Esmeralda - P 1106

USD 570 399 - for adults
USD 545 382 - for children
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Details: costume + arm ruffles
This is a professional stage costume made on the basis of the basic tutu T 0003. The short-sleeve bodice is made of semi elastic dense fabric richly decorated with sparkles and manista. The bodice is fastened on two rows of hooks and loops for convenience, in the chest area it is tightened and adjusted with a drawstring. The tulle skirt is covered with elegant organza. There is a basque in the form of a scarf on the thigh, which is trimmed at the edges with a decorative braid with fringe.
Terms of manufacturing orders (from the date of receipt of the money to the account)
1. Finished products (bathing suits, leotards, skirts) - from several days to three weeks, depending on the size of the order.
2. Costumes - for 4-6 weeks.
3. Special orders - within 4-6 - weeks.
4. Claims will be handled within 2 weeks of receipt of goods by the customer.
5. We guarantee prompt delivery to the address you specify.
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