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Meredith December 12, 2020
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Kris Naumoski November 2, 2017
"Thank you so very much with all your hard work and great costumer communication skills in organising/assisting us with providing the costume and designs that we have enquired and wish to purchased. I can 100% confirm that due to all your assistance we have continued to grow our benefis costume inventory and also greatly increase our interest and support in purchasing more and more costumes from benefis. At the very beginning purchasing from Benefis we did find it really hard to order without your understanding & assistance as the other sales persons did not understand the questions and information we wish to enquire and designs we wish to order. Once communication started with you we have had less problems and this has given us more confidence order much more costumes from firstly intended. I can confirm that Benefis costumes are 100% the best quality ballet costumes we have ever purchased from an international company and is exactly what we need for our level of production that our students and guests perform in, also our custom ordered costumes are fantastically made and exactly what we were looking for in the design and finish product 10/10. Benefis will have Melbourne Academy Of The Arts as a life time customer if this standard in costumes and customer service continue to show." Kind Regards Kris Naumoski Managing Director

Oil Region Ballet January 24, 2017
We received the hand made romantic tutu after a conversation with Benefis personnel on our need to have this item delivered in an expedited manner. It was sized perfectly and is a beautiful full tutu made to order to our specifications. The company responded to our needs quickly and professionally.The exceptional customer service of Benefis each time our company places an order, reinforces our continued business. We highly recommend this professional and experienced company for your costuming needs.

Eddy Bray December 25, 2015
Я получил посылку вовремя. Он превзошел мои ожидания. Спасибо за вашу креативность. Жду с нетерпением следующей встречи.

Dance School Voula Routsakou December 14, 2015
Dance School Voula Routsakou from Greece on International Charity Event

Silvano December 13, 2015
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Jasmine December 9, 2015
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Регина Захрина December 8, 2015
Нам удалось получить костюмы вовремя! Большое спасибо за помощь и за замечательные костюмы.

Heidi December 8, 2015
Мисс Хайди Маггнуссен была очень довольна пачкой и костюмом.

Xinxi December 3, 2015
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Erinn Coutts November 4, 2015
Hello - we are very pleased with the costume. It is beautiful, fits perfectly, and we couldn't be any happier. Thank you so much for everything!!

Elisa Linscott November 3, 2015
Hello! The tutu fits perfectly! Beautiful job, thank you so much. I will be referring your company to my studio directors/dancers. (I already sent a couple your way).
Elisa Linscott

Roberta Saccoсci October 28, 2015
A picture of me in my perfomance in Florence with your amazing costume ... good day Roberta

Elisa Linscott October 22, 2015


The tutu fits perfectly! Beautiful job, thank you so much. I will be referring your company to my studio directors/dancers. (I already sent a couple your way).


Elisa Linscott

I may not be aware of slight issues that may cause problems in the fitting. Could you advise what I should look for and whether there are any adjustments I need to make that I am not aware of? Would you please advise how to hang, clean, and travel with this tutu? I have a tutu bag, but afraid to hang the bag on a hanger for fear the edges of tutu will crush.

Zezo October 20, 2015
I am a huge fan of Cole Baby Tutus. She comes up with some really neat ideas and have so many prtety tutus. You have beautiful work as well. Thanks for having this contest. its a great idea, i will share on my fb page as well. i commented on both pages. hope i win http://hkgoxpm.com [url=http://rwrleazthy.com]rwrleazthy[/url] [link=http://tbysun.com]tbysun[/link]

Komal October 18, 2015
I just ordered the video on Making Hair Bows I have 2 grtahdaugdners andmultiple friendswhom I have bought hairbows for their girls, I can't wait to makethem myself. Thanks for making the info available. I will pass it on to my friends and daughters.

Daisy September 3, 2015
Daisy Gregory has been awarded Honours baby ballet solo in the All England Dance National Finals. 2nd place silver medallist, national British champion! July 2015! Thank you for making Daisy her lovely tutu for this competiotion,and for all the other beautiful tutus we have from you!
Daisy loves it! (Practise and stage)
Best wishes

Cynthia Tartary August 4, 2015

Order 6-63-15

Dear Benefis Team,

I would like to say you thank you so much for my beautiful tutu. It is like I dream it. The work on it is incredible!!

Thank you to all the people who worked on it.

Best wishes

Gian Domenico Giuliani August 4, 2015
Thank you for wonderful costume, Arianna is very happy! Here attached two photos of Arianna with your costume. Photos are by Goffredo Pezzolla who gave authorization to publish them on your website.

Татьяна. July 21, 2015
21.07.2015 Анна, добрый день!! Сегодня доставили посылку !! Огромное Вам спасибо за эту красоту!!! Шикарные, высочайшего качества костюмы! И так быстро выполнили заказ и согласовывали все со мной!! до каждой мелочи ! Моей признательности и благодарности нет предела !!! Костюм Жизель настолько воздушный и нежный , что я тут же с гипсом ( руку сломала ) пустилась в пляс)))не удержалась !! Не дождусь , когда выйду в них на сцену!! С уважением , Татьяна.

Chantal Blondy June 22, 2015
Je suis émerveillée par les costumes que vous faites et j aimerais en voir plus. Ma fille faisait de la danse et lors des spectacles elle en avait de magnifiques

anna June 19, 2015

Ольга Фролова June 10, 2015
Добрый день! Посылку получила. Все подошло. Спасибо )

Maria Stylianou June 10, 2015
Dear Irina, I wish you a very good morning!! I have received both parcels and I thank you a lot.

Christina Loycke, Germany May 29, 2015
Hallo, The Giselle costume arrived yesterday....thank you so much for sending it so fast. It is very beautyful With best wishes

Christina Volkwein, USA May 29, 2015
The parcel arrived and they are truly beautiful. I will send you pictures as soon as possible after the performance on June 13th. all my best and many thanks

Chelsea Nasby, USA May 29, 2015
Hello All, I would like to let you know that I received both packages yesterday containing all of the costumes made for Ballet East's production of the secret garden. The costumes are stunning and perfect!! Thank you so much for the beautiful work! I will send photos when I have them completed. We just had an article written about the performance in Palm Beach Illustrated Magazine with one of the girls in a Benefis costume that was previously purchased. Please see attached. Thank you again and I look forward to continuing to work with your wonderful company! Best, Chelsea

Laura Gregory, Uk May 5, 2015
Thank you , we have received Tutu for Daisy, it's lovely, she loves it. Brilliant fit!, I will send photo of her in her coming performance/ festival. Many thanks, we are also very pleased with her practise tutu it's lovely! best wishes.

Laura Price, USA May 1, 2015
The tutu is beautiful. I received it a little over a week ago. I truly love it! I have been wearing it as much as possible, and I have received many compliments on the beautiful construction. The double pleating and hand stitching was beautifully executed and is exactly what I wanted!

Maria Yakimova, Canada April 27, 2015
We have received the tutu today. We are happy to say that the tutu is very well made and fits perfectly. Also, thank you for completing and shipping our order fast. As I mentioned earlier, we will do our best to send in the photos when we have them.

lesley knudson April 24, 2015
i have been attempting to order two shirts the swan lake x large tunic in white with gold trim P0106 and the swan lake tunic in black with silver trim exra large P0107 I was trying to order them before the 20th when the 15% was still available and at the better price. however I have been trying to enter my credit card data for weeks and cannot get it entered. when i click visa, it telsl me the page can't be found. I need these shirt by June 1,2015 Please help!!!!!! phone is USA 1 702 338 3785 email is prof-lwk13@cox.net

Ana, Romania April 23, 2015
Buna ziua, Dorim sa va anuntam ca am primit pachetul si ca totul este in ordine, costumele sunt foarte frumoase si se potrivesc. Multumim frumos. O zi frumoasa !

Pearl, United Kingdom April 23, 2015
Dear Cristian I am delighted to inform you that I have received my dress today. I have not tried it yet but it looks very nice. Thank you and your team for all the time and effort put into it. I look forward to dancing in

Catharina Williams, Australia March 31, 2015
Thank you so much your beautiful tutus arrived and they are incredibly lovely. I will be recommending your company to all of my friends. I cannot wait to order our next costume. Regards Rina

Mi Sook, France March 31, 2015
Chère Nathalie, J'ai reçu le tutu hier, mille mercis il est magnifique et parfait!!!! Toutes mes félicitations et mes remerciements pour ce magnifique travail. Il était tard lorsque j'ai pu l'essayer, je vous enverrai des photos plus jolies dès que je le pourrai. Je suis très contente de vos efforts, et je vous remercie pour toute l'attention que vous avez porté à mes demandes. Vous êtes une grande professionnelle et je vais parler de vous à tous mes amis danseurs que j'ai connu lorsque j'étais danseuse, qui sont maintenant à la retraite et ont des écoles de danse ou des compagnies. Merci Nathalie! A très bientôt. Mi Sook.

Chad, Canada March 24, 2015
The dress arrived today and it is fantastic. My daughter looks beautiful and the fit is perfect. Sincerely Chad

Nicky Beach March 24, 2015
Hi, We received Sienna's tutu last week and we are so happy with it. It is beautiful and she will be so proud to dance wearing it. Many thanks

Ursula Egle March 11, 2015
The costume just arrived and it is so pretty, thank you so much! It is very beautiful. the work is amazing and we see you have put a lot of work in it. Thanks for that.

Kinga Magolon March 11, 2015
We received the shipment today with many thanks. The tutu fits very well.

Tori Keyte March 11, 2015
Dear Benefis, I have just received my costume, it's beautiful! Thank you so much for your amazing service throughout the process. I will definitely be coming to you for further costumes.

Shari & Viola Pantuso March 11, 2015
Natalia, Please know that the costume arrived yesterday. It is just perfect. You do such wonderful work. She is very happy, and her teacher is also very contented. This is just lovely in every way. I really cannot thank you enough. I will send you a few photos once she competes. Thank you kindly. Enjoy the rest of your week!

Shari Pantuso March 11, 2015
Thank you for Viola's tutu. Viola danced this past weekend at the YAGP Chicago. The tutu was beautiful!! Viola placed first in the Classical Ballet Juniors category. Thank you again for your help & prompt service!

Anjuli Hudson March 11, 2015
I received the costume today and I am so pleased. Thank you to everyone at Benefis! I will be sure to send photos of the performance. Very happy, thanks again!

Cindy March 11, 2015
Very happy that I purchased the black swan tutu! It fit my understudy nicely and she ended up having to dance two performances as Odile because the principal dancer was ill. The tutu looked great and she loved wearing it!

Mayelin Garcia March 11, 2015
Hi Natalia! I am very happy to let you know that we received the dress just in time. It is a pleasure doing business with you and your company. Thank you! Until next time!

Anjuli Hudson March 4, 2015
I received the costume today and I am so pleased. Thank you to everyone at Benefis!

Angela March 4, 2015
Hello Christian, The tutus came today and they are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! Thank you so much, your work is amazing!!!! I have ordered several tutus over the years from different places and these are by far the best quality and SO well made! I can't thank you enough, I truly appreciate it! Have a great day, Angela

Urse Adina March 4, 2015
Buna seara, Am primit costumul si este perfect! Atasez dovada. Va multrumim pentru toata munca depusa, atentia pentru fiecare detaliu,si prmptitudinea livrarii ! Uram colectivului Benefis Sarbatori fericite si , un An nou cu sanatate si prosperitate! Adina Urse

Siobhan Quinn February 13, 2015
i am looking for a tutu for my 16 year old daughter , something that will make a statement! and i am just wondering if you have recommendations on color or design for her and also if you do the tutus with the almost dip dyed tutu skirt

Ann Murphy October 20, 2014
Thank you for putting your Moldova site backup! I am thrilled and looking for a tutu for La Fille Mal Gardee variation for my daughter! Thank you so much! I will be in touch soon! Ann amurphy@spencerportschools.org

Катерина July 6, 2014
Здравствуйте Елена! Пишут вам Катерина и Сергей из Чукотки, мы с вами уже сотрудничали два года назад. Теперь мы снова хотели бы к вам обратиться за помощью. Снова нам предстоит участие в Окружном конкурсе, а костюмов достойных для участия в этом конкурсе, увы нет. Скажите можно ли у вас сделать сейчас заказ. С уважением, семья Матушкиных Сергей и Екатерина

мария белинская June 29, 2014
я мечтаю приобести молдавский костюм я хочу петь итанциват

Nat 05 May 2014
- He is seriously the most pfceert baby! What I wouldn't give for a big snuggle Your saying about the days being long and the years being short is one of my favorites. So true. Thank goodness for pictures!January 24, 2013 12:34 pm

Margaret Bicknell March 10, 2014
The ballet dresses have arrived and they are beautiful! Thank you for all your help in getting this order fulfilled and being so patient with us.I couldnot have asked for better service than your company has provided. Again many thanks and hope to do business with you in the future.

Oleksi Bessmertni December 24, 2013
«Здравствуйте уважаемые ценители продукции фирмы Бенефис! Меня зовут Алексей Бессмертный. Я являюсь основателем и организатором ежегодного международного хореографического фестиваля-конкурса «Танцевальный Олимп» в Берлине! Что поможет вам добиться успеха на сцене? Упорство, сила воли, ежедневный труд и ваш внешний вид. Ваш успех зависит от вас, а внешний вид вы можете смело доверить компании Бенефис. Костюмы компании Бенефис стали еще одной ступенью к Олимпу для многих!» Красота и форма - главные составляющие успеха на сцене.

Martha Winters November 20, 2013
Valeria - the costumes are absolutely beautiful! We love them!

Pam Morimoto November 20, 2013
Dear Elena, The costumes arrived today and they are lovely. The dancers were very excited to try them on. They are even more beautiful then the photographs on your website. They were packed very well. We will get to wear them in our performances at the end of the week. Thank you and all your staff for your hard work in making these wonderful costumes for us. Sincerely, Pam Morimoto for Jeanne Peterson and Little Ballet Theatre Maddox Dance Studio maddoxdancers@opusnet.com

Caitlyn Youngman November 20, 2013
Dear Elena, We received Tara's costume. It is gorgeous!  It fits beautifully. Thank you so much. 

Sara Agostinho November 20, 2013
ear Elena,  I' am really happy with the costume! I like it a lot! I received the parcel with the tutu today in the morning, I think it was very fast!  Thank you for the help and advices! Best regards, Sara Agostinho

Amy St. Johnwood November 20, 2013
Hello Valeria, I just received the parcel, and the costume is beautiful!  It is a good fit, and we are very pleased with it. The costume is of the highest quality - beautifully and delicately made. It is even better than it looked in the picture! Thank you once again, Amy

Jo-Ann Enoch November 20, 2013
Я получила вашу пачку вчера, Она лежит превосходно на моей дочери.Я высоко оцениваю Benefis и порекомендую её всем знакомым и сама буду заказывать только у Вас!!

Heidi Magnussen November 20, 2013
Ваша юбка прекрасна.! Спасибо, Heidi

Маньшина Валентина November 20, 2013
Уважаемая Елена! Получили вашу посылку,Нам все как нужно подходит,единственно ,почему то сзади поднимается юбка.Может из за того.что помялась проволока,а может по какой то другой причине. Я вам очень благодарна!

Shauna Morra October 1, 2013
I know the wonderful quality of your tutus, this is the 5th one we have ordered from your company because we love them much! I am certain we will order more in the future! Thank you, we received it last week and it is beautiful. Very good quality!

Steeve Penington October 1, 2013
Dear Benefis, I am Thrilled to report that the outfit has arrived in good shape! It is so lovely and well made. The fit is amazing!!! I AM THRILLED. Photos to you eventually!!

Eileen July 11, 2012
Hi the tutu has arrived and looks wonderful. It was a little crushed in transit – but is flattening out OK. I do not think I can decorate it in time for the Sydney competition but we really like the tutu and will be in touch about another one soon. Thank you very much I will be telling our dance friends about your products. Eileen

Sandra Williams July 3, 2012
Hi Yana Tutu is beautiful, I will send you photo as soon as I am able. Thank you very very much Sandra

Deanne Duncan May 28, 2012
The Tutu has arrived safely and it is beautiful! Alysha was very excited and loves it. It fits perfectly on the body but has a lot of room in the bust area which is what I expected and is good for her development. I will also forward photos after the performance. Thank you for all your assistance.

Eileen Murphy-Haag April 13, 2012
The costumes arrived safely on Friday. The black and Lilac tutus are beautiful and fit the girls. I’ll send you some photos but after the end of May. Thank you

Samantha Ferguson May 10, 2011
My daughters costume is absolutely beautiful she is so thrilled with it. The workmanship is top class, thank you so much. She has worn it for the festival and came first in her section and also went on to receive a trophy too. Dancing in your tutu made her so proud.When she out grows it we will most certainly order again. Thank you very much.

Christine Metz 11-April-2011
Your parcel arrived yesterday afternoon after only 6 days - the timing was perfect!
Wow, the dress looks absolutely stunning and it fits perfectly. Thank you so much, my daughter loves it and can"t wait to perform in it!
The workmanship and quality is of a very high standard and your seamstress/es did a fantastic job!
Love the material, it looks gorgeous, the dress and the colours/s look/s just like on the photos on your webpage.
The flowers for the hair match perfectly well and the embroidery of the suit bag looks very elegant indeed!
Thank you so much for your help and advise - I will definitely order again!

Shelley February 23, 2011
My costume came in yesterday and it is simply gorgeous! It fits me perfectly and I am very satisfied. Thanks Benefisshop!

Linda Arel December 15, 2010
We just received the costume and couldn't be more pleased. My daughter tried it on and it fit beautifully, she is really hard to fit so we has it customized. The sewing quality is fantastic and the materials seem very high quality. I can't wait to show her instructors and hope to order more items in the future. Thanks for all the great customer service!

Jennifer Bryan November 7, 2010
Absolutely adore the products and craftmenship available. What a beautiful selection!

Jessie Bonanno October 29, 2010
The costumes arrived and they are GORGEOUS! Everything is perfect! Thank you so much for all that you and your seamstresses did to make our order so special! All my best, Jessie Bonanno

Kelly Wolfe October 29, 2010
We received the package yesterday and they are EXTRAORDINARILY BEAUTIFUL! Emily is so VERY VERY VERY PLEASED! Thank you so very much. Thanks for all of your patience. Yours truly Kelly and Emily Wolfe

Vincent Desnoes October 15, 2010
Hello, We have received the tutus and they look beautiful. Brooke is very happy. Thanks a lot.

Lori Norman October 8, 2010
We have bought 3 tutus and one beautiful juliet dress from your company and we have received many complements on all of them. They look beautiful on stage and yes- it is important to a ballerina to have a beautiful good quality costume. The tutus have always been on time as well. We always go to your company first as the prices are reasonable, the quality good and the tutus are gorgeous. (you can put that on your website) Sincerely,

Lori Norman October 7, 2010
We got the tutu and Julia really liked it. Thank you,

Kristina Kambalov October 7, 2010
We received the costumes today! They are beautiful! Thank you!

Karen Clare September 2, 2010
I would like to thank you and your seamstresses for my daughter's tutu! It is stunning and it is perfect in teh size I asked for. My daughter took the tutu to her ballet class tonight and showed her ballet teacher and she was very impressed. All the other girls and their parents saw the tutu and thought it was gorgeous and well made. Thank you so much!

Allison Lamont August 19, 2010
I can't believe that the tutus have arrived already! Five days to travel from you to New Zealand - that is amazing. We are delighted. My granddaughter couldn't wait to try them, and they fitted perfectly. We are very appreciative of your service and commitment to high quality. Thank you so much - we will have no hesitation in recommending your service and using it again, ourselves.

Dale Stokes July 28, 2010
We wanted to let you know that the costumes arrived yesterday afternoon. Thank you! They are wonderful!

Keisuke Okado June 28, 2010
I have getting receive to New Ballet Costume (P0405) now . Plastic bag is open now ! Wow !! It looks real beautiful color , shape accesaly all parts and total design than catalog photos. It is perfect shape and high quality sewing works !! I am try it on. I never Just like fit it on ( costumeP0405 ) ever before. Thank you very much. I can not wait to my next stage on. I would have say " thank you" to your wonderful staff .

Kim Buckley 1-June-2010
i have attached a pic of one of the girls in ur
tutu’s, as u can see it looks and fit her perfectly, and as u can see she
won... i will get u a pic of the other one so u can see how beautiful it
looks on her as well. Thank u again from all of us here at Not Just
Dancewear and Noosa Professional Dance Academy.

Koichi Kamikusa 28-May-2010
I received the swan head piece. It looks very good.

Franz Glashuttner May 28, 2010
Thank you very much for the beautiful tutus! Fast and perfect! Best regards

Barb Ayton 20-May-2010
The tutu arrived today, and we are very very happy. Thank you very much for
the beautiful tutu, and the quick time to get it to us.

Eugen Onofrii 17-May-2010
Am primit costumele vineri ,15-05-2010.Au fost toate 16.Vrem sa va multumim.Sunt deosebit de frumoase ,sunt superbe,peste asteptarile noastre.

Инна Байер 17-May-2010
Дети в ваших костюмах выглядели очень симпатично, посылаем фото танца Полька.

Diane Withee 17-May-2010
We received the costumes yesterday. They are beautiful and fit perfectly!!
Thank you again for your beautiful work!! I will be ordering again very soon.

Cindi Bush 10-May-2010
I thought I would let you know of all the wonderful comments that we have received about
the costume that you created for my son, George
He won his competition! He has also been chosen for the Australian Ballet School!
We will be dealing with you again shortly, as he has been chosen for the role of the
Nutcracker in the central Queensland youth ballet production.

Lee Ann Goodwin 20-April-2010
I received the package yesterday. Once again, thank you. I will advertise your company via word of mouth every chance I get. The quality is impeccable and your products are reasonably priced. It has been a pleasure doing business with you.

Natasha Mizell 15-April-2010
I wanted to let you know I received the sugar plum tutu a couple of weeks ago, and it is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!! It is gorgeous and worth the wait!
Thanks again

Paula Stoia 13-April-2010
Va multumim din suflet pentru rochite .... Au fost cele mai frumoase din co=
ncurs si am si castigat preselectia pentru Croatia [].=20

Tiana Sakr 04 April 2010
The beautiful Ballet Tutu arrived today 6 April at 3.15 in the afternoon our time. I was so impressed with the speed of delivery, particularly considering the Easter weekend. It was very reassuring to use the tracking service. Thank you for choosing DHL! The tutu is exquisite and superior in craftsmanship and quality of materials. My daughter is absolutely delighted with it and it fits her perfectly! Once again it has been an absolute pleasure to deal with you and your colleagues. I could not have hoped for better service - in fact your service went above and beyond any of my expectations. Please pass on my congratulations to all concerned and thank you!! We hope to purchase from you again and in the not too distant future!

Armelle Gabriel 23-March-2010
J"ai bien reçu le costume de ma fille Manon, il va très bien. j"espère qu"il
lui portera chance.

Martin Schmitt 10-March-2010
I received the parcel yesterday. The costumes are very nice.
Everything is allright.
Best regards

Alexandra Marinaccio 9-March-2010
I received the package today!! The kokoshnik is absolutely beautiful!! Thank you so much...

Nadejda Steiegelbauer 25-February-2010
Girls tried the costumes on – everything is wonderful! Thank you very much.

Carol Moore 18-January-2010
The tutu arrived yesterday! It fit well and my daughter was very excited to get it! She is planning to use it for a Raymonda solo for her YAGP ballet competition next month and it arrived in time for her studio performance next week. Her dance teachers were very pleased with it also. Thank you so much - I appreciate the frequent and clear communications, and how quickly the tutu was finished. It was a pleasure to work with your company.
Happy New Year to all!

Karen Carfantan 13-January-2010
We received the tutu yesterday, January 11th. It is absolutely beautiful! Megan loves it and can"t wait to perform on stage with it. As soon as we have a proper photo, we"ll send it along.

Thank you so much for your patience with us - measurements, etc.

Lisa Hiday 11-January-2010
We have received the tutu, and it is absolutely gorgeous and it fits perfectly. You have once again provided a beautiful costume that my dancer is thrilled to get to wear.
Thank you very sincerely,

Christy Stoner 6-January-2010
The tutu is beautiful and fits perfectly! Christy.

Jhoanne Vinnya 6-January-2010
Dear Olga, We finally received the tutus this afternoon - Lilac tutu is gorgeous!

Margaret Ogilby 6-January-2010
Dear Olga, We received the package on Dec. 24th and I have been out of town since the holidays so I forgot to send this message to you. We are more than thrilled with the ballet tutu and she looks beautiful in it. We so appreciate your customer service and will definitely recommend your company to others. Thank you again, this was a wonderful dance experience for us.

Alicia Benedetto 6-January-2010
Dear Olga, The tutu has arrived and it is absolutely beautiful! You took into account everything my daughter asked for and the workmanship is superb. She can"t wait to wear it for YAGP. Thank you very much for getting it to us so quickly, as well. My daughter and I are both delighted. Happy New Year to you and to everyone at Benefis!

Connie Shultz 6-January-2010
Dear Olga, The tutu has arrived safely! It is more beautiful in person than we imagined! Sabrina is enjoying looking over the catalogue. I will bring the catalogue with me to ballet this week and to YAGP for anyone to look at. Thank you again and Happy New Year! 02.01.10

Alison Nugent 6-January-2010
Thank you so much for the beautiful tutu. It got here before New Years and is lovely. We thank you for getting it to us so quickly. Larisa competes this coming weekend and hopefully will do well. We look forward to doing further business with you in the future. Thank you again and Happy New Year!

Roberta Saccocci 6-January-2010
I received my tutu T 0010 yesterday. The packaging and the item are perfect. It is extraordinary!!!!!!! Your tutu fit me perfectly! Thank you very much for your excellent service and kindness.

Vickie Wiese 6-January-2010
Dear Olga, We have received the costumes and they are more beautiful than we expected. Thank you very much. Thank you,

Trisha Nepomuceno 6-January-2010
Thank you so much for the two wonderful tutu"s, we received them the other day. Just like the three we ordered in the past the two are very beautiful and fit Leah perfectly. We will certainly order again next year. Thank you for everything...

Michelle Matlock 6-January-2010
Hi Olga,

Just writing to say that I received the Swan Lake headpiece, and it is gorgeous! Thank you so much!!
You were an absolute delight to work with. Your replies are always so prompt and courteous. And I am still surprised with how quickly I received the shipment! I will most certainly come to you for any future orders!

Best wishes,
Michelle, the 5th of January, 2010, USA

Sheri Gorden 28-December-2009
Dear Olga,
The dress arrived Dec 24th. We practiced in it today, and it is beautiful on my daughter. Thank you for making us such a quality dress. I"m very pleased!

Trisha Nepomuceno 28-December-2009
Thank you so much for the two wonderful tutu"s, we received them the other day. Just like the three we ordered in the past the two are very beautiful and fit Leah perfectly. We will certainly order again next year. Thank you for everything,
The 28th of December, USA, 2009

Karen Caprio 26-December-2009
Your costumes are the most amazing!!!!! I love them! I am your fan :)

Margrette and John 19-December-2009
Dear Olga,
We received the costume a couple of weeks ago. We absolutely love the costume! The work is so beautifully done, every detail attended to! Victor and Tatiana (our directors and owners of our studio, VandT Dance Academy) loved it too! I am sure you will be hearing from others at our studio in the future.
Merry Christmas! And thanks for the beautiful costume! We love it and so does Solana (who will be wearing it)!
Margrette and John

Kim Gobel 17-December-2009
Hello Olga,
We received our beautiful tutus today. Have a wonderful Christmas.

Mariana Meirosu 11-December-2009
Multumesc frumos imi place costumul de scufita si fetita mea a avut mare succes cu el la gradinita. Va trimit doua fotografii cu fetita mea {scufita}de la serbare.

Mary E. Moore 24-November-2009
I received the tutu today! It is beautifuly constructed and it fits very well! Thank you so much! I will definitely recommend your company to my dance teacher and show her the catalog you enclosed. Thank you again!

Ina Dahl 24-November-2009
Dear Olga,
the lovely dress arrived last week.
Thank you very much for sending it so quickly!
Kind regards

Lucy Chang 20-November-2009
Dear Olga,
I received the parcel on Oct. 7. Thank you so much for your speedy service!!
What a beautiful costume! The embroidery is exquisite. I am also enjoying your catalogue.
Lucy Chang

Nancy Bradley 20-November-2009
We received both costumes. Thank you so much. We love them both.
Thank you for helping me carry out my design for a one of a kind custom made costume for Harlequinade. It will be so special when she competes in YAGP this year. We are very excited and thanks again.
Nancy Bradley

Judy Clark 10-August-2009
Dear Olga,
I received the tutu today. It is beautiful. It was a very close fit for my daughter and she is very happy.
Thank you for everything. I will contact you when we need a tutu again. I have some friends who might be interested in your tutus. I will let you know if we need anymore.
Thank you again,
Judy Clark, 8th of August 2009, USA

Costanza Schiesaro 7-August-2009
Hello Olga ,
just in this moment i have recieved the tutщ : it is fantastic !!!!
i am very happy to buy it !
you have very wonderfull goods .
thanks a lot Costanza

Leanne Reynolds 22-July-2009
Dear Olga,
Thank you so much the tutu has arrived and is beautiful as usual.
Thankyou again to all.
Leanne 21.07.09

Jacqui Wareing 13-July-2009
Dear Olga,
We have received the tutu. It fits my daughter very well.
Many thanks.
Best regards

Michael Frith 2-July-2009
Hello Olga,
I have received the parcel that you sent me with ballet costume F 0045b.
I am very pleased with the results and the fitting is perfect.
Many thanks and best regards,

Toni Pimble 23-June-2009
Hello Olga:
The tutus arrived safely today. I have unpacked them and everything is in order.
Please thank all your stitchers for their beautiful work!
Toni Pimble
Artistic Director
Eugene Ballet
23th of June, 2009

Esther Kainz 23-June-2009
Hello Olga!
I received the costumes today in the morning and i have to thank you VERY
VERY much, they are fantastic and i really appreciate the very fast and
secure work you all did! My school will continue buying costumes for next
june and i hope i will be able to send you the order earlier next year, so
you dont have to stress too much! My compliments to the exellent work!

Diane Withee 22-June-2009
Dear Olga,
I just wanted to let you know that we received the costume for Giselle. It is beautiful!!! We love it! So does everyone who has seen it. I know my daughter will dance beautifully in it! Thank you so much!!! We will definitely tell everyone about your amazing work.
Thank you again,
Diane Withee

Jessica Danahy 17-June-2009
Hello Olga,
I have received the tutu today. Thank you very much for such a quick shipment! The tutu is beautiful and the workmanship is excellent quality. I love it, and look forward to doing business again with you in the future.
Thank you,
Jessica Danahy

Anne Fairgrieve 1-June-2009
We received the tutu yesterday and think it is absolutely beautiful and fits perfectly. Thank you for all your help.

Jenna Charon 1-June-2009
I received the tutu yesterday and it is beautiful and fits perfect! Thank you very much!

Ештокина Елена 19-May-2009
Здравствуйте, Ольга.
Я получила посылку.
Огромное Вам спасибо, и Вашей фирме.
Все подошло, я просто в восторге, качество супер.
Я даже не ожидала, что так быстро получу.
Спасибо за каталог. Жаль конечно, что он на английском языке. (с
иностранным у меня плохо)

Hana Svabenska 29-April-2009
Dear Olga,

I have received the costume today! Thank you so much for the beautiful tutu! I´m very happy and I´m looking forward to my performance. I can´t stop watching to it. Your work is really perfect! Also, thank you for sending early. Thank you!

Best regards!

Barbara Hayes 3-April-2009
YOU DID IT AGAIN!!!! Thank you Olga so very much for the beautiful costume. It arrived today. You really helped me out when time was running out for me to get a beautiful costume from Benefis. Everyone at our dance studio was amazed at how beautiful it is and how hard you worked to help me get this in time for the competition this weekend. After seeing this tutu all the dancers said I want one of those tutu also. They don"t even need one but it is so beautiful that it makes you want to have one also. I look so forward to the next one. You know that I will certainly buy if from you.
Thanks so much

MARILINA 2-April-2009

Terri Sellars 2-April-2009
The costumes are fantastic. so much so we would like to order one more male costume if possible...

May Kwok 18-March-2009
Thank you so much for the gorgeous costume. It arrived on Thursday. I tried on the tutu in rehearsal today and it fit like a glove. So comfortable to dance in. The material used were top quality, the colors exactly like I want them, and the sewing done so professionally, I am so happy with my costume!
I hope to be able to order more costumes from you in the future!

Carole Steele 10-March-2009
Just have to tell you that we received the two tutus and my daughter wore them for Youth America Grand Prix where she finished in the top 12 in her division. Where nearly all the participants wore pale colored tutus to perform, my daughter wore your brilliantly colored tutus (cobalt blue for Corsaire Orange /Brown for Gamzatti) and there was a perceptible "ooo" coming from the audience on BOTH occasions as they were magnificent!
Thank you for you fine workmanship and beautiful decorations. The others in the audience ogled over the tutus and everyone wanted to know where they were made and I told them!
Thanks again!

Becky Robitaille 4-March-2009
Dear Olga THANK YOU! We received the costume on Wednesday, February 18 and I have to tell you it is absolutely beautiful! You did a fabulous job making this tutu. I was so worried that it wouldn"t fit or would be very plain but it is one of the most gorgeous tutus I have ever seen. When it arrived, my daughter actually cried when she saw it. She couldn"t believe that it was made especially for her. Everyone complimented on how beautiful she looked on stage and that the color was so pretty on her. Thank you again for working with me online, answering all my questions and getting this tutu made and delivered to us before the competition. I appreciate your quality workmanship, attention to detail, great communication and wonderful customer service you have given me these past few months. It definitely was well worth the wait! With kindest regards,Becky Robitaille

Dina Collison 1-March-2009
These are the most beautifully made costumes I have ever found. They also are so reasonably priced for the most exquisitely decorated costumes. We now have three tutu"s and have ordered another three dresses. So beautiful

Barbara Hayes 13-February-2009
I received the tutu yesterday, and it is beautiful! Everyone at our dance studio could not get over just how beautiful it is and how wonderfully made. The owner of our studio said that next year she is going to order from you for our costumes. It has been a pleasure to do business with you and I look forward to future purchases. Everyone around our studio had the name Benefis on their lips last night so I hope that you get lots of business from just this little tutu.
Barbara Hayes, USA
22nd of January

Sandra Abell 13-February-2009
We received the tutu today and it is gorgeous - the detail and workmanship is outstanding. My daughter is thrilled with it. Thank you again - we will be sure to recommend your company in the future.
Best Regards,
Sandra Abell, Canada
10th of February

Lorraine Mitchel 13-February-2009
I would just like to say thank you very much for the lovely tutu"s - they arrived safely today and look absolutely gorgeous.
Thanks again to you and all your team - they really have done a wonderful job.
bestest wishes
Lorraine, United Kingdom
10th of February

Laura Hawker 13-February-2009
We received the tutu today. It was perfect in every way. I can’t say enough about the quality of your workmanship and level of service. I have recommended that others from my daughter’s ballet studio consider Benefis when ordering tutus for next year’s performances.
Thank-you very much,
Laura Hawker, Canada
4th of February

Christina 29-January-2009
Hi My name is Christina Im very inpressed with all the tutus posted here I wish I owned them all & wearing them

Lin and Maggie Onimus 28-January-2009
My daughter"s tutu arrived yesterday and it is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I can only imagine the time and effort and care that went into creating it. It fits perfectly and when she wears it, she said that she "feels like she can"t stop spinning".
Thanks so much for the precision, timeliness, and quality. We"ll let you know how her competition goes.
Lin and Maggie Onimus, USA
27th of January

Sama Meibar 26-January-2009
I have received the parcel with my ballet tutu, the bag, and the tiara. I thank you so much for sending it early, and I must congratulate you on the amazing job you and your company did; it fits perfectly. I will definitely buy it from your company.
Thank you,
Sama Meibar, Cyprus
26th of January

Tsai 20-January-2009
I received the parcel today.
Thank you so much for the two gorgeous costume!! It"s iso beautiful!
Thank you again for doing such an professional job and efficient service. (^_^)
Tsai, Taiwan
16th of January

Julie Neill 20-January-2009
The blue tutu arrived. It is beautiful!!! I am pleased beyond words. The tutu is absolutely amazing!! I can not wait for my daughter to see it.
Thank you,
Julie Neill, USA
16th of January

Carolyn Kakareka 20-January-2009
We received the tutu yesterday. It fits like a glove and looks wonderful. Jeanette is very happy with the color and fit! Thanks again for making it and doing such a fabulous job. We appreciate it!
Carolyn Kakareka, USA
2nd of January

Maika Bowden 19-January-2009
Just to let you know my parcel has arrived safely on Friday. The costumes are beautiful. My daughters will be very pleased. Thank you so much.
Marika Bowden, UK
19th of January

AN 31-December-2008
I am very impressed with the exceptional service and the quality of craftsmanship. My entire experience dealing with your company was most pleasant. We will be ordering from you again. Thank you.

Laurie Benson 23-December-2008
We have received both tutus. They are absolutely beautiful and everyone is impressed with them. They fit perfectly. Thank you so much for the care you have taken. Truly, your company is beyond compare.
Laurie Benson, USA
23th of December

Michelle Dolighan-Rodenbeck 23-December-2008
Thank you for the tutu. We did receive it and it is beautiful, wonderful and PERFECT! I am so happy with your work and will definitely order from you again in the future. Thank you for your great communication and professionalism. I am so appreciative and we are so happy with this beautiful masterpiece!
Thank you,
Michelle Dolighan-Rodenbeck, USA
23th of December

idk 14-December-2008
i loves the tutus on this site! i want some! almost all of them! mmwwhahahahaha! tutus rock!

Cherie" R. Gillott-Monarch 9-December-2008
Just wanted to let you know we received the costumes. The tutus are absolutely gorgeous, even more beautiful than I expected! The craftsmanship is stunning. They were by far the prettiest costumes on the stage. I just want to thank you for all of your hard work. We will definitely be ordering from you again!!
Cherie" R. Gillott-Monarch, USA

Elizabeth Otulakowski 8-December-2008
We LOVE the Marzipan tutus from your company. I tried them on our dancers and they fit perfectly! We love all the little details like the beads on the end of the tutu and the flowers that sparkle. I can"t wait to see them on stage! It has been a pleasure ordering from you. Next time we need tutus made we will definitely come to you.

Kyle Walker 5-December-2008
We received the tutu P0409 Blue bird (Princess Florine). It is lovely and fits wonderfully!!!
Thank you! I can"t wait to order from you again. What an excellent company.
Kyle Walker, USA
5th of December

Lisa Robson 4-December-2008
I received the tutus on Wednesday morning.
They are truly GORGEOUS!!
They fit the girls beautifully and look amazing!!
Thank you SO much, I am thrilled with them!!
I would love to give you the most accolades one can give.
The workmanship on these tutus is incredible.
I really wish now that I had ordered the man"s jacket from you!!
I will spread the word about the amazing work and gorgeous costumes you create!
I cannot thank you enough for your expertise, and finally the most gorgeous and perfectly fitting tutu"s.
My dancers feel SO comfortable in them!
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!
Lisa, USA
3rd of December

Alessia Gottlieb 2-December-2008
I have received the tutu. It is absolutely beautiful! The details are stunning and the tutu fits my daughter, perfectly, like a glove. We are thrilled and so thankful for your beautiful work. We are excited for the next opportunity to have another tutu made.
Thank you so very much,
Alessia, USA
1st of December

Sherene Melania 2-December-2008
We just received the costumes. They are very beautiful!! Thank you very much. Happy Holidays!
Sherene , USA
27th of November

Kristina Kambalov 2-December-2008
I received the 20 Angel costumes today. They are so beautiful, I am thrilled.
Thank you so much,
Kristina, USA

Kelly Ricucci 2-December-2008
I just received the tutus and they are beautiful! The red one is absolutely perfect. You did a fantastic job! All three tutus are very well made and we love them. Costumes are perfect. Thank you, we are excited to begin her performances!
Kelly Ricucci, USA
19th of November

Phyllis Hayes 25-November-2008
Dear Olga,
Just wanted to let tell you that we are delighted with the 36th costumes we ordered for the ballet “Nutcracker”. They are all fitting well too. Thank you very much for all your hard work,
Phyllis, Ireland, 24th of November

Sara Day 19-November-2008
I just received it-love it!

Katarina Petek 18-November-2008
I have recieved the costume. It is absolutely gorgeous and fits me perfectly. Thank you for your amazing service.
Best wishes,
Katarina Petek, Slovenia
13th of November

Sarah Pooley 18-November-2008
Dear Olga
Thank you for the Tu tu it is absolutely lovely. Thank you so much.
Kind Regards
Sarah Pooley, Great Britain
11th of November

Koichi Kamikusa 13-November-2008
I received the tutu today. My daughter said that it fit her and it looks very nice.
Thank you very much.
Koichi Kamikusa, Canada
10th of November

SAORI NOMURA 13-November-2008
Yesterday I received Russian costumes. They were truly gorgeous and I really love them. Thank you very much.
10th of October

Patricia Gilhooley 13-November-2008
Our tutus arrived today - they are (as usual) beautiful! Thank you very much for your wonderful service and product
Patricia Gilhooley, USA
6th of November

Anne Bogenrief 13-November-2008
We received the gorgeous tutu and fan yesterday. They are absolutely beautiful and the tutu fits perfectly! Thanks so much for all your help!
Anne Bogenrief, USA
4st of November

Caroline Levy 13-November-2008
I have told my daughter"s ballet school in London about you too. This year she is to dance the role of Clkara in teh Nutcracker at the theatre so it is very exciting
I think your costumes are beautiful.
Caroline Levy, UK
4rd of November

Caroline Levy 13-November-2008
Many thanks for the tutu and candy cane outfit. They were perfect for our photo shoot.
Caroline Levy, UK
3rd of November

Ioana Olaru 13-November-2008
Buna ziua! In sfarsit,am primit comanda. Maieurile sunt foarte frumoase. Va multumesc foarte mult! Am si alte colege carora le-au placut costumele si cu siguranta o sa mai colaboram.
Ioana Olaru, Romania
31 octombrie

Victoria Tarazon 11-November-2008
We received the tunic today. It is beautiful and fits Daniel perfectly!
Thank you so much for doing such an outstanding and professional job. Your work is masterful!
Victoria Tarazon
28 of October

Jessie Bonano 11-November-2008
The package made it and the tutus are exquisite as always!! They fit perfectly and are gorgeous! The dancers were so excited! Thank you again for your beautiful creations and for getting them to us so quickly. We appreciate you all so much!
All my best,
Jessie Bonano
28th of October

Andrina Chaffin 11-November-2008
I received the tutu and it is everything and more I had hoped for. It
is absolutely gorgeous and fits like a glove. Thank you for your time
and cooperation with us! I get to wear it for the photo shoot and am
so excited. The detail is exquisite and I appreciate all the time that
went into making it. Thank you!!
27th of October

Grace Jeanfreau 11-November-2008
We reieved the Bluebird and Kitri Dream tutu and they are absolutely beautiful! We actually had a mini performance last night and the girls look stunning on stage. Thank you so much!
9th of October

John, England 10-November-2008
My daughter Emma for whom we bought the Ballet tutu, has been very
successful in the UK competitions and festivals, we are very proud of
her achievements. When leaving school next year, Emma hopes to train

Barbara Pertile 10-November-2008
We have received our tutu and tutu bag. Sarah is dancing around the house with it on right now!
It is absolutely lovely and she is a VERY happy little girl!! Perfect size, perfect color and style!!

Lisa Wallace 10-November-2008
Just a short note to let you know that the tutu arrived safely on Friday. It is beautiful and fits my daughter well. Thank you for all your help. I found your company very efficient and would certainly order from you again. I will also recommend you to other people.
Best wishes,

Kandace Kinnear 10-November-2008
We just recieved the tutu! It is even more beautiful than we imagined! It fits perfect. We look forward to ordering from you in the future.
Thank you,

Ruth De Freitas 10-November-2008
The Tutu arrived today. It is so beautiful and fits perfectly.
Thank you so much you have made a little girls dream come true.

Linda Watcher 10-November-2008
Hello and thank you so much for the absolutely gorgeous tutu. It fits my daughter beautifully and she is thrilled! All the costumes our studio has received from you are remarkable!!!
Thank you.....

Corrinna Holmes 10-November-2008
I got it~ Thanks so much!! it"s beautiful=)

Vicki B Cook 10-November-2008
The costume has arrived. It fits perfectly and we really like the tiara. Thanks once again for your hard work.

Jennifer Echols 10-November-2008
We were very happy with the costumes that we purchased from you last year. They turned out beautiful!
We would like to purchase more this year for our Nutcracker

Roberta Saccocci 10-November-2008
I received my order .
The packaging and the item are perfect. The tutu is extraordinary!
Thank you very much for your service and kindness.
28th of August

Jenifer Echols 7-November-2008
We were very happy with the costumes that we purchased from you last year. They turned out beautiful!
We would like to purchase more this year for our Nutcracker

Anna Lloret 21-November-2006
Yesterday I recived the romantic tutus, excellent work! The tutus are very nice, I am going to order another time! Thank you very much for the fast delivery!

Jan Thackray 24-September-2006
We think you have done an excellent job of interpreting our design – it is simply stunning! Thank you so much. We appreciated all of your help when we were placing this order, advising us about measurements etc. and sending us pictures of fabrics and decorations. Communication has been first class throughout, as has customer service. We hope to order from you again in the future.

Jan and Daisy - UK

OLGA WISE 22-September-2006

Hope Durbin 23-August-2006
Your costumes are wonderful I have never seen anything like this!


Danielle Edwards 1-August-2006
I loved the costumes pictured on the website. They are breathtaking. I will certainly be returning when recital time rolls around again. Superb work!

Charles 23-June-2006
I picked up the tutus at the DHL office yesterday evening.
They weathered the shipping superbly. (I was truly amazed on how carefully they were packed.) The tutus are just gorgeous.
Thanks again for the wonderful costumes and
prompt and efficient service.

Tracey Graham 5-May-2006
Received Aurora costume - absolutely beautiful - THANK YOU.

Susi Geertsen 3-May-2006
I just found your site and love the costumes that you make. They are beautiful.
Thank you

Mya S. 14-February-2006
You have a wonderful website, Tatyana, keep up the good work! I love your costumes and the price too!!

Lorraine Evas 13-January-2006
Wonderful costumes!

Renee Albright 5-January-2006
Just wanted to let you know I recieved the parcel today and was very surprised and pleased with the finished tutu. It is absolutely gorgeous and beautiful. The detail is so intricate and elaborate!! It went above and beyond expectations!!!! I knew it was going to be wonderful, but actually seeing it up close was more than anticipated. Everything is perfect, including the tiara and extra arm pieces. Thank you again for getting it here in the states as soon as you did. I will most definitely get my daughter"s tutu"s from you again in the near future!!!
-Renee Albright

Karen Davey 4-January-2006
I wanted to tell you that I received my daughter"s tutu today. It"s beautiful, although the color is not what I expected. Your turquoise is more like green to me. That"s okay, my daughter likes it anyway. Thank you very much. I will definitely reccomend your company to others. Karen Davey

Seiyako Animura 31-December-2005
Hello. Thank you for making these wonderful costumes at such a cheap price!

Analissa Marynette 30-December-2005
Your costumes are great, but so is your price! I received my Odile costume for a preformance a few weeks ago. I was amazed at the quality! Keep up the good work!


Kirena Dillon 30-December-2005
Your costumes our wonderful! I especially love the new stage costumes!

Daria Sukhmetova 30-December-2005
Very nice new site! I love the new costumes!

Michele Koelb 9-November-2005
I received the custom tutu for my daughter yesterday. It is absolutley gorgeous, and fits her perfectly. Such craftsmanship and attention to detail. Most definitely will order another tutu for future performance. Highly recommend to dance studio and other dancers. Thank you for such a timely, amazing costume piece. You certainly have outdone yourselves!


Michele Koelb

Patricia Storelli
I have been ordering costumes from Benefis for two years and I find them absolutely gorgeous. The work is so professional and my tutus have received the most flattering compliments!
I reccomend Beneifs to anyone really wanting professional costumes that fit like a glove!
My compliments for the new look of the website, too.
And thanks Tatiana for all of your precious help in the making of my tutus!

Mary Tong
My daughter received her hot pink tutu costume from u on Friday. Just in time for her competition on Saturday & she won 1st place. Thank u!

Patricia Storelli
Congratulations for the beautiful costumes! I am a ballet teacher and will soon order from you! Please keep me up-to-date with your initiatives!
I enjoyed your great site!

Sara Day
I love benefis!! Your costumes are the most beautiful and quality made.

Chantal LaBarge
I am happy to find your web Site. Your costumes are fabulous. It is just what I am looking for.

Andrea Catchings
This site is awe-inspiring. I produce a youth version of the Nutcracker and I adore your designs! If I ever inherit money, I will buy from you in a heart beat!

Hella Amtmann
Super site! Your company is great and the goods I ordered (leotards, unitards and ballet slippers) are of real fine quality - kind regards from Austria, you will hear from us soon!

Nice site. Attractive product and pricing. Please keep me on your mailing list.

We LOVE!! your work you are wonderful!