Ballet costume - P 1120

USD 1091 818 - for adults
USD 1021 766 - for children
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Details: dress, sleeves.

This is a professional stage ballet costume. Which is based on the bodice T 0009

on elastic straps and with a flesh insert

on the chest, made of dense semi elastic

fabrics. The bodice has two rows of hooks,

for comfortable adjustment, inner cord

serves to tighten the bodice in the chest area.

The bottom of the product is based on the pack T 0001B, which

in turn consists of eight layers of different

length, set on panties with a yoke,

the inner hoop is embedded in the middle layers of the pack.

Sparkling braid serves as a decoration,

appliques, rhinestones and stones.

The suit can be made in any color according to

the choice of the customer. Only work on the costume

professional designers and seamstresses,

who will try to make your product as much as possible

- green
- black
- golden
- any colors