SOLD Ballet costume - P 0202(2212)

USD 798 599 - for adults (S Adult)
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S Adult

  • Bust: 78-80 cm. (measurement #1)
  • Waist: 67-69 cm. (measurement #2)
  • Hips: 77-79 cm. (measurement #3)
  • Hips 2: 84-86 cm. (measurement #4)
  • Height of the individual: 164-166 cm. (measurement #20)
  • Basque: 8 cm. (measurement #25)
  • Tutu length: 38 cm. (measurement #26)

Details: costume, arm ruffles.

It is a professional stage costume, which is made on the basis of a professional basic tutu #T0001B (see section “Basic and rehearsal tutus”).
The bodice is made of the semi-stretch dense fabric. There is a flesh-colored inset on the chest. The straps are flesh-colored too.
The bodice has two rows of hooks for the comfortable regulation and an inner cord to tighten the bodice at the chest level.
The overlay of the skirt is decorated with appliqués of different size in the shape of stars.
Shining braid, crystals of different sizes, beads, white and silver bugles are used as decoration.
Arm ruffles are made in the form of stars.
- black