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What delivery system should I choose?

Benefis Company is working with 3 delivery services: DHL, EMS Moldova and Posta Moldovei. DHL is express delivery system and delivery process takes usually 2-6 business days. It is safe and fast delivery system we usually recommend it for urgent orders and for huge orders (more than 3 ballet costumes (based on tutus or romantic skirts). EMS Moldova is also express delivery system and delivery process takes usually 7-14 business days. If customer ordered ballet tutu and his order is not urgent we recommend paying for this delivery as it also safe. Posta Moldovei is non-express delivery. It takes usually 20-31 business days. This delivery is ok for leotards, unitards, tunics and ballet costumes with romantic tutus if the costumer has no concrete date of the performance and he/she could wait for 2 or 3 month for his/her order. We do not recommend shipping tutus with hoops via Posta Moldovei as the long delivery process could damage the tutu (for example the hoop could be broken).