Soloist s costume - F 0164

USD 751 - for adults
USD 690 - for children
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Eight pleated graduated layers of semi-soft tulle - seven long and one short on the panties of tulle with 10 cm yoke attached to the elastic belt. Two crinoline hoops are embedded in the middle layer with two additional short ruffles at the edges. The length of the top layer is 36-38 cm, each next layer is 4 cm shorter. The tutu is fastened on the back with 6 large hooks and eyelets. This ballet rehearsal tutu can be performed on both an adult and a child.

The bodice, on elastic straps, can be made of dense semi-elastic fabric with guipure from without, as well as from velvet or taffeta. This model is made of two parts, which are attached to each other with elastic bands, in the waist. The bottom part is sewn to the tutu or skirt. The upper part is superimposed on the lower one, which allows you to adjust the length of the bodice depending on the height of the ballerina, and gives the bodice greater mobility.

Bodice + coquette + sleeves - from organza
Mysik guipure
Decor: appliqué, glitter, rhinestones, fig.

For the best safety of this pack and convenience of transportation, you can get a cover for packs. See “Accessories” section, model S0001.

- hot pink