!! It fits perfectly! You couldn't have done a nicer job! Thank you so much! We will send photos from the performance! Thank you so much!

(Barbara Pertile)

We received the dresses and they are beautiful! Thank you so much for all your hard work and outstanding craftsmanship on them. Thank you SO much!

(Hailey Agran)

The costume arrived today, it is absolutely beautiful. Fits perfectly and looks stunning. Thank you again for your expertise and excellent workmanship. Regards Michelle Anderson

(Michelle Anderson)

Yes the costume is beautiful and it makes our dancer look great. Thank you! Janet Neyrey

(Janet Neyrey)

Hello, Im sorry I havent sent a picture of my daughter in her beautiful tutu, that you made for her. She absolutely adores it and so does everyone else. Every time she dances at competitions she receives lovely comments from the judges. It was well worth the money and your workmanship is amazing. Thankyou, Viviana Lucy.

(Viviana Lucy)

Hello, Just wanted to say that we received our sons Tunic and are very happy once again with the craftsmanship of Benefis products. Thank you, Jennifer Coppa

(Jennifer Coppa)

Yes, the tutu arrived in good condition. It is exceptionally beautiful!! Thank you for once again providing a lovely costume, Lisa

(Lisa A. Hiday)

Yes, we received it the day before the performance. It is lovely and looked beautiful on stage. Thank you! Sincerely, Jasmine L. Nikitenko, Artistic Director

(Jasmine L. Nikitenko)

Yes we received the beautiful costumes and we love them. They are just amazing and the dancers feel like a princess when they are wearing them.

(Patricia Sloan)

Sorry I did not contact you sooner, The Tutu has arrived and is absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much , we really appreciate your hard work . I will try and send you a photo of my Daughter wearing the Tutu . I will recommend your company to other parents at our dance school . Thanks again Best wishes Cheryl Johnson

(Cheryl Johnson)

Thank you the tutu is beautiful. I will send a photo shortly of my daughter in the tutu. The fit was excellent! Regards, Yvonne Handy (Australia)

(Yvonne Handy)

Tutu arrived end last week, just beautiful, looks fantastic on the dancer.26.04.12

(Sandra Lukas )

Fabulous!!! Emma loves the costume, it fits like a glove and her ballet teachers were thrilled with the costume. Thank you again. 20.04.12

(Donna Brown)

I received the costumes last week. All the costumes are great! Thank you. 18.04.12

(Kristina Kambalov)

It is beautiful and fits her perfectly. Thank you soooo much! 16/04/12

(Cassandra Stanley)

The Tiara is very beautiful!!!Thank you very much. 13/04/12

(Roberta Saccocci )

I just received it.....My God it's so beautiful,thank you so much,wao,you are amazing.12/04/12

(Yolanda Correa)

The Tutu arrived safely today. It is beautiful! Thank you so much! We are very happy! 10.04.12

(Carla Best)

I just wanted to let you know we received our tutu on Tuesday in perfect condition and it fits beautifully. We plan to order another one around September. Thank you for all of your help. 29.03.12

(Deanna Yinger)

I recieved the parcel. The headpiece and tiara are very beautiful. Thank you and best regards, Zhanna 29.03.12

(Zhanna Kijko)

Thank you for the email -- We did receive the costume and it is beautiful I We will send you photos from the performance, which is June 1-2. Thank you! 29.03.12

(Jennifer Neuser )

The tutu is beautiful. There are three other ladies from my studio who have ordered from Benefis. We will take a group picture and forward it on to you all. Thank you, Vanessa 25.03.12

(Vanessa Short Bull )

Yes. We did receive the costumes and they are beautiful! I must tell you that my experience with Benefis has been absolutely wonderful and I've been raving about it to all my friends and teachers. Thank you so much and will send photos later. 5.03.12

(Hannah Park)

Everything worked out great! The tutu is stunning! Absolutely beautiful! My daughter and her dance teacher are very excited, more excited about the dancing now that they can see their work with the costume! Thank you so much! 5.03.12

(Monique Henderson)

We received the Costume yesterday. Really pleased with the costume. The skirt fitted well. Beautiful costume thank you very much my daughter loves it and is really looking forward to performing her dance next month. 28.02.12

(Ashley Mason)

I received the costumes this morning. I'd like to thank you and all the seamstresses for your fabulous work. Our costumes are so beautiful!! You made a wonderful work. Thank you so much again for everything!! Best regards Stephanie

(Stephanie Leveque)

We think the tutu and the tiara are very beautiful. I knew that tiara would be perfect, and it is. We go to the the Youth America Grand Prix semi-finals this weekend in San Franciisco. I remember how dancing in a beautiful costume can inspire you to dance better. I know that your tutu will truly make Aubrey feel like a raja's daughter. Thank you for your excellent service and beautiful work. 22.02.12

(Giselle Howell)

Ive received the tutu! Its very nice J Just like my daughter wanted it to be! We are pleased with your work! Thank you, for the effort and the hard work you put for making my tutu! Kindest wishes, George Constantinou 22.02.12

(George Constantinou )

Thank you very much for the costumes, they are great, especially Kitri. My daughter is getting ready for her performance at Feb 25. I will e-mail you a picture probably in about 2 mo (YAGP will take professional shots). Thanks 22.02.12

(Alexander Pritsky)

As with most competitions there was no photography or video during the dancing, however I have attached a photo I took just before open stage at the Maydenbauer Centre and a photo on the way out from the Master Classes at the Pacific Northwest Ballet facility. The YAGP photos are not yet up though results are. Our girls ranked very well and also took top Ballet School in attendance at Seattle. Carissa came top 12 though we do not know her mark yet or where within top 12. Our school wore several of your tutus and they were perfect Lenora and Carissa Moore 18.01.12

(Lenora and Carissa Moore)

Today we have received the parcel. Thank you for your work! Both costumes fit well. They are wonderful, the whole family is very happy. 11.01.12

( )

The Ballet costume you made is BEAUTIFUL!!! We are so happy! It fits my daughter perfectly. We will send pictures as soon as we can. Thank you for making it and shipping it so quickly. We are very happy to do buisness with you, and will we will be ordering more from you in the future. Thank you again, Don and Susan Kassenbrock (and Julianna) 11.01.12

(Kassenbrock family)

I am very pleased!!! Not only did it come on time, the quality of work is excellent and it is very pretty, but most of all...IT FITS!!! The tutu earned me a "Judge's Choice" award for costume. Once again, your service to me is greatly appreciated. Thank You! 29/03/12

(Sarah Pfenning )

We have tried on the tutus, and they fit very nicely! Thank you for the super quick order! Really appreciate it! 30.03.12

(May Kwok)

Hello! Many thanks, we received the tutus. The girls are excited. Today we are showing the tutus to our teacher and will decide what we will order next. Thank you for your prompt work. Its a pleasure to collaborate with you! . 11.01.12

( (Nadezhda and Natalia Fedulov).)

Carissa's costume arrived today (they actually came by yesterday but we were not home) Very many thanks, it is beautiful and fits perfectly. It is a piece of art and I appreciate the hours of work that went into it. Today Carissa danced in it and was pleased, the feel apparently is as good as the appearance. Lenora and Carissa 31.12.11

(Lenora and Carissa)

We did receive the tutu, words cannot describe how absolutely beautiful it is. You have done a truly amazing job! Thanks for all of your help and patients with measurements. Not only is it beautiful, but it fits perfect. Thank you for all of your hard work and I look forward to ordering more tutus in the future from you! Best regards Candice Poston and family 31.12.11

(Candice Poston )

Yes! Tutu was received and fits beautifully. Sorry for not writing immediately, but it has been a little busy, in fact, I only just had Heather try it on for me last night and was going to email you this morning. We will send pictures as soon as possible and you will be able to watch her competition live on line in the new year. Please pass along our sincere thanks to your seamstresses. They did a beautiful job on this costume and we are truly grateful for the time and care that went into making Heather's tutu. We wish you joy and peace this holiday season, and our very best wishes to everyone at Benefis for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! Denise & Heather 22.12.11

(Denise and Heather Jefferys)

We had a photograph take some pictures and we will get it by next week hopefully, when I get a picture from him, I will send you one. Thank you so much for the beautiful work that you have done and I would love to introduce your company to our students and other studios. Warm Regards, Christine Yiu 14.01.11

(Christine Yiu )

Hi there We actually received it yesterday. It looks very beautiful and I am so relieved it has arrived in plenty of time for Christmas. As it is a Christmas present she won't be able to try it on till Christmas morning but we will certainly send you a picture once she has it on. Thank you so much for getting it here in time. Kindest Regards Natalie 14.01.11

(Natalie Steicke)

We are very excited and the tutu is very beautiful. We will send photos when she performs. Your company does exquisite work and detail. The tutu is everything imagined. Thank you, Donni Foster 14.12.11

(Donni Foster )

Thank you for everything. The tutus are beautiful.i´m really happy. and the colour is perfect.I´m a big fan of your company. i´m sure, that i will order some costumes again. 18.03.12

(Nadja Lachner)

Wow!!!!!! I can not closed my mouth, I already received the tutu, and this is an incredible confection, you are the best!!!!! For sure you will be always the company that I will chose. We love our tutu. THANK YOU SO MUCH. best, 19.03.12

(Gypsy Hall )

the costumes arrived on Friday. They fit perfectly and are really very, very beautiful! Many thanks to all of you, especially the seamstresse, for the excellent work. Best greetings Iris

(Iris Egger)

The tutu is stunning!!! Just beautiful! Thank you! 19.03.12

(Karen Clare)

Ladies, Thank you so much for the beatiful dress. It is perfect.

( Jim Shevchuk)

The dress is amazing! So beautiful and well made! Thank-you so much.

(Sandra Shevchuk)

03/03/12 Got the costumes today and they were delivered to our house. They are absolutely spectacular!!! Thank you!

(Sue Golden)

29/02/12 I received the parcel today,they delivered it to the Opera,where I work I'm so so happy,the costumes are great,thank you so much,I believe I will contact you very soon for others,I'm very pleased with the work you made Thank you very much Best regards

(Yolanda Correa)

Yes, I received the parcel, everything is super and beautiful, Thank you!

(Anastasia Erohina)

The tutu is beautiful! The dancer won't be here to try it on until next week, but it looks exactly as we hoped it would. I'm very happy! Thank you!

(Misty Dini Lee)

The costume is finished, it is very nice. The color is very very nice! !Thanks for your work and professionalism, especially thanks to the patience and kindness. Best regards, Roberta Grossi Soprano

(Roberta Grossi Soprano)

Just got my tutu!!! It is so beautiful and I am so happy! Thank you for all of your hard work I am so excited (: I will send you pictures when I do my competition. Thanks!! Aubrey

(Aubrey Kendler)

I wanted to let you know how happy my daughter was to receive her tutu today! It is absolutely exquisite, and her teachers and classmates were so pleased to see it! Thank you so much for all of your time and assistance in getting it to us. My daughter will always have a special memory of Benefis, as this is her first time attending the Youth America Grand Prix competition. We are so pleased that she will make her debut in such a beautifully made costume! Many Thanks

(Dawn Lucas)

Thank You so much we received the tutu late yesterday afternoon on our way to the school. It fits beautifully and all of the other dancers of course were envious of its true beauty and splendor! Thank you So much for an awesome tutu!

(Andrew Guilfoil)

Just to let you know the costume has arrived. It is beautiful. Thank you. Best wishes

(Melanie Coles)

I received the package yesterday morning January 18. The tutu is beautiful. Since I got home around 12 midnight I did not have the opportunity to see my daughter on the tutu, but I heard she was really happy. I'll send you a picture as soon as I can. Is a pleasure to do business with you. Thank you very much

(Angela Infantas)

We just received the costume and it is positively gorgeous!!!! It fits my daughter very well. We are excited to have her perform her variation in it in February. I will send pictures. I am definitely going to recommend your company to the dancers at my daughter's studio who also perform solos for competitions. You and your company have been most wonderful to work with and I look forward to doing business with you again. Best regards, Ginger and Sarah Sneltjes

(Ginger and Sarah Sneltjes)

We received the package today. The tutu is absolutely beautiful and fits perfectly! We appreciate all the detailed intricate work. The tiara is also beautiful and my daughter enjoyed the surprise. Thanks so much. Anne

(Anne Butler)

Just to let you know we have received the tutu after it had sat in Newcastle since Thursday. It is so beautiful we could have cried when she tried it on, Mackenzie loves it so well worth the money spent. I only wish now we had ordered a bag at the same time as I now need to find a bag to fit. The next competition she has I will send a photo so you can see her too, thank you so much, the service from you was brilliant and I would recommend you should anyone ask as I am sure they will want to know who made it, thanks again

(Mrs Shields and Mackenzie )

We just received this item and it is BEAUTIFUL! Thank you for the WONDERFUL work, which is just lovely. We will be sure to order more costumes from you all. Happy New Year! Fondly, Peter

(Peter Stark)

We received the Giselle dress today - it is beautiful and it fits! Thank you for getting the dress to us so quickly and for all your help. Happy New Year!

(Linda and Liana Cliff)

Hello! Franziska received the tutu. We are delighted, its adorable! Fits perfectly. You, guys, are the best! Thank you again. Next time, when we decide to purchase a tutu, we will do it from you! Thank you! Happy New Year!

(Petra Mayhofer)

We received our tutus yesterday and they are BEAUTIFUL! We will definitely order with you in the future! Thanks for everything!

(Susan Schwarzweller)

The costume arrived and it is beautiful. It fits perfect. Thank You!!! I will definitely order from you again in the future and will send pictures after the performance on January. Thank you for your professionalism. Merry Christmas

(Donna Ward)

My three daughters fell in love with the tutus at first sight. My eldest daughter, Clara, posed for a picture for you. Peace and love,

(David Kim)

I just received the shipment. Absolutely beautiful! Outstanding work! Thank you so much for delivering as promised.... I will email you pictures next week... Again, thank you so much!

(David Kim)

Yes I had received my order Wednesday but I had not time to write to you at this time. I am very surprise of quality of your work, the costume is very high grade quality, it fit correctly but I will verify my measurements for the next order. Bye


We will rehearse in our new benefis costumes for first time today. I will take pictures and video. My son says his tunic is so comfortable he wants to wear it all day. Can't wait to order again! Thank you.

(Jennifer Coppa )

We just received our costumes and they are very well made. The tunic fits amazingly. Can't wait to put his partner in the tutu. We will send more photos with both.

(Jennifer Coppa)

I got the Costumes this morning. They are very nice.

(Catriona Steel)

We received it this morning thanks so much it is absolutly beautiful, It is a christmas present so I will send you a photo after that Many Many Thanks!

(Helen Stringer)

The dress arrived yesterday and it is beautiful. Many thanks for all your help, I will send you a picture from the Competition.

(Elizabeth Lynch)

The tutu is absolutely gorgeous! We actually met it at the curb, we were so excited. It fits beautifully. Will send pictures as soon as she dances in it! Thank you and your entire staff for something that brought tears to my daughter's eyes.

(Patrice Bernard)

Dear Benefis, We received the tutu and it looks beautiful. Thank you! It was wonderful to work with you and we will definitely order from you in the future!

(Christine Johnson-Staub )

The costume is beautiful and arrived on time. Thank you

(Elizabeth Huebner )

Good evening. Thank you very much for the order. Im admired of the costume's quality. Unfortunately my girl didnt participated in the performance for personal reasons. Thank you, Sincerely, Alina Ionescu.

(Alina Ionescu)

Good news - the costume arrived and looks beautiful. Thanks so much for your help in getting the costume made and sent to me. Our "Prince" will be very happy he has such a beautiful (handsome) costume to wear tonight. Thank you!

(Carla Hunt)

I did receive the costumes and they are wonderful and just as promised. Thank you for that!

(Eddy Bray)

The package with the Tutu has arrived today. Thank everyone for us in making such a beautiful costume. My wife and daughter are thrilled to have it from you. We shall send some photos from the performance. Kindest regards,

(Robert Kenyon)

Hello, The costume is great and from next year I will make new orders, because she is very fond of ballet despite that she is only 5. The first performance will be fold on 5 November and we hope it will be successful. Thank you

(Petre Ana)

Thank-you for your inquiry regarding the costume. I did receive it last Friday and have tried it on. It fits very well and I am delighted with the beauty and quality. My "performance" (which is actually a costume ball and not a ballet - my apologies if this is a disappointment to you) is this Saturday. I will attempt to have photos made at that time. This has been an extremely positive experience and I will recommend your services at any possible opportunity. Best regards,


Had you seen my daughter's face... she was shocked when she saw the tutu. The tutu fits her perfectly. One more time, thank you so much, I am so impressed how this worked from the distance. Don't worry, you can post my words in your website, it is a pleasure to help people that are looking for quality, and your professionalism. Thank you. Best.

(Gypsy Hall )

Yes!!!!!! We get the tutu, and it is so beautifulllllll I am so happy, you are amazing company. The girl is at school now, I cannot wait to see her face and try on her. I have another student that orders her tutu for second time with you. Best, best...

(Gypsy Hall)

the dress has arrived safely and very quickly, thank you very much. As you can see, it is a very beautiful dress, and Anna is delighted with it. Please will you show your seamstresses the picture for us and thank them for the excellent work they have done.

(Tracy Riley)

Yes I have received the tutu and it is great! Thank you very much!

(Renee Howlett)

We are so amazed! The tutu arrived yesterday. It is beautiful and fits perfectly. We will send you photos from performance! We will recommend your company and service!

(Ingunn Borud)

I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU, the tutu is perfect and Millie is a very happy young lady Tracey Royle Great Britain.

(Tracey E. Royle)

Please thank your seamstresses for the beautiful work on the Tutu I just bought for Felicity. It arrived safely and is amazing. It fits perfectly and we cannot wait to see her perform in it. Once again Thank You for all of your help and for the wonderful costume. Regards Roslyn and Felicity king Australia

(Roslyn and Felicity King)

My costume has arrived and I am very happy with it. I will send some photos of the performance when I get them. Hannah Berman, 29.08.2011

(Hannah Berman )

Today we received the parcel with tutus and unitard. Thank you so much for everything. The tutu is gorgeous and fits the girl perfectly, and the quality of the work is just awesome. the girl is happy about everything received. The ensemble leader is also overwhelmed. Thank you so much for all your work. We hope to use your services again in the future. We will recommend your company to our acquaintants. Thank you once again for the pleasure we got about the parcel. Mariya Kudina, 26.08.2011

(Mariya Kudina)

Hi Tatiana: Just to let you know, the tutus arrived safely yesterday. As always they are beautiful! Thank you so much, TP

(Toni Pimble)

It arrived today, and the work is fine Patrick Tan, 25.08.2011

(Patrick Tan)

Hello, I received the parcel, thank you so much - it is beautiful and fits perfectly - I will send you a photo shortly - thank you again - I love it !! Jill


Dear Benefis, We received my daughter's costume just now and she tried it on. It is absolutely stunning! So very beautiful and beautifully made! We both absolutely love the ivory color choice, and choice of colors for the front decoration. The slits in the skirt is a very nice addition so that she can move freely. I am extremely grateful to you for doing the project so very fast, and doing it so well, and making sure it arrived so very quickly. I offer thanks for such a professional job, so expediently executed. You made up for the complete umprofessionalism of a local seamstress who was going to make the costume. My daughter was so so excited to try it on and was so happy and beautiful wearing it. I will send photos soon. Many thanks again! Very Sincerely, from satisfied customer

(From satisfied customer)

I wanted to send you a photo of my daughter Madelyn in the tutu you made for her. We have been overwhelmed by people asking us where we purchased the tutu and how utterly beautiful it is. Every judge in every eisteddfod she performed in came up to us to comment on how stunning the tutu was.Thankyou so much we are so very happy!! Regards, Sharon and Madelyn Halouvas 13.07.2011 Warrnambool. Australia.

(Sharon and Madelyn Halouvas)

Hello! We received the costume! It is wonderful!!! We will order costumes from you in the future by all means!!! 08.07.11

( )

Hello! I received the tutu. It is wonderful! Thank you very much!!! Look forward to ordering from you again. Kellie Clarkson 01/07/11 Kellie Clarkson 01/07/11

(Kellie Clarkson)

We received the costumes in good order. They fit perfectly.Thanks again. Lia van Ettekoven 28.06.11

(Lia van Ettekoven)

I received the tutu last friday and yesterday the ballerina has try it on. It looks very good, especially when she is dancing. Thank you for your rapid and professional work. Jutta Holzerbauer 24/05/11 Jutta Holzerbauer 24/05/11

(Jutta Holzerbauer)

Thank you very much! I received the costume. And I have time to rehearse in it. If I get some good photos from the performance, I will send them by all means!!! . 06.07.11

( )

Thank you very much, I received tiara.Delivery was very fast.Good work!!!Eriko Osaki 28.06.11

(Eriko Osaki)

We did receive the costumes today. They are absolutely beautiful. I am very happy with design and quality.Thank you very much for all your help. Rose Cheung, 03.06.2011

(Rose Cheung )

The tutu has arrived and my daughter is thrilled! The bodice fits well and has growing room and the skirt detail will look lovely on stage. Emma Garner, 31.05.2011

(Emma Garner )

I wanted to let you know that I am very satisfied of the beautiful Tutu. I will definitely do other purchases with you. Your team is very professional, fast and amazing. Thank you again to have done so fast and so good. Adeline Pastor, 23.05.2011

(Adeline Pastor )

The costume arrived on Monday. The costume is beautiful, excellent craftsmanship and fits quite well the pupil. Me and my student are really happy. Matilde Marciano, 19.05.2011

(Matilde Marciano)

i received the costumes yesterday. they fit almost perfectly and look really beautiful!! Alexandra Eberle, 10.05.2011

(Alexandra Eberle)

Thank you very much for the tutu. It arrived safely and fits the young dancer very well. Enno Poppen, 10.05.2011

(Enno Poppen)

I have just received the costume and I am very pleased with what you have done thanks Michela Vicentini, 27.04.2011

(Michela Vicentini)

The tutu arrived during the week. The tutu is stunning! Grace loves it and looks so gorgeous in it! It is a perfect fit and suits her dancing style and her body frame very well. Thank you for making such a gorgeous tutu, it is very special. Katrina Bowen, 23.04.2011

(Katrina Bowen)

The tutu arrived yesterday and we are very very happy with it. It is really beautiful and I am glad to have done the order. Thank you very much for achieving this order so quickly. Tanya Acevedo, 15.04.2011

(Tanya Acevedo )

Our tutu arrived and it is BEAUTIFUL. My daughter loves it and it fits perfectly. I have shown all my friends and they are amazed at how lovely it is, even my daughters dance teacher thinks it is beautiful. Thank you so much for all your help. We will definitely be buying all our tutus from you, in future.

(Viviana and Danielle Lucy)

Your parcel arrived yesterday afternoon after only 6 days - the timing was perfect! Wow, the dress looks absolutely stunning and it fits perfectly. Thank you so much, my daughter loves it and can't wait to perform in it! The workmanship and quality is of a very high standard and your seamstress/es did a fantastic job! Love the material, it looks gorgeous, the dress and the colours/s look/s just like on the photos on your webpage. The flowers for the hair match perfectly well and the embroidery of the suit bag looks very elegant indeed! Thank you so much for your help and advise - I will definitely order again!

(Christine Metz)

I have just received the costumes. They are absolutely fabulous!!!!! What's amazing work!! Thank you so much and thank you to your seamstresses. Stephanie Leveque, 08.04.2011

(Stephanie Leveque)

Wonderful, my daughter loved them thank you for making her special day that much better!

(William Fulton)

We received our tutu this week and were absolutely delighted! The tutu is everything and more than what we had hoped for. Beautifully made, flawless crafted and exactly what we wanted. My daughter is so very happy! We thank you most sincerely for your professional and caring attention to detail. Once again I cannot express how completely delighted we are with our finished product and I shall happily recommend your company and the service we received to others who I know. Sharon Halouvas, 03.04.2011

(Sharon Halouvas)

We received the costumes today. They are wonderful!!! Please thank all the people who worked on this project, I will send you photos of the performance. Thank you so much, Kristina USA, 31 of March

(Kristina Kambalov)

We received the tutu the other day and it is beautiful! Acacia and I love it, and it fits perfectly! If Acacia needs another costume in the future we will definitely contact you again! Thank you for your beautiful work! Sherrie Courtney, 25.03.2011

(Sherrie Courtney )

Got the dress! Thank you!!!! It's beautiful.

(Terri Reynolds)

Hello. Thank you for all. The girls were very happy. They have had a competition and I am waiting for the photos which will send you when receive. Best regards, Monalisa Gheorghiu Romania, 24 of March

(Monalisa Gheorghiu)

Thank you very very much for the wonderful tutu. Like the first (white tutu) it is fantastic. Thank you. Kind regards Simone Schwerin Germany, 21 of March

(Simone Schwerin)

We did receive our tutus a few weeks ago! I was very please with the quickness of the shipping and the packing job.They fit very well and are exactly how I hoped they would turn out. You did very fine work! Thank you again for all your assistance and wonderful job. I would recommend you to anyone looking for a quality costume. Rachel Gonsalves, 20.03.2011

(Rachel Gonsalves)

Hello. I recieved it safely and fast. It fits me perfectly. I'm satisfied with not only the quality of clothes but also your kind communication service. I'll order your other items later. Thank you very much!

(Park Jun-Hee)

We received the custom made Esmeralda costume and the detail is amazing!!! Thank you for all your help with the order! Deanna Robinson 16.03.2011

(Deanna Robinson)

I received the tutu yesterday, thank you. It is absolutely beautiful, even better than I thought it would be. We will send you a photo very soon. Thank you once again. Samantha Ferguson 15.03.2011

(Samantha Ferguson )

Me and my daughter really liked the costume, it fits her perfectly.And it will be good for the next year. The quality of your work is primely, especialy consideraring the acceptable price(without the delivery).We sorry that you are so far away. Tomorrow i will show the costume to our teacher,i think she will also appreciate costumes quality. Thank you very much from all of us! Kindest regards,

( )

I received the costume yesterday and it is a great work! My daughter and I are very pleased with it. Thank you for the excellent service you gave us once again. Best regards, Isabelle Doré Canada, 11 of March

(Isabelle Doré)

Thank you for the beautiful tutu! After seeing the incredible quality of the tutu, we have already decided that we will become regular customers of Benefis. It fit her perfectly, and no alterations were needed! Seth Miller, 04.03.2011

(Seth Miller )

The costume fit her very well. Thank you again! Patrick Notaro 02.03.2011

(Patrick Notaro )

The costumes arrived during our Feb. vacation, they look wonderful. We have not tried them on yet except for the boy's tunic whihc we have used in the photo shoot for the poster. The boy's tunic is perfect. I will be in touch to let you know how the other costumes fit but for now please know that we are very happy with them. Thank you, Brooke France, March the 1st

(Brooke Desnoës)

I have recieved the costume and it is great. Thank you for everything. Miu Ana 01.03.2011

(Miu Ana Elena)

The tutu arrived today! We couldn't believe that it got here so quickly! It is gorgeous, simply gorgeous! The detailed workmanship is amazing. We love everything you've done on it. Thank you!!! Thank you, too, for the tutu bag. We were quite concerned about how to transport this tutu, so we were thrilled to see the bag included with the tutu. That was very kind of you -- thank you! It has been a real pleasure working with you. I would be happy to write a letter of recommendation, if that would be helpful. You have been so amazing to help us get this tutu so quickly -- and it is so very beautiful! We have been impressed by how much you try to please your customers. We will send you pictures of our daughter wearing the tutu at YAGP. I think you will be happy when you see them! Thank you again. I look forward to remaining in touch. 19.02.11 USA

(Deena Doherty)

Thank you very much I have been to pick the tutu up and it is beautiful!!. The performance is Monday so I am going to spend the week end decorating it ! I will send you a photo , once again thank you for your help and fantastic customer service. Thanks Liz Rogers USA, 17 of February

(Liz Rogers)

I just wanted to tell you how amazed I am at your work! Everything, down to the last details are amazing on these costumes. I have never seen such beautiful work in all of my life. In my dancing years I have worn and had have multiple tutus personally made for me and nothing compares to the work of your seamstresses! Thank you so much for making my girls look better than I have ever seen them look before. We will be using your company for all of our tutus in the future. Now that I have seen your work in person, I would never even look elsewhere. Once again thank you so much. I cannot even express in words how grateful I am for you quick service and exquisite quality. Jessica Odasz

(Jessica Odasz)

Thank you so much, we received the costumes yesterday and she loves them! Kristin Boncaro 11.02.2011

(Kristin Boncaro)

The tutu was just delivered!!....and intact! It is absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much for your wonderful customer service. Patrick Notaro 10.02.2011

(Patrick Notaro)

I would like to let you know that my daughter's tutu fit to perfection! Every body at her sudio could not beleive how short of time you made it and how beautiful it is!! Mary Kay DesRoche, 03.02.2011

(Mary Kay DesRoche)

The costume is gorgeous. Thank you for your proffesionalism and quality of your costumes. Isabelle Proudhon 03.02.2011

(Isabelle Proudhon)

We received the parcel from DHL yesterday; we very much appreciate for your attention to our time limit. The tutu looks wonderful and fits perfectly, and we are very pleased with the excellent quality and materials. We will send photographs from dress rehearsal and performance. Thank you very much! We very much look forward to doing business again! -Emilia Vasnin USA, February the 2nd

(Emilia Vasnin )

I am writing to thank you for the wonderful costumes your company made for our daughters in such a short time! We have never seen such beautiful, well-made costumes! We think the beautiful costumes made them dance even better than they did before!

(Bonnie Abrams)

I just received my daughter's tutu and it is just beautiful!! Thank you so much, I will be using you again!

(Mary Kay DesRoche)

The tutus are more beautiful than the website could show. I am so impressed with the service you have provided and quality of these tutus.Thank you so much. I just cant believe how beautiful these are! Please be assured, we will order with you again in the future and tell anyone who asks where we purchased them. All of the girls tried on their tutus last night and every one of them has a perfect fit. Your seamstresses are amazing! I cant tell you how happy we are!!!

(Elaine Backewicz)

Thank you all arrived in good condition on Thursday 20th. The order has exceeded expectations in quality and workmanship, yes I am very happy with the garments.

(Sandra Lukas)

We have received the parcel, and all was ok, you did a great job. It looks very nice. The costumes arrived in time for our tech & dress rehearsal. I will send you some photos of the performance in a few weeks.

(Jose Luis Ramos)

We received the tutu. It is beautiful and looks exactly as the picture on the website. Jerry, 04.01.2011

(Jerusalem Wilson)

We received the costume, it is beautiful and fits perfectly. Angie Kurosaka 1.01.2011

(Angie Kurosaka)

Thank you for the delivery of my tutu. I am very happy with the product. Beverly 29.12.2010


We have received tutu and we are very happy. Fits perfectly. Thank you. Michelle Anderson 24.12.2010

(Michelle Anderson)

I received the tutu today and it is fantastic and fits very well. Thankyou for all your help and Happy Christmas! Kind Regards Susan Willcock USA, December the 14th

(Susan Willcock)

I wanted to thank you for the lovely swan headpiece! It arrived on Monday evening, and we brought it Tuesday to our daughter's school for her dance masters' approvals. They were delighted with the headpiece which, thanks to your precise work, fits her head perfectly! We loved the beautiful feathers used, and the soft lining, but were especially pleased to find the eye-hooks across the inside so that it could be properly secured to the head. It's exactly what we hoped for, and we wanted to thank you once again for your assistance! We have passed your website and information onto the school so that other students who may need specialized tutus or headpieces will have a professional staff and company name that they can trust. Thank you for your prompt and very professional turned what could have been a stressful ordering situation into one that was truly wonderful. We will be extremely pleased to come to Benefis for future orders, and will enthusiastically encourage our fellow dance students to do the same! Laura Bortnick, USA, 08.12.2010

(Laura Bortnick)

The tutus arrived and were beautiful. My client was very happy! My snow costume was AMAZING!!! Thanks again! I am attaching a picture of me and my partner showing the snow queen costume! Amazing job once again!!!! Happy Holidays Patricia Storelli USA, December the 7th

(Patricia Storelli)

Thank you so much for the costumes, they arrived safely today and look superb. Gratefully yours, Catherine Ingebrigtsen Norway, December the 8th

(Catherine Ingebrigtsen)

I received the tutu today. It is beautiful and fits my daughter very well. Thank you for taking the time to make sure everything went smoothly. I am sure I will be purchasing another costume from Benefis in the future. Thank you, Amy

(Amy Chen)

We received your tutu's today. They are beautiful and fit perfect! Thank you very much. We will send you pictures after we decorate them. Sincerely, Lori

(Lori Forsythe)

I received a parcel today. This costume is very beautiful, gorgeous and stunning. Thank you so much for your work! Kotomi

(Kotomi Hashino)

The costumes have arrived! They are gorgeous! Thank you thank you thank you! We Love Them! Best wishes and I will be ordering from you again! Anne Anne S. Richardson, EdD Dance Program Director

(Anne S. Richardson)

I can confirm that I have safely received theTutu. My daughter and I are thrilled with it! It is beautiful. A very big thank you to you and your team for all your hard work on completing the order so quickly. We are very grateful. Many thanks again! Kindest Regards

(Samantha Devine)

I am just writing to let you know the parcel arrived today. The tutu is beautiful and my daughter loves it. We will definitely by another tutu from you shortly. Regards Yvonne Handy

(Yvonne Handy)

The tutu arrived yesterday (November 16) and we are very pleased with it. The workmanship and the fabric are beautiful. Thank you very much. It will be a treasured costume, Best wishes, Louise Turk

(Louise Turk)

We have recieved the parcels safely - all the costumes are beautiful - Thank you very much. Best Regards John Hill

(John Hill)

Thank you so much for the stunning tutus! They arrived this morning and look absolutely beautiful. A big thank you to you and your staff for all of your hard work. Kindest regards, Natalie Krapf 2nd of November, United Kingdom

(Natalie Krapf)

Thank you for all your assistance - the costumes have arrived and they are perfect. We look forward to our performance and we are sure that we will speak with you again when organising our 2011 performance! Regards, Vicki Grey October the 31st, Australia

(Vicki Grey)

We received the package yesterday and they are EXTRAORDINARILY BEAUTIFUL! Emily is so VERY VERY VERY PLEASED! Thank you so very much. Thanks for all of your patience. Yours truly Kelly and Emily Wolfe 29th of October, Canada

(Kelly Wolfe)

The costumes arrived and they are GORGEOUS! Everything is perfect! Thank you so much for all that you and your seamstresses did to make our order so special! All my best, Jessie Bonanno 29th of October, USA

(Jessie Bonanno)

We have received the tutu and our daughter loves it. It fits her well. Thank you very much. Robert

(Robert Diamond)

I just received a parcel. I've gotten exactly what I was looking for. Thank you very much

(Kimu Niizuma)

The tutus have arrived safely. They are gorgeous! Thank you so much for helping me choose the fabrics and details so carefully. Best regards, Techy 27th of October, USA

(Techy Rodriguez)

The tutu has arrived. It is perfect and beautiful beyond words. Thank you so much. I appreciate all of your hard work and attention to details. Looking forward to more costumes from Benefis! Sincerely, Patricia Sloan 27th of October, USA

(Patricia Sloan)

The Giselle ballet costume arrived a few days ago. The costume is beautiful and very traditional for the role. We are very pleased and commend you on your work and design. It will look very good on stage when my daughter performs her role. She is already rehearsing in it. Thank you again for your prompt attention to and delivery of the costume. You have been very professional in this matter. We will contact you again when next we need a costume. Kind regards to you and your team, Michael Ellis

(Michael Ellis)

Hello, We have received the tutus and they look beautiful. Brooke is very happy. Thanks a lot. 13th of October, 2010, Frnace

(Vincent Desnoes)

We received the parcel yesterday. The costume is GORGEOUS and my daughter is very pleased. It fits her very well. Thank you again for all the time you spent conversing with me and helping me make the decision to go with your product. I will be sure to send a picture when she finally wears it for performance. Thank you again!

(Chris Sickles)

I am glad to inform you that the costume is arrived today . It is really wonderfull . Thank you very much for all . You can be sure that the next costume that I will buy will be a Benefis.

(Sylvie Dissler)

We have bought 3 tutus and one beautiful juliet dress from your company and we have received many complements on all of them. They look beautiful on stage and yes- it is important to a ballerina to have a beautiful good quality costume. The tutus have always been on time as well. We always go to your company first as the prices are reasonable, the quality good and the tutus are gorgeous. (you can put that on your website) Sincerely, Lori Norman, USA, the 8th of October, 2010

(Lori Norman)

We have received the tutu and we think that it is beautiful. Thank you and we appreciate your wonderful work.

(Angela Maiola)

We got the tutu and Julia really liked it. Thank you, The 7th of October, 2010, USA

(Lori Norman)

We received the costumes today! They are beautiful! Thank you! The 5th of October, 2010, USA

(Kristina Kambalov)

The parcel have arrived today. Everything is all-right. Thank you for all your help. Sincerely, Tjasa Lesnik

(Tjasa Lesnik)

My tutu-bag is just arriving today!!! It's perfect!!!!! Thank you so much for all your attention and and for your courtesy!!! I hope to make others shopping with you early! Best regards Gabriella Deida Italy, 09.09.10

(Gabriella Deida)

Just to let you know that jasmines tutu arrived this morning and we are delighted with it!!! It is by far the most beautiful tutu I have ever seen. We will most definitely be ordering her stage costumes from yourselves in the future. Many thanks for your customer service kind regards!

(Jillian Locket)

I would like to thank you and your seamstresses for my daughter's tutu! It is stunning and it is perfect in teh size I asked for. My daughter took the tutu to her ballet class tonight and showed her ballet teacher and she was very impressed. All the other girls and their parents saw the tutu and thought it was gorgeous and well made. Thank you so much! Karen Clare, Australia, the 1st of September 2010

(Karen Clare)

I am very happy to report that the costume arrived at our home on Friday. It is more beautiful than we could have ever imagined! My daughter is so happy with it. Please thank the ladies or gentlemen who created the costume - they are truly artists! I appreciate all of your assistance with the details on the order. You were very helpful and made the process very easy. Thank you very much Sincerely,

(Susan Goatley, United States)

Now we have become the parcel!!!!! The TUTU is beautifully, it is perfect!!!! Thank you very much!!!!! We are very happy!!!!! Thank you!!! Best regards

(Karin Praher, Austria)

We wanted to let you know that the costumes arrived yesterday afternoon. Thank you! They are wonderful! Dayle Stokes, USA, the 6th of July, 2010

(Dayle Stokes)

I received the fans today. They're beautiful. Thanks for all. Regards

(Mary Petroff, Australia)

I have getting receive to New Ballet Costume (P0405) now . Plastic bag is open now ! Wow !! It looks real beautiful color , shape accesaly all parts and total design than catalog photos. It is perfect shape and high quality sewing works !! I am try it on. I never Just like fit it on ( costumeP0405 ) ever before. Thank you very much. I can not wait to my next stage on. I would have say " thank you" to your wonderful staff . Keisuke Okada, the 26th of June, Japan

(Keisuke Okada)

I have received the costumes today and wanted to say how delighted I am with them. The detail is wonderful and each outfit is beautiful and will look fabulous on stage. The ones you made to my measurements are a perfect fit! Many thanks once again for all your hard work and I am sure I will be in touch again regarding other costumes for future productions. Kind regards Ian United Kingdom, 23 of June

(Ian Kells)

I got the costumes today and they are absolutely amazing! Thank you very much another time for your precise, beautiful and professional work! This will make a wonderful performance. Sincerly, Esther Kainz Austria, 18 of June

(Esther Kainz)

Thank you for the beautiful tutu. It looks beautiful and the workmanship is amazing. I congratulate your business on such impeccable and masterful work. A real masterpiece of craftsmanship. Thank you! We look forward to many dances in this stunning tutu and hopefully many more tutus to follow. Thank you. I am sure my daughter will be a valuable advertisement for your company's tutus. Yours sincerely

(Catherine Collopy, Australia)

Hello, I would like to let you know that I received the costume and I am happy with it very much. It is so beautiful, carefully made and fits my daughter perfectly. Thank you for your help and hope to continue our collaboration in future. Thank you for the quality and nice look of your products. Best regards, Raluca Delia Costea Romania 10 of June

(Raluca Delia Costea)

. i have attached a pic of one of the girls in ur tutus, as u can see it looks and fit her perfectly, and as u can see she won... i will get u a pic of the other one so u can see how beautiful it looks on her as well. Thank u again from all of us here at Not Just Dancewear and Noosa Professional Dance Academy. Kim, the 1st of June, 2010, Australia

(Kim Buckley)

I received the swan head piece. It looks very good. The 28th of May, 2010, Canada

(Koichi Kamikusa)

Thank you very much for the beautiful tutus! Fast and perfect! The 28th of May, 2010, Austria

(Franz Glashuttner)

The tutu arrived today, and we are very very happy. Thank you very much for the beautiful tutu, and the quick time to get it to us. Barb Ayton, Australia, the 20th of May, 2010

(Barb Ayton)

I received the tutu right now. It is so beautiful!!!! Thank you, Im so happy. best wishes Nadja Germany, 19 of May

(Nadja Lachner)

Tutu arrived today safe and sound, thank you to you and the rest of your team, the tutu is beautiful ! Thanks Chloe Australia, 19 of May

(Chloe Dean)

We received all the 16 costumes on Friday 15-05-10. We woild ike to thank you. The costumes are especially beautiful, excellent and they surpassed all our expectations. Eugen Onofrii, 17 , 2010,

(Eugen Onofrii)

Children were very nice in your costumes, and we send a picture for you. Inna Bayer, USA, the 17th of May, 2010

(Inna Bayer)

We received the costumes yesterday. They are beautiful and fit perfectly!! Thank you again for your beautiful work!! I will be ordering again very soon. USA the 17th of May 2010

(Diane Withee )

We just want to let you know that the tutu arrived today. We are delighted with it. Daughter cant wait to wear it. Thank you Rachel United Kingdom, 13 of May

(Rachel Thompson)

Tutu arrived safely. Thank you! Looks beautiful with a little bit of room for growth too! Sharon United Kingdom, 11 of May

(Sharon McLeish)

I thought I would let you know of all the wonderful comments that we have received about the costume that you created for my son, George He won his competition! He has also been chosen for the Australian Ballet School! We will be dealing with you again shortly, as he has been chosen for the role of the Nutcracker in the central Queensland youth ballet production. Cindi Bush, the 10th of May, Australia

(Cindi Bush)

The tutu arrived and is very beautiful--thank you for your fast and expert work!!

(Kelly Ricucci, USA, 05.05.10)

We have received Jessica's stunningly beautiful tutu. Thank you so very much for making my daughter so happy. Your tutu is much appreciated by ourselves and others at our ballet studio - It is causing quite a degree of Excitement. Thank you again for being superb to deal with as you walked us through this process. I am always hesitant to order off the net but Benefis has provided magnificent support. Thank you soooooooooooo much for putting such a glorious smile on Jessica's face. No doubt she will feel beautiful, magical and joyous on stage. With Much Gratitude and Kind Regards Australia, 3 of May, 2010

(Jo Faulkner)

I just received the tutu today. It is gorgeous, and I know my daughter will be so pleased with it. She will wear it with pride in her talent competition. Thank you so much for the wonderful service you have given me. I will encourage others to try Benefis dancewear as well. Sincerely, Dorothy Armstrong, USA, 30.04.10

(Dorothy Armstrong)

I would like to thank you and your team for the professional manner in which the Business is run. The products are of a very high standard and the communication has been fantastic. You will probably hear from me again in the near future, with future Dancers always looking for that special Tutu. Many thanks, Leanne, Australia 30.04.10

(Leanne MacDonald)

Thank you very much. Just ot let you know, the Red Tutu made by yourselves, was worn by my daughter a few days ago and she won the Competition. Not only did she dance well, she looked beautiful. Many thanks to you all. Leanne Australia 27 of April

(Leanne MacDonald)

We received the dress today. It is beautiful and fits perfect. Her dance instructor and artistic director love it. He said that everyone should order dresses from Benefis from now on. Thank you very much for making this work so well. We are very happy. Thanks again. Mark USA, 27 of April

(Mark Burman)

I received the package yesterday. Once again, thank you. I will advertise your company via word of mouth every chance I get. The quality is impeccable and your products are reasonably priced. It has been a pleasure doing business with you. the 20th of April, 2010, USA

(Lee Ann Goodwin)

I just wanted to thank you for my daughter's tutu! It is exquisite! It is the most beautiful tutu I have ever seen! Thanks so much for everything Kind regards

(Jacque Crompton, Australia)

I wanted to thank you for all your help and congratulate your team; we received Lucys tutu on our return from holiday. It fits perfectly and is beautiful- stunning. We are extremely pleased and will certainly recommend your services. Kind Regards, Gill Brain United Kingdom, 16 of April

(Gill Brain)

They have arrived and are beautiful. Thank you so so much. Please feel free to use me as a reference for others in Australia or elsewhere. Bellisima. Australia, 15 of April

(Sandra Parriott)

I wanted to let you know I received the sugar plum tutu a couple of weeks ago, and it is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!! It is gorgeous and worth the wait! Thanks again, Natasha Mizell USA, 15 of April

(Natasha Mizell)

WE thank you from the very bottom of our hearts for the costumes. The girls were the most beautiful on the competition. We win the pre-selection for Croatia. Romania, the 13th of April, 2010

(Paola Stoia)

We have just received the tutu and it is FANTASTIC. It fits perfectly and is beautiful. We will recommend you to other mothers at our Child's dance school. Thanks again Cheryl .. United Kingdom, 9 of April

(Cheryl Johnson)

The tutu arrived today. It is very beautiful, my husband said it is stunning, nicer than anything ive seen ever. Thank you very much. Laurie Australia, 8 of April

(Laurie Rouse)

The beautiful costume arrived today and the customer is very happy! Thank you very much, Best regards, Jan United Kingdom, 7 of April

(Jan Lean)

Arrived today. Just perfect! Thank you so much. Megan. Australia, 8 of April

(Megan Beaumont)

The costumes are very beautiful, even more gorgeous in person, my customers are very happy!! Thank you again for the wonderful job! Kimberly Canada, 8 of April

(Kimberly Kay)

The beautiful Ballet Tutu arrived today 6 April at 3.15 in the afternoon our time. I was so impressed with the speed of delivery, particularly considering the Easter weekend. It was very reassuring to use the tracking service. Thank you for choosing DHL! The tutu is exquisite and superior in craftsmanship and quality of materials. My daughter is absolutely delighted with it and it fits her perfectly! Once again it has been an absolute pleasure to deal with you and your colleagues. I could not have hoped for better service - in fact your service went above and beyond any of my expectations. Please pass on my congratulations to all concerned and thank you!! We hope to purchase from you again and in the not too distant future! Australia, the 6th of April, 2010

(Tiana Sakr)

I received my costume today, It is extraordinary! The tutu fit perfectly! The decor and the tulle color are fabulous. Thank you very much for your excellent service and kindness. Kind regards Roberta March the 31st, Italy

(Roberta Saccocci)

We received the tutu this afternoon. What fantastic service, didnt expect it to arrive so quickly, thank you for that. The tutu is absolutely gorgeous, the detailing is so pretty, my daughter Jessica loves it, she said it is beautiful, and it also fits her fine. Jessica wants me to send you a photo of her wearing the tutu so as i soon as i take the picture i will send it to you if thats ok. Thank you so much for all your help with the tutu, the measurements and the colour etc (we love the colour by the way it is stunning), the service you provide is excellent i cant thank you enough. You have made Jessica very happy today (and also myself), so thank you again and please pass on my thanks to everyone else involved in the making of this beautiful tutu. Rachel Garner, the 31st of March, UK

(Rachel Garner)

The costumes arrived today. Please let the Benifis seamstresses know that we are very pleased. The costumes are beautiful. Thanks for getting the work done on such short notice! Toni Pimble USA, March the 30th

(Toni Pimble)

J'ai bien reçu le costume de ma fille Manon, il va très bien. j'espère qu'il lui portera chance. the 23d of March, France

(Armelle Gabriel)

The tutù is arrived and is simply wonderfull!!!!! i am very very happy and I heve much pleasure to shop with you !! thanks a lot Costanza Italy, March 22, 2010


The Tutu arrived this week, looks amazing thank you for all your help. Australia, 22 of March, 2010

(Sandra )

The costume came on Tuesday. The costume is gorgeous! I couldn't have asked for a better costume for my ballet solo. It's perfect and it fits great! I wasn't sure you would be able to get the costume here on time but it you did.. I wore it to my competition dress rehearsal today and I got comments on the tutu from everybody! I will treasure this costume forever. Thanks again, 15th of March Canada


The tutu has just arrived and it is AMAZING! I am so pleased with it - I can't wait to show my daughter! I hope it fits her! Thank you so much for all your help and for sending it so quickly. Thank you for the brochure - next time we need a tutu we will definately come to you. Great Britain, 11 of March 2010


The headpiece arrived this morning and it is perfect and we love it! Thanks so much for all your help. New Zeland 10th of March 2010


I received the parcel yesterday. The costumes are very nice. Everything is allright. Best regards Martin Germany, March 10th

(Martin Schmitt)

I received the package today!! The kokoshnik is absolutely beautiful!! Thank you so much... USA, The 9th of March, 2010

(Alexandra Marinaccio )

Good evening, We received the package on Tuesday. The dress is just superb We will send you a photo from the celebration Thank you very much! Valentin Sava 05.03.10

(Valentin Sava, Romania)

Girls tried the costumes on everything is wonderful! Thank you very much. Nadejda Steiegelbauer, Austria, 19.02.10

(Nadejda Steiegelbauer)

We have received the tutu this morning and it looks fabulous, can't wait to see my daughter in it! Regards Nicky 24.02.10

(Nicky Elison, UK)

We got the costume today and it is beautiful. Janet 23.02.10

(Janet Thomas, USA)

Thank you for the beautiful costume, we have received it today. Regards, P. Liveras Cyprus, 20th of February

(P. Liveras)

I have to admit it takes an awful lot to impress me. I have been a professional costume designer for nearly 20 years and I can be very difficult and exacting in my requirements. You have really set me back. I am VERY VERY impressed with the quality and workmanship of this tutu. Excellent work and fantastic speed of the project. I will DEFINITELY order from you when my next project comes up and I don't have enough time to do all the sewing myself. Thank you. Great job. Dan, 16.02.10

(Daniel Tyrel, USA)

Hi, wow - the parcel arrived today and they are absolutely gorgeous!! Thank you for your wonderful service. All the best, Joanne 15.02.10

(Joanne Dunne-Politis, Australia)

We would like to inform you that we have received our parcel send to us by DHL and we thank you a lot. The tutu skirts are great!!! We will contact you soon for our next order. Best Regards, Maria Stylianou DANZANTE The Dance Boutique Ltd CYPRUS 11.02.10

(Maria Stylianou, Cyprus)

Thought I'd share the good news. My daughter made it to top 12 at YAGP semi-finals. Attached is her photo in gorgeous tutu! Cheers, Jhoanne 11.02.10

(Jhoanne Vinnya, USA)

I had the most amazing surprise waiting for me and my girls when we arrived home from ballet tonight. A box from Moldova! All three of the costumes are gorgeous, and they fit beautifully!! My daughters are thrilled and can't wait to rehearse in them tomorrow. My younger daughter Lauren is so happy about the Giselle costume she didn't want to take it off. She immediately began practising her variation. She hasn't stopped thanking or hugging me! I have taught ballet for over 20 years, and danced professionally before that; I have never seen such an amazing - truely joyful reaction to a costume! She loves it so much - and so do I! Thank you again for your beautiful costumes! We all feel so blessed! Thank you! Diane Withee, 10.02.10

( Diane Withee, USA)

We received Genel's costume last Friday . Thank you so much for making her first competition costume so beautiful. Genel and her teacher liked it so much. Thank you Eugene Querido January the 27th

(Eugene Querido, USA)

We received the tutu earlier this week and it is beautiful Jerri Bain, USA, the 16th of January, 2010

(Jerri Bain)

The tutu arrived yesterday! It fit well and my daughter was very excited to get it! She is planning to use it for a Raymonda solo for her YAGP ballet competition next month and it arrived in time for her studio performance next week. Her dance teachers were very pleased with it also. Thank you so much - I appreciate the frequent and clear communications, and how quickly the tutu was finished. It was a pleasure to work with your company. Happy New Year to all, Carol Moore, USA, the 16th of January, 2010

(Carol Moore)

We received the tutu yesterday, January 11th. It is absolutely beautiful! Megan loves it and can't wait to perform on stage with it. As soon as we have a proper photo, we'll send it along. Thank you so much for your patience with us - measurments, etc. 13.01.10

(Karen, Canada)

We have received the tutu, and it is absolutely gorgeous and it fits perfectly. You have once again provided a beautiful costume that my dancer is thrilled to get to wear. Thank you very sincerely, Lisa 07.01.10

(Hiday Lisa A, USA)

Please know that we did get the tutu on 12/23 and it was absolutely PERFECT. Thank you again for your professionalism and courtesy. 06.01.10

(Paige de Albuquerque, USA)

The tutu is beautiful and fits perfectly! Christy, the 6th of January, 2010, USA

(Christy Stoner)

Just writing to say that I received the Swan Lake headpiece, and it is gorgeous! Thank you so much!! You were an absolute delight to work with. Your replies are always so prompt and courteous. And I am still surprised with how quickly I received the shipment! I will most certainly come to you for any future orders! Best wishes, Michelle, the 5th of January, 2010, USA

(Michelle Matlock)

We finally received the tutus this afternoon - Lilac tutu is gorgeous! Jhoanne, the 5th of January, 2010, USA

(Jhoanne Vinnya)

We received the package on Dec. 24th and I have been out of town since the holidays so I forgot to send this message to you. We are more than thrilled with the ballet tutu and she looks beautiful in it. We so appreciate your customer service and will definitely recommend your company to others. Thank you again, this was a wonderful dance experience for us. 02.01.10

(Margaret Ogilby, USA)

The tutu has arrived and it is absolutely beautiful! You took into account everything my daughter asked for and the workmanship is superb. She can't wait to wear it for YAGP. Thank you very much for getting it to us so quickly, as well. My daughter and I are both delighted. Happy New Year to you and to everyone at Benefis! 04.01.10

(Alicia Benedetto, USA)

The tutu has arrived safely! It is more beautiful in person than we imagined! Sabrina is enjoying looking over the catalogue. I will bring the catalogue with me to ballet this week and to YAGP for anyone to look at. Thank you again and Happy New Year! 02.01.10

(Connie Shultz, USA)

Thank you so much for the beautiful tutu. It got here before New Years and is lovely. We thank you for getting it to us so quickly. Larisa competes this coming weekend and hopefully will do well. We look forward to doing further business with you in the future. Thank you again and Happy New Year! 04.01.10

(Alison Nugent, USA)

I received my tutu T 0010 yesterday. The packaging and the item are perfect. It is extraordinary!!!!!!! Your tutu fit me perfectly! Thank you very much for your excellent service and kindness. 29.12.09

(Roberta Saccocci, Italy)

We have received the costumes and they are more beautiful than we expected. Thank you very much. Thank you, Vickie, USA, the 29th of December

(Vickie Wiese)

Thank you so much for the two wonderful tutu's, we received them the other day. Just like the three we ordered in the past the two are very beautiful and fit Leah perfectly. We will certainly order again next year. Thank you for everything, Trisha Nepomuceno The 28th of December, USA, 2009

(Trisha Nepomuceno )

The dress arrived Dec 24th. We practiced in it today, and it is beautiful on my daughter. Thank you for making us such a quality dress. I'm very pleased! Sincerely, 28th of December, USA, 2009

(Sheri Gorden)

Dear Olga, We received the costume a couple of weeks ago. We absolutely love the costume! The work is so beautifully done, every detail attended to! Victor and Tatiana (our directors and owners of our studio, VandT Dance Academy) loved it too! I am sure you will be hearing from others at our studio in the future. Merry Christmas! And thanks for the beautiful costume! We love it and so does Solana (who will be wearing it)! Love, the 19th of December, USA

(Margrette and John)

We received our beautiful tutus today. Have a wonderful Christmas. Regards, Kim, the 12th of December 2009, USA

(Kim Gobel)

I received my order today. The item is perfect! The skirt is fabulous!!!!!!! Thank you very much. Kind regards, Roberta 17.12.09

(Roberta Saccocci, Italy)

I have been meaning to e-mail you - we did receive the tutu and it is beautiful. We are very pleased with it and we enjoyed working with you. Thank you, June Smith , USA, 17.12.09

(June Smith)

We have recieved the blue tutu..... It fits perfect and is beautiful.... Thank You, Stacey Bettes 15.12.09

(Stacey Bettes)

Thank you so much! the Tutu arrived safely and it fits perfectely. sincerely, Robbi Walberg 15.12.09

(Robbi Walberg)

We received the tutus yesterday. They are spectacular. They fit Emily perfectly. I personally think the gold/champagne tutu is the most beautiful tutu I've ever seen. Thank you once again. I promise to send pictures. Warmest regards, Kathleen Ireland, USA,11.12.09

(Kathleen Ireland)

Thank you. I like the costume of Little Red Riding Hood and my daughter was a success in her kindergarten. I send you 2 pictures of my daughter at matinee (Little Red Riding Hood). Romania, the 11th of November, 2009

(Mariana Meirosu)

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your assistance. The tutu has arrived and exceeded our expectations in every way. It is so beautiful. The fit is perfect. It was a pleasure to work with you. Thank you, again. Most Sincerely, Nancy Bradley Zanesville, Ohio USA, 11.12.09

(Nancy Bradley)

We just received the tutu. It is so gorgeous!!!! It just sparkles and sparkles. Thank you so much. The workmanship is first rate. Thank you again. All the best, Christina Hartnet, USA, 04.12.09

(Christina Hartnett)

Good evening, We received the parcel from you yesterday 04.12.2009, everything is perfect, and my daughter likes the items very much. Thank you very much and wish you happy holidays and even it is too early, wish you a Happy New Year!!! Best regards, Braica Simona - Ionela 05.12.09

(Braica Simona - Ionela, Romania)

Thank you very, very much. The tutu is so great, it`s beautiful. We are so happy. Thank you so much. Best wishes!! Karin Praher, 05.12.09

(Karin Praher, Austria)

I just received my tutu and everything is perfect! It is so beautiful and it fits me just perfect (I can breathe in it!). Thank you for your good services. Everything is on time for our show and I am very happy about it! Thanks to all your team and happy holidays to you! Canada, 04.12.09

(Esther Carre, Canada)

The package arrived yesterday (Friday) evening. Thank you for all your help, the tunic is truly beautiful. My son, George, was so excited and it fitted perfectly. I will certainly be buying from you again. Wishing you all the very best, Cindi Cindi Bush, Australia, November 28, 2009

(Cindi Bush)

The tutu has just arrived & it is absolutely gorgeous, I cannot wait for my daughter to try it on. I'm sure she will love it. Thank you so much. Sincerely, Andrea Valletta, USA, November the 25th, 2009

(Andrea Valletta)

I received the tutu today! It is beautifuly constructed and it fits very well! Thank you so much! I will definitely recommend your company to my dance teacher and show her the catalog you enclosed. Thank you again! 04.12.09

(Mary E. Moore, USA)

The lovely dress arrived last week. Thank you very much for sending it so quickly! Kind regards 24.11.09

(Ina Dahl, Namsos Kulturskole, Norway)

Have received the tutu. Love it. And the dancers love it! Carol Zagar- The Zagar Family Allegro Dance Theatre

(Carol Zagar)

I received the parcel on Oct. 7. Thank you so much for your speedy service!! What a beautiful costume! The embroidery is exquisite. I am also enjoying your catalogue. Sincerely, Lucy Chang USA, Hawaii, the 20th of November

(Lucy Chang)

We received both costumes. Thank you so much. We love them both. Thank you for helping me carry out my design for a one of a kind custom made costume for Harlequinade. It will be so special when she competes in YAGP this year. We are very excited and thanks again. Nancy Bradley, USA, the 20th of November

(Nancy Bradley)

. I was very impressed with your company and how they helped me with ordering my tutu! Thank you very much, 19.11.09

(Gabriela Hughes, USA)

The Esmeralda costume has arrived and it is absolutely perfect!!! It is exactly what I was hoping for, beautiful, unique and extremely well-made. You have the most talented designers and seamstresses-- they are wonderful and did a fabulous job! Please let them know how impressed I am -- Thank you so much, my daughter is excited to perform in it and it fits her perfectly. The rehearsal tutu is wonderful as well. Thank you again, this is her 5th Benefis tutu (plus 2 rehearsal tutus) and they keep getting more and more beautiful! Sincerely, Kelly and Christina Ricucci

(Kelly and Christina Ricucci)

We received the costumes today and they are beautiful. All of them fit like a glove and are truly gorgeous. Thank you so much for everything! All my best, Jessie Bonanno, USA, October 27, 2009

(Jessie Bonanno)

The competition is finished. Saskia was good, her teacher was pleased with her. A lot of people were asking who did the costume and I told them. I think it would be a perfect venue to get more customers for you costumes. I would be very delighted to hear a positive response from you. Please find attached some pictures from the competition. Yours Gudrun Gudrun Borchert, Czech Republic, 21st of October, 2009

(Gudrun Borchert)

I received the parcel with Red Riding Hood costume. Thank you so much. The costume is luxurious. It fits my girl so well. I even would like to send you the photo with the child in the costume, in order you might see how it looks, but I failed to photograph her. It is so pleasant to collaborate with you. You are wizards really. Thank you very much again. Respectfully yours, , Russia, 21st of October, 2009

( )

We just wanted to get in touch to say that the tutu we ordered from you arrived last week and is absolutely beautiful! My daughter, Mia, is so delighted with it and I am sure it will be greatly admired at her next festival. Please pass on our thanks to those involved in making it! Angela Stapleton, United Kingdom, 21st of October 2009

(Angela Stapleton)

Hello We are delighted with the tutu! It is beautiful and we are telling our friends about you. Well done! Beverly Hirst, United Kingdom, 16th of October 2009

(Beverly Hirst)

I received the tutu and it is wonderful! My daughter is happy, as she wished such a tutu for a long time. Thank you for your understanding and I hope that I will ask your services again. Sincerely, Cojocariu Gabriela, Rumania, 5th of October, 2009

(Cojocariu Gabriela)

Good evening, I received my order today. The packaging and the item are perfect. The tutu is fabulous!!!!!!! Thank you very much for your excellent service and kindness. Kind regards, Roberta

(Roberta Saccocci)

The small parcel arrived just now. I was surprised how small you can pack a tutu I opened it, it is gorgeous! Praha, Czech Republic September 29,2009

(Gudrun Borchert)

The dress fits very well and really just floats beautifully while dancing. I can't thank you enough for all your excellent assistance with the measuring. It is a beautiful dress and will show well on stage. I also greatly appreciate your ensuring that we received the dress in a timely manner. I will remember your company if we ever need anything again and will tell my friends about your company and it's excellent service. Sincerely, Rita Tuse, USA, 22nd of September, 2009

(Rita Tuse)

Thank you for all of your help regarding my order. I would just like to take this opportunity to commend your business. I recently bought a tutu from you, and like this order, you dealt with it in an excellent way and made it very easy for me to order my things. Thank you again, Regards, Peter Watson, USA, 26th of August

(Peter Watson)

Katie's Sugar Plum Fairy tutu just arrived and it is absolutely breathtaking!!! It is so beautiful. Thank you so very much!!!! Enjoy your day, Tina Schaible, USA, 25th of August, 2009

(Tina Schaible)

Today we received the parcel. Thank you very much for your help and kindness. We wish you and your colleagues all the best for the future. Best regards Ramona Schwarz

(Ramona Schwarz)

I have received the costumes. They are outstanding! My daughters are visiting grandparents so I am unable to try them on until they return later this week. I will share pictures of their successes this year if you would like. Again, thank you so much for all your assistance. The costumes turned out perfect! Sincerely, Melinda Melinda Brock, 11th of August 2009, USA

(Melinda Brock)

I received the tutu today. It is beautiful. It was a very close fit for my daughter and she is very happy. Thank you for everything. I will contact you when we need a tutu again. I have some friends who might be interested in your tutus. I will let you know if we need anymore. Thank you again, Judy Clark, 8th of August 2009, USA

(Judy Clark)

Just in this moment i have recieved the tut : it is fantastic !!!! i am very happy to buy it ! you have very wonderfull goods . thanks a lot Costanza

(Costanza Schiesaro, Italy)

Thank you so much the tutu has arrived and is beautiful as usual. Thankyou again to all. Leanne 21.07.09

(Leanne Reynolds)

Thanks for your e-mail. I confirm that the parcel arrived on Friday, 10th July! The tutus are beautiful. Many thanks Barbara Shimmin

(Barbara Shimmin)

We have received the tutu. It fits my daughter very well. Many thanks. Best regards Jacqui Wareing, 13th of July, UK

(Jacqui Wareing)

I have received the parcel that you sent me with ballet costume F 0045b. I am very pleased with the results and the fitting is perfect. Many thanks and best regards, Michael

(Michael Frith)

I just wanted to let you know that we received the costume for Giselle. It is beautiful!!! We love it! So does everyone who has seen it. I know my daughter will dance beautifully in it! Thank you so much!!! We will definitely tell everyone about your amazing work. Thank you again, Diane Withee 21st of June, 2009

(Diane Withee)

The tutus arrived safely today. I have unpacked them and everything is in order. Please thank all your stitchers for their beautiful work! TP Toni Pimble Artistic Director Eugene Ballet 23th of June, 2009

(Toni Pimble)

I have received the tutu today. Thank you very much for such a quick shipment! The tutu is beautiful and the workmanship is excellent quality. I love it, and look forward to doing business again with you in the future. Thank you, Jessica Danahy, USA, 17th of June, 2009

(Jessica Danahy)

I recieved my costume today and I love it. It is just how i imagined it and it fits perfectly, thank you so much! Lindsay Cross, 27th of May, 2009, USA

(Lindsay Cross)

We received the tutu yesterday and think it is absolutely beautiful and fits perfectly. Thank you for all your help. Kindest regards, Anne Fairgrieve, UK, 22d of May

(Anne Fairgrieve)

I received the tutu yesterday and it is beautiful and fits perfect! Thank you very much! Jenna Charron, Canada, 21th of May

(Jenna Charron)

I received the parcel. Thank you very much, and for your stuff too. Everithing fits very well. I'm in delight. The quality is super. I didn't even expect to receive it so fast. And thank you for catalogue.

(Eshtokina Elena)

I have received the costume today! Thank you so much for the beautiful tutu! I´m very happy and I´m looking forward to my performance. I can´t stop watching to it. Your work is really perfect! Also, thank you for sending early. Thank you! Best regards! Hana Svábenská, Czech Republic, 29th of April

(Hana Svabenska)

I wanted to thank you for the Very Beautiful Tutu!!!! You all did a wonderful job! Thank you so much!! Leanna Meliotes, USA, April the 15th

(Leanna Meliotes)

We have received the parcel. Thank you very much--the costumes look wonderful and we look forward to doing business with you in the future! Best regards, Gemeline Calingo, USA, April the 15th

(Gemeline Calingo)

So sorry we couldn't get you the measurements in time. However, the tutu just came and fits my dancer perfectly. It is absolutely beautiful and we will be ordering many more from you soon. Thank you again for your excellent quality and wonderful service! Kindest Regards, Amy L. Gosnell, Columbus School of Music and Dance Director, USA, April the 15th

(Amy L. Gosnell)

Ive received the tutu by DHL, its very beautiful and the girl is happy. Thank you for rapidity. Goodbye. Valentin Sava, Romania, April the 13th

(Valentin Sava)

Thank you so much - The costume arrived this morning--and it is perfect Natalya LOVES it! It is perfect -tonight was the first dress rehearsal and later this week she will be doing a solo in it!!!!! We want to thank you and your team -- the tutu is wonderful!!! I can't believe it got here this quickly!!!!! Many thanks again --my ballet mistress is all ready talking about arranging for costumes next year's recitals --Everyone thinks its beautiful!!!!!!!!!!! Again many thanks Khrytos Voskrys! Warmest Regards and many thanks Jim Shevciuk, 7th of April, Canada

(Jim Shevciuk)

I have received the costumes today, it is very beautiful and thank you with all my heart. We will address to you in future, as you are very serious and carry out everything very fast. I will recommend you to others. Good Buy! Mariana Bodea! Mariana Bodea, Romania, 4th of April

(Mariana Bodea)

Thank you for the tutu - it arrived and is beautiful. My daughter took it into her dance studio and her instructors were very impressed. ~ Amanda Gutcher Amanda Gutcher, USA, 20th of March

(Amanda Gutcher, USA)

YOU DID IT AGAIN!!!! Thank you Olga so very much for the beautiful costume. It arrived today. You really helped me out when time was running out for me to get a beautiful costume from Benefis. Everyone at our dance studio was amazed at how beautiful it is and how hard you worked to help me get this in time for the competition this weekend. After seeing this tutu all the dancers said I want one of those tutu also. They don't even need one but it is so beautiful that it makes you want to have one also. I look so forward to the next one. You know that I will certainly buy if from you. Thanks so much Barbara Hayes, USA, 3d of April

(Barbara Hayes)



The costumes are fantastic. so much so we would like to order one more male costume if possible... Terri Sellars, USA, 3d of april

(Terri Sellars)

I received my tutu yesterday! Thank You so much! It is so beautiful, and it fits me perfectly! Thank you for the wonderful job, and I hope to order from you again in the future! Jenna, the 20th of March, USA

(Jenna Lyons, USA)

Thank you so much ,the ballett costume is wonderful. Best regards Alexandra Leffers Germany, 20th of March

(Alexandra Leffers, Germany)

Thank you so much for the gorgeous costume. It arrived on Thursday. I tried on the tutu in rehearsal today and it fit like a glove. So comfortable to dance in. The material used were top quality, the colors exactly like I want them, and the sewing done so professionally, I am so happy with my costume! I hope to be able to order more costumes from you in the future! Thanks, May

(May Kwok, United Kingdom)

Dear Miss Olga, Thank you so much for making my beautiful tutu for me. I was so surprised when I saw it. It will always be special to me because you took the time and energy to make it especially for me. It makes me feel like a professional ballerina when I wear it. Thanks again!Sincerely,Elizabeth Robitaille, 4th of March,2009, USA

(Elizabeth Robitaille)

We received the costume on Wednesday, February 18 and I have to tell you it is absolutely beautiful! You did a fabulous job making this tutu. I was so worried that it wouldn't fit or would be very plain but it is one of the most gorgeous tutus I have ever seen. When it arrived, my daughter actually cried when she saw it. She couldn't believe that it was made especially for her. Everyone complimented on how beautiful she looked on stage and that the color was so pretty on her. Thank you again for working with me online, answering all my questions and getting this tutu made and delivered to us before the competition. I appreciate your quality workmanship, attention to detail, great communication and wonderful customer service you have given me these past few months. It definitely was well worth the wait! With kindest regards,Becky Robitaille 4th of March,2009, USA

(Becky Robitaille)

I would just like to say thank you very much for the lovely tutu's - they arrived safely today and look absolutely gorgeous. Thanks again to you and all your team - they really have done a wonderful job. bestest wishes Lorraine, United Kingdom 10th of February, 2009

(Lorraine Mitchel)

We received the tutu today. It was perfect in every way. I cant say enough about the quality of your workmanship and level of service. I have recommended that others from my daughters ballet studio consider Benefis when ordering tutus for next years performances. Thank-you very much, Laura Hawker, Canada 4th of February, 2009

(Laura Hawker)

We received the tutu today and it is gorgeous - the detail and workmanship is outstanding. My daughter is thrilled with it. Thank you again - we will be sure to recommend your company in the future. Best Regards, Sandra Abell, Canada 10th of February

(Sandra Abell)

My daughter's tutu arrived yesterday and it is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I can only imagine the time and effort and care that went into creating it. It fits perfectly and when she wears it, she said that she "feels like she can't stop spinning". Thanks so much for the precision, timeliness, and quality. We'll let you know how her competition goes. Lin and Maggie Onimus, USA 27th of January

(Lin and Maggie Onimus)

I have received the parcel with my ballet tutu, the bag, and the tiara. I thank you so much for sending it early, and I must congratulate you on the amazing job you and your company did; it fits perfectly. I will definitely buy it from your company. Thank you, Sama Meibar, Cyprus 26th of January

(Sama Meibar)

Hello, I received the parcel today. Thank you so much for the two gorgeous costume!! It's iso beautiful! Thank you again for doing such an professional job and efficient service. (^_^) Tsai, Taiwan 16th of January


The blue tutu arrived. It is beautiful!!! I am pleased beyond words. The tutu is absolutely amazing!! I can not wait for my daughter to see it. Thank you, Julie Neill, USA 16th of January

(Julie Neill)

We received the tutu yesterday. It fits like a glove and looks wonderful. Jeanette is very happy with the color and fit! Thanks again for making it and doing such a fabulous job. We appreciate it! Carolyn Kakareka, USA 2nd January

(Carolyn Kakareka)

We have received both tutus. They are absolutely beautiful and everyone is impressed with them. They fit perfectly. Thank you so much for the care you have taken. Truly, your company is beyond compare. Laurie Benson, USA 23th of December

(Laurie Benson)

Thank you for the tutu. We did receive it and it is beautiful, wonderful and PERFECT! I am so happy with your work and will definitely order from you again in the future. Thank you for your great communication and professionalism. I am so appreciative and we are so happy with this beautiful masterpiece! Thank you, Michelle Dolighan-Rodenbeck, USA 23th of December

(Michelle Dolighan-Rodenbeck)

Just wanted to let you know we received the costumes. The tutus are absolutely gorgeous, even more beautiful than I expected! The craftsmanship is stunning. They were by far the prettiest costumes on the stage. I just want to thank you for all of your hard work. We will definitely be ordering from you again!! Cherie' R. Gillott-Monarch, USA 9th December

(Cherie' R. Gillott-Monarch)

I just wanted to thank you again for all the work you and your seamstresses did on the tutus. I tried them on our dancers and they fit perfectly! We love all the details like the beads on the end of the tutu and the flowers that sparkle. I can't wait to see them on stage! It has been a pleasure ordering from you. Thank you again. Elizabeth Otulakowski, USA 8th of December

(Elizabeth Otulakowski)

We received the tutu P0409 Blue bird (Princess Florine). It is lovely and fits wonderfully!!! Thank you! I can't wait to order from you again. What an excellent company. Kyle Walker, USA 5th of December

(Kyle Walker)

I received the tutus on Wednesday morning. They are truly GORGEOUS!! They fit the girls beautifully and look amazing!! Thank you SO much, I am thrilled with them!! I would love to give you the most accolades one can give. The workmanship on these tutus is incredible. I really wish now that I had ordered the man's jacket from you!! I will spread the word about the amazing work and gorgeous costumes you create! I cannot thank you enough for your expertise, and finally the most gorgeous and perfectly fitting tutu's. My dancers feel SO comfortable in them! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! Lisa, USA 1st of December

(Lisa Robson)

Good evening, I received my order today . The packaging and the item are perfect. The tutu is very extraordinary! Thank you very much for your service and kindness. Kind regards, Roberta Saccocci, Italy 3rd of December

(Roberta Saccocci)

I have received the tutu. It is absolutely beautiful! The details are stunning and the tutu fits my daughter, perfectly, like a glove. We are thrilled and so thankful for your beautiful work. We are excited for the next opportunity to have another tutu made. Thank you so very much, Alessia, USA 1st of December

(Alessia Gottlieb)

We just received the costumes. They are very beautiful!! Thank you very much. Happy Holidays! Best, Sherene , USA 27th of November

(Sherene Melania)

I received the 20 Angel costumes today. They are so beautiful, I am thrilled. Thank you so much, Kristina, USA 26th of November

(Kristina Kambalov)

I just received the tutus and they are beautiful! The red one is absolutely perfect. You did a fantastic job! All three tutus are very well made and we love them. Costumes are perfect. Thank you, we are excited to begin her performances! Kelly Ricucci, USA 29th of November

(Kelly Ricucci)

Just wanted to let tell you that we are delighted with the 36th costumes we ordered for the ballet Nutcracker. They are all fitting well too. Thank you very much for all your hard work, Phyllis, Ireland, 24th of November

(Phyllis Hayes)

Hello, I have recieved the costume. It is absolutely gorgeous and fits me perfectly. Thank you for your amazing service. Best wishes, Katarina Petek, Slovenia 13th of November

(Katarina Petek)

Thank you for the Tu tu it is absolutely lovely. Thank you so much. Kind Regards Sarah Pooley, Great Britain 11th of November

(Sarah Pooley)

I received the tutu today. My daughter said that it fit her and it looks very nice. Thank you very much. Koichi Kamikusa, Canada 10th of November

(Koichi Kamikusa)

Yesterday I received Russian costumes. They were truly gorgeous and I really love them. Thank you very much. SAORI NOMURA, Japan 10th of October


Our tutus arrived today - they are (as usual) beautiful! Thank you very much for your wonderful service and product Patricia Gilhooley, USA 6th of November

(Patricia Gilhooley)

We received the gorgeous tutu and fan yesterday. They are absolutely beautiful and the tutu fits perfectly! Thanks so much for all your help! Anne Bogenrief, USA 4th of November

(Anne Bogenrief)

I have told my daughter's ballet school in London about you too. This year she is to dance the role of Clkara in teh Nutcracker at the theatre so it is very exciting I think your costumes are beautiful. Caroline Levy, UK 4rd of November

(Caroline Levy)

Many thanks for the tutu and candy cane outfit. They were perfect for our photo shoot. Caroline Levy, UK 3rd of November

(Caroline Levy)

At once I received my order. The leotards are beautiful! Thank you very much! My collegues liked your costumes and we will order from your company else coctumes. Ioana Olaru, Romania 31st of October

(Ioana Olaru)

We received the tunic today. It is beautiful and fits Daniel perfectly! Thank you so much for doing such an outstanding and professional job. Your work is masterful! Victoria Tarazon 28th of October

(Victoria Tarazon)

The package made it and the tutus are exquisite as always!! They fit perfectly and are gorgeous! The dancers were so excited! Thank you again for your beautiful creations and for getting them to us so quickly. We appreciate you all so much! All my best, Jessie Bonano 28th of October

(Jessie Bonano)

I received the tutu and it is everything and more I had hoped for. It is absolutely gorgeous and fits like a glove. Thank you for your time and cooperation with us! I get to wear it for the photo shoot and am so excited. The detail is exquisite and I appreciate all the time that went into making it. Thank you!! Andrina Chaffin 27th of October

(Andrina Chaffin)

We reieved the Bluebird and Kitri Dream tutu and they are absolutely beautiful! We actually had a mini performance last night and the girls look stunning on stage. Thank you so much! Grace Jeanfreau 9th of Ocotober

(Grace Jeanfreau)

My daughter Emma for whom we bought the Ballet tutu, has been very successful in the UK competitions and festivals, we are very proud of her achievements. When leaving school next year, Emma hopes to train professionally. John, England 29 september 2008


We have received our tutu and tutu bag. Sarah is dancing around the house with it on right now! It is absolutely lovely and she is a VERY happy little girl!! Perfect size, perfect color and style!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Sincerely, Barbara Pertile, Edgartown, USA 1st august 2008

(Barbara Pertile)

Just a short note to let you know that the tutu arrived safely on Friday. It is beautiful and fits my daughter well. Thank you for all your help. I found your company very efficient and would certainly order from you again. I will also recommend you to other people. Best wishes, Lisa Wallace, Queensland, Australia 28 august 2008

(Lisa Wallace)

We just recieved the tutu! It is even more beautiful than we imagined! It fits perfect. We look forward to ordering from you in the future. Thank you, Kandace Kinnear, USA 20 august

(Kandace Kinnear)

Dear Olga, The Tutu arrived today. It is so beautiful and fits perfectly. Thank you so much you have made a little girls dream come true. Kind Regards. Ruth De Freitas, UK 8th of september 2008

(Ruth De Freitas)

Hello and thank you so much for the absolutely gorgeous tutu. It fits my daughter beautifully and she is thrilled! All the costumes our studio has received from you are remarkable!!! Thank you..... Linda Wachter, California. 2008

(Linda Wachter)

I got it~ Thanks so much!! it's beautiful=) Corrinna Holmes, Baltimore ,USA 23 august 2008

(Corrinna Holmes)

The costume has arrived. It fits perfectly and we really like the tiara. Thanks once again for your hard work. Vicki B Cook, Saddle River, USA 28 of august 2008

(Vicki B Cook)

We were very happy with the costumes that we purchased from you last year. They turned out beautiful! We would like to purchase more this year for our Nutcracker Jennifer Echols, USA Summers Academy of Dance, Crystal Lake Illinois. U.S. Berkshire Ballet Theatre 28 august 2008

(Jennifer Echols)

Good evening, I received my order . The packaging and the item are perfect. The tutu is extraordinary! Thank you very much for your service and kindness. Kind regards, Roberta Saccocci, CAMPI BISENZIO(FI) ITALY 28 of August 2008

(Roberta Saccocci)

tutu has arrived and is beautiful,ballerina is overwhelmed with it.once again you have created a wonderful costume,we will continue to pass the word of your creations.thankyou so much for making it with such short has come just in time for her festival this weekend

(Stuart Curtis)

The tutu has arrived and it is absolutely beautiful. She has her dress rehearsal tonight and we are looking forward to seeing her dance in the beautiful costume. We will most certainly order from you again in the future. Next time, though, I promise to give you more time! Thanks for your patience. And thank you for your amazing attention to detail.

(Julie Heiden)

We received the tutu yesterday and it is more beautiful than pictured. It fits Emily perfectly. Thank you.

(Kathy Ireland)

The Esmeralda Tutu and headpiece you made for me arrived yesterday. It is the most beautiful tutu I think I have ever seen, I was absolutely speechless when I saw it! The colors, decorations, style, and everything looks perfect--even prettier than I could have imagined! The tutu fits very well, it is only a tiny bit big in the bodice but should work fine! And the headpiece looks wonderful as well, it really matches perfectly! Thank you so, so much for the incredible work you must have put into this costume, I absolutely love it and cannot wait to dance in it! I hope I will be able to send you a picture or two from the competition later this month!

(Melanie Riffee)

We are pleased to let you know that we have received our tutus safely and they are beautiful. Thank you so much for all your hard work in making them for us in such a short space of time. Our girls are delighted and looking forward to dancing in their forthcoming show.

(Karen Wild)

We needed a snow maiden costume for a yolka (a traditional Russian New Years celebration). We looked everywhere trying to find one, but of course nobody in the states sells anything like that. Finally, just four days before the event, we found Benefis on the internet, and they had exactly what we were looking for. We thought that it would never arrive in time all the way from Moldova, but we decided to try. We were thrilled when it got here a few hours before the event! Everyone loved the costume it is beautiful and of very high quality. It has many details that were not obvious from the photo. Whoever made this outfit really cares about quality. The other truly surprising thing was the price far less than we would expected for something of this quality, even after adding express shipping from Moldova. I would recommend this company to anybody. Patrick Hall Everett, Washington, USA

(Patrick Hall)

We received the dresses yesterday! Wow that was fast. They are absolutely amazing, fit perfect, and are completely beautiful. My daughter didn't want to take hers off. She doesn't even care about Christmas gifts, she's so happy with her stunning dress. Thankyou for all your work, and the speed of how fast we received our order after we paid for it. I didn't think it would be this quick. 18-december-2007

(Angela Woodley)

"We picked up the packages. The dresses and tutus are absolutley beyond beautiful. The dancers in the party scene were beyond words. The audience went crazy when the girls came on stage. The colors you chose were perfect. Ms. Clauses tutu was beyond words as well as the sugar plum tutu. The dolls were adorable Thank you Thank you, Thank you" 18-december-2007

(Debbie Bassett)

"now that the last performance of my school is over i want to thank you for the wonderful costumes I ordered in your company. All the parents and students were fascinated by the colours and fabrics. The girls looked so cute and nice. Ill definitely order again! And also because the ballet shop here in Fulda is going to close down at the end of the year om thinking to start a new business in selling Balletclose in my school. I might open a little shop, where I also would like to distribute your Balletclose. So far thank you again for your great work!" 11.12.07

(Jan- Andreas Hönscher)

It is Tuesday morning at 11am. The tutu just arrived. There are no words to describe how amazing it is!! Thank you, thank you, thank you. Your work is incredible; your communication was wonderful, and the timeliness with which you made and sent the tutu are extraordinary. Please feel free to share my comments with anyone you'd like. Even though you are a half a world away, I know we will be turning to you for our future costume needs. Thanks again!

(Cindi Erickson)

We received the parcel 7am 17th Sept. delivered to our door. I'm MOST impressed with the quality, fit and workmanship of the tutu. I haven't seen anything of this standard here. Thank you so much. My daughter is absolutely thrilled with it. The size is exactly as I wanted, a little growing room so she'll hopefully get two years out of it. Thanks again

(Annette Radke)

The tutu has arrived. Thank you to you and your fabulous staff as it is beautiful. Please pass on my thanks to everyone involved. Thank you again" 03-September-2007

(Leanne Raynolds)

"The costume arrived today and it is absolutely fabulous! A wonderful piece, thank you very much! Please be assured that we will order more from you and will recommend Benefis to everyone. Thank you again." 30-August-2007

(Zoltan Kocsi)

"I would like to say thank you for the tutu you sent. It fits perfectly and looks very beautiful. I'm amazed at how fast you made it. Many thanks" 24-August-2007

(Jacqui Wareing)

"I have received the tutu this morning The tutu fits well, looks nice, quality is very good. Thank you very much for a well done job." 07-August-2007

(Alena Moscalenko)

I just wanted to let you know that I received the costume in the mail yesterday and it looks wonderful. It fits great also. Thank you very much once again. 26-May-1007

(Katherine Boccieri)

Just to let you know that our beautiful tutu has arrived! It is a perfect fit and is absolutely gorgeous! My Ellie looks fantastic in it. It will truly inspire her while she is wearing it for her competition!We cant stop looking at it and smiling! Thank you so much for all your help and processing the order so very quickly! Please can you send huge thank you to everyone who helped? I will be recommending your fantastic shop and services to all our friends. Thank you once again, especially for making my daughter so very happy. 16 - May -2007

(Sam Barrett)

I just wanted to let you know how happy I was with the service I received from you regarding the tutu I bought for my daughter Morgan, she is very happy with it and looks absolutely gorgeous on and off stage. We will definitely be ordering another tutu from you in the near future. Thanks again. 15 - May -2007

(Jenny Hill)

Tutus have just arrived-how very quick your service is-I am very impressed! They all look beautiful and I can't wait for the girls to try them on now! Many thanks again for the speedy service-I will recommend you to all the girls at the dancing school!! 14 - May -2007

(Kate Andic)

Thank you so much-we have received the tutu. It is absolutely magnificent. It it exactly what we wanted. The tiara is really cute too. Thank you for ensuring that we had it in time for her performance. I can't thank you enough for your efforts. It is beautifully made. 04 - May -2007

(Julie Albert)

We received the oriental costume yesterday. It fits well and it is very beautiful. My daughter says it is the most beautiful costume she has ever had! Thank you. 03 - May -2007

(Elke Carros, Alaska)

My daughters Tutu arrived on Friday and it is the most beautiful Tutu I have seen! It fits her very well and she is so happy with it. The workmanship is just superb and the quality is better than anything I have seen before! Thank you so very much, we are very very happy and we hope to do business with you again in the future! 02 - May -2007

(Joanne Routledge)

A tutu arrived today. I am satisfied with the splendid completion very much. Thank you. 30 April 2007

(Makoto Sekine)

Received the tutu yesterday exactly 24 hours after posting. Its perfect just what we hoped for. Thank you !! 30 April 2007

(Elizabeth Rogers)

Thank you! I received the costumes and they look great! Thanks again or your hard work and professionality! 27 April 2007

(Patricia Storelli)

Our costumes arrived today and, once again, we are absolutely delighted in the quality. The red sarafan fits my daughter like a glove - even the boots are perfect! Thank you very much for the beautiful hand work on the costumes. 24 April 2007

(Cathy Richardson)

Hello! I received the package the other day and am thrilled!! it is so beautiful. I couldn't take it off all day :) I am so excited to wear it. Thank you so much for your quick and wonderful service. 24 April 2007

(Cary Cauthen)

Thanks so much for finishing the costumes in time for dress rehearsal. Both Tomar and I are very appreciative of your time and effort. 15 April 2007

(Lorraine A. Guilbeaux)

I received the dresses, yesterday. They were beautiful. The girls really love them and they look beautiful in them. They were the perfect fit. Again, thank you again for a job well done. 13 April 2007

(Alecia Crawford)

Just a quick note to tell you now that we have the tutu in hand that it is stunning and is the most gorgeous costume for this variation that we have every seen. We are most grateful that you took such care and genuine hard work for this lovely costume for us, especially for Sara. She delights in the sight of it and the way she feels when she wears it. YOu have done something so wonderful for us by making such a beautiful piece of art work for Sara to feel so wonderful and confident dancing in !!! Thank you so very, very much! 11 April 2007

(Robin Poindexter)

Twenty minutes after my last email to you, we received Nora's tutu. It is the most beautiful tutu we have ever seen. Nora was screaming with joy. The craftsmanship is outstanding. It fits perfectly, despite the less then perfect measurements I gave you. We will definitely be ordering again. Thank you for your continued great customer service and service. 08 April 2007

(Vicki McGinley)

"I wanted to write and thank you for the beautiful tutu you made for my daughter. It was exactly what we had in mind and I thank you so much for getting it done in such a short amount of time. My daughter looked lovely for her performances and almost every judge specifically commented on the beautiful costume. Thanks so much!!" 03 - April - 2007

(Renee Yost)

"I would like to say thank you to everybody, that had anything to do with the making of Kaitlyns tutu. If you lived a bit closer we could almost give you a big kiss, we are so happy with it. It is so beautiful and fits her perfectly! It was worth waiting for and we Thank You from The Bottom of our Hearts!" 03 - April - 2007

(Pip & Kaitlyn Wrigley)

"The tutu has just arrived and its absolutely beautiful. Can I thank you for your excellent service and I will be contacting you very shortly to do much more business with you." 03 - April - 2007

(Christine Harwood, United Kingdom)

"The tutu arrived last Wednesday, and it is BEAUTIFUL! It fit perfectly, and my daughter is very happy! Thank you!" 02- April - 2007

(Kim Hicken)

"I received the tutu this morning - and it is absolutely beautiful! I am completely thrilled with the quality, the fit (which is perfect) and the high level of customer service I have received. Will definitely be recommending you to my friends!" Thank you for all your help and advice - the whole experience has been wonderful. 02- April - 2007

(Jo Dooher)

"Thank you so much for the beautiful tutu. We are very grateful for your speedy delivery of our order. Well done to you and all of your staff, please pass on our thanks to all concerned." 30-March-2007

(John Caffray)

"I wanted to say how very please we are with the tutu, it arrived today, excellent delivery. You have treated us very well and we are very grateful for all the help and patience that you have showed us, thank you again, it is absolutely fabulous and the daughter is going to love wearing it. Again many thanks." 29-March-2007

(Helen and Rebekah)

"The ballet tutu arrived safely yesterday; my daughter is delighted with it. It fits perfectly and looks beautiful, thank you very much for a top quality product and outstanding service. I shall be recommending you to everyone who enquires about her tutu at the forthcoming festival, and I'm sure there will be many" 15-February-2007

(Trish Wilby, United Kingdom)

"The tutu arrived yesterday and is beautiful!!! It fits perfectly and the quality is excellent. We have one very excited eleven year old. We will send photos. She is preparing the Candide Fairy variation from the 1st act Prologue "Pas de Seis" of Sleeping Beauty for the Youth America Grand Prix regional competition, her in Denver next month. Thank you so much for your prompt attention to my daughter's dream!" 14-February-2007

(Elise Ford, Connecticut, USA)

"I have just received my tutu after my ballet class this evening, and I am astonished. This is the most beautiful costume that I have ever seen. All the jewels are so beautiful and real looking, not like my other tutu from Theatre Ballet. I can't believe how much work was put in it. You can really tell how much love was in every stitch. Thank you so much for your time and energy. I will hopefully be able to send pictures of me and my tutu. Thank you so, so, so, so much, I feel like a princess even trying it on ". 12-February-2007

(Moriah Taliaferro, Connecticut, USA)