Stage costume - P 1124

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USD 519 363 - for children
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Details: costume.

It is a professional stage costume, which is carried out on the basis of the professional basic tutu # T 0001B (see section Basic tutus).
The bodice is carried out from the semi-stretched fabric with the flesh-colored straps.
There is a deep inset on the chest, which is decorated with trim lace.

The lacy strap ruffles highlight the individuality of this costume.
The combination of contrast colors, dark bodice and red tutu impart an exquisite and refined aspect to the costume.
A lot of applications, crystals, lace, sparkles and beads are used as trim elements.
The costumes rich décor corresponds to the traditions of the splendid Spanish style.

This ballet costume can be used as a soloist costume in different ballet performances, such as Don Quijote, Laurencia, Paquita, Esmeralda.

For a better safety of this costume and transportation facility, You can purchase a tutu bag. See "Accessories" section, code S0001 the price is EUR 39.

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2. Stage costumes during 4-6 weeks.
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